Post Graduate Diploma in Canada: Fees, Eligibility, Top Courses

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Post Graduate Diploma in Canada: Fees, Eligibility, Top Courses, Best Universities

Post Graduate Diploma in Canada: Fees, Eligibility, Top Courses, Best Universities

28 January 2022
Post Graduate Diploma in Canada: Fees, Eligibility, Top Courses, Best Universities
28 January 2022

Canada is one of the top destinations for higher education in the world. The nation is home to a diverse student population, nearly 642,000 students, from over 180 countries. Indian students make up one-third of the international student population in Canada.

While Canada is popular for many study programs, many international students opt for postgraduate diploma programs, which are skill-based and can be completed within a year or two. These programs also let students combine chosen two courses of 1-year duration and get specialization in the chosen field.

So here we will know the important things about pursuing post-graduate courses in Canada, including fees, top colleges, popular postgraduate study programs, and eligibility.

But first of all, let’s find out the benefits of pursuing a post-graduate diploma or PGD courses in Canada.

Why Study Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada?

A post-graduate diploma is considered above undergraduate degree and below master’s degree academically.

If you are looking to pursue a PGDP (POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA PROGRAM) course in Canada, you are required to complete an undergraduate degree or equivalent in the first place. Many foreign students are opting for a PGDP program than a Master’s program.

Shorter duration courses like PGDP or Certificate Programs let students get valuable industry exposure during their studies.

Below are the key reasons to opt for a PGDP in Canada.

  • Post Graduate Diploma Programs are job-oriented as they emphasize the in-demand skills required by industry and businesses.
  • These study programs let you intern while you study in Canada and you can get consequent job offers.
  • PGDPs are affordable compared to general Master’s programs.

Apart from these benefits, studying in Canada exposes you to world-class educational facilities in a diverse and multicultural environment.

What are the Best Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada?

Business Management:

Business management is one of the sought-after courses, thanks to the ever-increasing number of startups and businesses across the globe. To equip the students with business skills, Canadian universities offer valuable courses in this field. The syllabus is designed in a way that the candidate is also exposed to industrial knowledge.

Hospitality Management:

Hospitality management is also one of the popular courses in Canada. Students have an opportunity to learn from industry experts and visit the top-level hospitality service providers across the nation. A Canadian degree in hospitality management makes candidates eligible to apply for a more advanced degree in any university across the globe or a job in top hospitality companies.

Health Science:

Canada is also a top study destination to pursue PGDP in health science.

Information Technology:

Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Choosing a course for this field can open up several career opportunities, whether it is a computer network architect, a computer systems analyst, or a database administrator. There are also many highest-paying IT jobs in Canada you can apply for after the completion of your PGD program.

Science and Engineering:

Getting a graduate degree either in the field of pure science or engineering can also boost your career. And Canada has some world-class universities offering courses in this field.

What are the Top Colleges for Post Graduate Diploma Programs in Canada?

Nearly all universities and colleges offer post-graduate diploma courses. However, the subject matter varies based on the college you choose.

Here is a list of some popular colleges in Canada for postgraduate diplomas:

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria for a Postgraduate Diploma In Canada

There are a few eligibility criteria that you need to meet to get enrolled for postgraduate diploma courses in Canada. The criteria would cover previous academic degrees and work experiences, language test scores, and exam test marks.


Bachelor’s Degree:

To get a Master’s degree in Canada, or a postgraduate diploma, you should have a Bachelor’s degree. You should have an undergraduate degree in the same field while applying for the graduate course. For a post-graduate diploma, it depends on the course whether you require an undergraduate degree in the same field or not. Generally, any Bachelor’s degree can help you get enrolled.

Work Experiences:

While work experience is not necessarily required to apply for any study program, relevant work experience can be a great add-on to showcase your abilities.

English Language Proficiency Test:

English language proficiency test like IELTS is mandatory to get enrolled for PGDP in Canada. The ideal IELTS score to secure admission in Canada is 5.5 while you need to gain above 7 to get a scholarship. However, the IELTS score requirement can vary from university to university.

Job Opportunity after PG Diploma in Canada

A PG diploma program in Canada is skill-oriented and lets you gain hands-on industry experience during the study. After completing the study program, international students can get a one-year work visa during which they can look for a job in Canada. With a PG diploma degree, you can have brighter chances to grab the right job in Canada or elsewhere.

How Much Does it Cost to Study PG Diploma in Canada?

The average cost of studying PG diploma courses in Canada can be anywhere between 7 and 15 lakh.


What is the Time Duration of the PG Diploma in Canada?

It takes you one or two years to complete your PG diploma in Canada depending on the program chosen by you. A one-year PG diploma is generally divided into 2-3 semesters while a two-year PG diploma in Canada is comprised of 4-6 semesters. The key benefit of choosing a 2-year PG diploma course in Canada is that two-year study programs provide you with a three-year

The major advantage of opting for a 2-year PG Diploma course in Canada is that two-year study courses provide you with a work permit of up to 3 years depending on your course. A one-year course, on the other hand, can allow you to stay back in Canada for one year.


Get In Touch With Our Study Abroad in Canada Consultants

So you must have understood important things about pursuing post-graduate diploma courses in Canada. In a nutshell, PG diploma courses in Canada are job-oriented as they whelp you find a job and cost lesser than other study programs. Therefore, opting for a PG diploma in Canada can be considered if you are looking to study abroad for PG courses.

However, it is important to start your application without any mistake as well as keep track of the process. That’s why our study abroad consultants are here to help you at every step. Our overseas education specialists for Canada helps in university shortlisting, the application process, as well as post-admit and visa help. We will even guide you on your education loan. Get in touch with us now!

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