LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document that an employer in Canada might need to have before hiring a foreign worker. Also known as a confirmation letter, it is issued in cases where a Canadian employer is not able to hire a local Canadian worker. This way, the Canada LMIA application lets local employers hire foreign workers for their business in Canada. The main way to show this “inability” is through advertising the jobs in Canada so that they convince the authorities that their first preference was Canadians who were not qualified for the job. The LMIA aims to protect the domestic job marketplace in Canada, as well as ensure protection to temporary foreign workers in Canada.  

How to Apply for Canada LMIA Application Process?

Generally, foreign workers and employers are required to follow a two-step process to get an LMIA. They need to apply to ESDC, followed by a second application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the actual permit. An employer needs to submit the list of Canadians who applied for the said positions, and a detailed explanation of why they were not hired. Sometimes, they might be inspected once a work permit has been issued to them.

What are the Important Factors to Be Assessed by the Issuing Authority (ESDC)?

Here are some important factors to be considered by ESDC while assessing your LMIA application
  • Are there Canadians in the area available and want to apply for the job?
  • Is there any error made by employers while filling the position?
  • Will hiring a foreigner for the job impact the job opportunities for Canadians?
  • Is the salary for the position meeting the average salary set for the region?
  • Are the working conditions safe according to the standards?
  • Is the job subject to any dispute?
After getting satisfied with all these points, ESDC can issue LMIA to the employer. LMIAs can vary based on the employers, the positions being offered, and the area in which the job is based. Getting an LMIS doesn’t let you change your employer or job, or shift to another Canadian region after getting a work permit. Otherwise, you have to opt for a new Canada LMIA application. The LMIA process also differentiates between “high-wage” and “low-wage” employees. Low-wage employees are those foreign workers whose remuneration is set below the territorial/provincial median wage. The category of high wage covers those whose remuneration is equal to or above the median wage.  

How long does Canada LMIA Application Processing Take?

Canada is receiving a large volume of LMIA applications in 2021, leading to delays and longer processing times. On top of that, it can be unpredictable, maybe taking weeks to a few months. Luckily, ESDC has resolved to process LMIA applications within 10 business days for certain categories such as…
  • All LMIA applications for the highest demand occupations
  • Highest paid occupations
  • Short duration work periods for 120 days or less
  The average processing times for other LMIA stream is given below  
Application TypeExpected Processing Time
Agricultural Stream13 business days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program7 business days
Permanent Residence Stream17 business days
In-Home Caregivers13 business days
High-Wage Stream33 business days
Low-Wage Stream29 business days

What to Do Once Your LMIA is Approved?

Once your LMIA application is passed, a copy of this letter is sent to you and Annex A to the foreign worker as well. This will enable a foreign worker to apply for a work permit. To get a work permit, a worker needs a job offer letter, a copy of LMIA, the LMIA number, and a contract. If you still have any doubt in your mind, talk to our experts now.


Canada is also counted among the top destinations to work in the world. However, it is important to understand and analyze the eligibility criteria to migrate to Canada. And one of them is to understand the difference between non-regulated and regulated occupation in Canada. In Canada, nearly 20% of the jobs are regulated to protect the health and safety of the people of Canada. That’s why the government makes sure that the professionals and tradespersons meet all the standards of competency and practice in a certain occupation. If your occupation comes under the regulated category in Canada, the appropriate provincial or territorial regulatory authority will check your qualification. In a regulated profession, you are required to have a license or certificate for that profession and be registered with the proper regulatory body to work. For proper and trustworthy guidance, contact our experts to clear all your doubts However, if it is non-regulated, then you don’t need a license, certificate, or registration with a regulatory body to work in that profession. It is at the discretion of the employer. While most jobs in Canada are non-regulated, the percentage of regulated occupations in Canada is 20%. bl bll

How to Know the Requirements for a Particular Profession or Trade in Canada

While the government has laid certain guidelines for non- regulated and regulated professions, it is important to find requirements for the trade or professions you are going to do in Canada. Each regulatory body has its way to assess qualification, work experience, and professional skills in the certification or licensing process. Therefore, the cost, examination, time, and interview process for licensing are different in each territory and province. Here is how you can know more about the guidelines associated with your profession or trade in Canada.
  • Visit National Occupation Classification online to know the details about your trade or occupation.
  • Get complete details about the regulatory body handling the occupation in the territory by visiting CICIC.
  • Contact the concerned regulatory body for factors like cost, licensing, and procedure for the application process, documentation needed, etc.
  • You can also contact the people working in your profession or trade.

Which is Better–Non-Regulated or Regulated Occupation in Canada?

If you have to choose between a non-regulated or regulated profession, let us tell you that many people choose non-regulated professions to save hassles and compliance associated with certification and licenses. Otherwise, it is better to choose the profession according to your qualification.

Everything You Need to Know about the C11 ENTREPRENEUR Work Permit

Canada also looks for entrepreneurs as much as it needs a skilled worker. But business immigration might be challenging than worker immigration if you lack the right guidance and assistance. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a business person looking to set a business in Canada and eventually want to get a PR status, the C11 entrepreneur work permit can help you. In this blog, we will know everything about the C11 Entrepreneur work permit, including the definition and process. Let’s get started.  

What is the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit?

C11 enables self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs who are looking to operate a business in Canada. This immigration category doesn’t require a candidate to be assessed through LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) that an employer in Canada might need to get before hiring a foreign worker. The C11 work permit is meant for two types of entrepreneurs. The first group is of those entrepreneurs who look for temporary entry to Canada based on their career and business plans. The second group wants the C11 work permit to get an entrepreneurial or self-employed permanent residence program. Whether you are looking for permanent residency or temporary stay with a C11 work visa, you are required to convince the immigration officer that:
  • You run a business yourself or are an entrepreneur with a sound business plan and resources.
  • The venture you own can lead to significant economic as well as social and cultural advantages for people in Canada.
On successfully convincing the immigration officer of these two things, you can be provided with the C11 work visa.  

Who is Eligible for a C11 Work Visa?

Keep in mind that running a business in your home nation is not enough to become eligible for the C11 work permit. If you want to get qualified for the C11 work permit for Canada, make sure to follow the guidelines immigration officers usually use as metrics to determine if you are qualified for the C11 work permit. Here are some of them:  
  • The candidate should have the history and aptitude to run a successful venture or they possess the skill-set and resources to buy an existing business based in Canada and turn it to into a profitable unit.
  • The candidate should at least have 50% of the ownership of the business they buy or start in Canada.
  • The candidate has a sound business plan that should be realistic and practical.
  • The candidate should have a business idea that can benefit Canada and its citizens.
  • The candidate should have enough groundwork to start their business in Canada. For example, they should have sufficient funds to establish their business as well as staffing plan and location. Likewise, they should have a network of suppliers, vendors, associates, etc while opting for the C11 entrepreneur work permit.

What Type of Business Can Apply for the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit

Some of the businesses that have good scope and can be started in Canada are…
  • Moving services
  • Adventure (outdoor) services
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Personal fitness trainer or coach
  • Moving services
  • Chimney services
  • Christmas/Halloween Retailer

Benefits of the C11 Work Permit:

You might enter Canada on a work permit but you will continue to be an entrepreneur and will be using your skills to get more profits in Canada. You will be the employee of your business, which one year of work experience will make you qualified for an Express Entry Application under CEC and FSWP. Once you get PR, you can continue working as an employee or simply work as an entrepreneur without any issue. To know more about it, talk to our consultant now.

Australia Visa Subclass 190: What to Know

Australia has always been a popular destination among Indians when it comes to settling abroad. And Australia offers a range of permanent residency options. One such option is the Skilled Nominated Australia Visa Subclass 190. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to become a permanent resident of Australia. This visa lets you work and study anywhere in Australia as well as sponsor relatives to migrate to Australia. Moreover, it will take you a few years to become an Australian citizen after getting this visa.

What is the Eligibility Requirement of the Skilled Nominated Australia Visa Subclass 190

To get started for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, you need to apply through an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select and be asked for lodging an application for the visa. EOI is generally a test in which you have to score at least 65 points that are determined by scores achieved in the following categories:


The scores are also determined by your age. But you should be no more than 45 years. Here is how points are for age group 18-44:
  • 25 Points for 18-24 Age Group
  • 30 Points for 25-32 Age Group
  • 25 Points for 33-39 Age Group
  • 15 Points for 40-44 Age Group

English Language Proficiency:

The English language is another major factor to decide your points for 190 Visa. Here is points breakdown:
  • 0 Points for Competent English — IELTS 6 / PTE 50
  • 10 Points Proficient English — IELTS 7 / PTE 65
  • 20 Points for Superior English–IELTS 8/ PTE 79
Wish to score 7+ bands in IELTS, click here 

Skilled Employment (Outside Australia):

  • 5 Points for At least 3 but less than 5 years.
  • 10 Points for at least but five but less than eight years.
  • 15 Points for eight and up to 10 years.

Skilled Employment (In Australia):

  • 5 Points for At least one but less than three years
  • 10 Points for At least three but less than five years
  • 15 Points for At least five but less than eight years
  • 20 Points for At least eight and up to 10 years

 Educational Qualifications:

  • 20 Points for Doctorate/PhD
  • 15 Points for Bachelors/Masters Degree
  • 10 Points for Diploma

Australian Study Requirement:

5 points for one or more degrees diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and Australian Study Requirements.

Miscellaneous Factors:

  • 5 Points for Credentialed community language qualifications
  • 5 Points for Study in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education)
  • 10 Points for Partner skill qualifications
  • 10 Points for Professional Year in Australia for at least 12 months in the four years before the day you were invited
  • 5 Points for Australian Masters in STEM (2 years study)
  • 5 Points for Partner’s English
  • 10 Points for Single applicant

What is the Processing Time of the Skilled Nominated Australia Visa Subclass 190

The Australia visa subclass 190 processing time is determined by many factors. However, the expected time frame can be anywhere between 12-18 months from the date of applying. Once the Australian immigration authorities receive your application for visa subclass 190, they might take some time to review it. Sometimes, there can be more delay if the immigration officials take more time to check certain documents. Make sure to check your email ID lest you should miss out on responding to the important notifications send by immigration authorities. If you fail to respond on time, you can face an unexpected delay related to your visa subclass 190. The delay also happens in case your documents are missing. Talk to us immigration expert to avoid such conditions in your case Therefore, as an applicant to Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, you really want to avoid any unwanted delay in its processing.      

How to get USA Visitor Visa?

The USA is the land of dreams. People from all over the world visit the nation to explore its diverse culture, Hollywood, breathtaking wonders, and a new way of life. The USA also houses world-class medical facilities and shopping destinations. No wonder that over 70 million international visitors throng here every year with different goals and ambitions. If you are the one who wishes to acquire USA Visitor Visa then you are in a perfect place.


The USA is the home of thousands of explored and unexplored destinations. Here we have listed a few of them…
  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls
  • Statue of liberty
  • White House
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Times Square
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Glacier National Park 

What You Require to Visit USA

  • A valid passport and other travel documents.
  • Being physically fit.
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself in the USA based on how long you will stay in the USA.
  • Temporary Resident Visa.
  • Letter of Invitation or statutory declaration
  • Showing the binding ties that assure your return from the USA like family, job, and other proof ID.

What Types of USA Visitor Visa Do You Require

  • Visitor Visa for the USA is known as B1/B2 visa
  • B1 visitor visa: B1 visa is for Business Visit
  • B2 visitor visa: B2 visa if for Tourist, family visit or Medical visit

USA Visitor Visa

How to Apply for USA Visitor Visa

You are required to follow many steps, and the sequence of these steps may be somewhat different based on the US Embassy or Consulate you are applying from. Therefore, it is essential to follow and get the instructions right at the US Embassy or Consulate website where you are going to apply to.

Step 1:

If you are a Nonimmigrant Visa applicant, you are required to determine your visa type by going through Common Non-immigrant Visas. Each visa type lists the qualification and application items. Choose the right visa type. Make sure to review your Visa Waiver Program. You are not required to apply for a visa if your country is a member of the Visa Waiver Program and will be staying in the USA for 90 days or less.

Step 2:

Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form. Make sure to complete the form carefully as you can’t make any changes once the form is submitted.

Step 3:

After completing the DS-160 form, pay a visa fee.

Step 4:

On the dashboard, click on Schedule Appointment on the left-hand side menu to get your appointment scheduled for Visa Application Center and Visa Interview at the Embassy or Consulate.
  • The visa interview appointment at Embassy or Consulate should be scheduled first.
  • After that, schedule your appointment at a Visa Application Centre.
The appointment will let you choose one of the Visa Application Centres to have your fingerprints and photo taken. An appointment should be at least 1 day before your visa interview at the Embassy or Consulate. Make sure to get ready the things listed below…
  • Passport Number
  • The Date You Paid Fee
  • 10 Digit Barcode Number from DS-160 Confirmation Page.
Further, you can choose your visa type; enter personal details; add dependents; select your document delivery location; confirm visa payment; and schedule the appointment.

Step 5:

Bring the following documents to the Visa Application Centre appointment:
  • Passport
  • A DS-160 Confirmation Printout
  • Appointment Confirmation Page Printout
  • One photograph as per U.S. visa specifications.

Step 6:

After your visit to the Visa Application Centre, you are required to visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate as per your interview schedule. Make sure to bring:
  • Printed Copy of Appointment Letter
  • Supporting Documents Required for Your Visa Type
  • Current and All Old Passports
  CALL US TO EASE YOUR VISA SUBMISSION PROCEDURE!!! Looking for the nearest immigration consultant for a US visitor visa? Let us make the complicated visa submission process easy for you. We at Landmark provide the right guidance and expertise so that you get a tourist visa to the USA without any hassles, any complications. GET IN TOUCH NOW!

How Long Does It Take To Process A Work Permit Application for Canada?

Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa, is provided to skilled overseas individuals to work in Canada for a certain time. Under this visa, permanent workers, business people, students, temporary workers, and others work in that country. Canada is one of the popular destinations to work among foreign workers, thanks to factors like lucrative pay, a safe environment, and lots of job opportunities. And it is one of the nations with the most NRIs in the world. If you have applied for a Canada work permit, you must be wondering how long would it take the application to process. The processing time for a Canadian work permit is determined by several factors. However, the most important of all these factors is the nation you are a citizen of and whether you are applying inside or outside of Canada.   The Average Canadian Work Permit Processing Time is Between 1-9 Months Generally, a Canadian work visa takes between 1-9 months. The processing time starts the day that the IRCC gets your application and completes it when they decide on the same.   Processing Times Will Be Determined By:
  • The type of application submitted by you
  • If the application is appropriate and complete
  • Verification of information
  • How quickly your application is processed
  • How long do you take to respond to any concerns or requests

How Long Does it Take To Get Canada Work Visa from India?

For Indian Passport holders or Indian citizens, it might take up to 12 weeks or more to get a work visa.

What are the Factors That Affect the Canada Visa Processing Time

The Country You are Filing the Application Form:

The work permit processing time varies based on your country of residence and where you are applying from (inside or outside of Canada). Or you can use this IRCC TOOL to learn how long it takes to process your work permit.

Is Your Application Complete?

Make sure your application is complete with every document and response to what the IRCC requires.

Number of Applications:

The processing time of your Canada work permit is also determined by the number of applications received by Canada. If they have received fewer applications, then you can expect your application to be completed within 1-9 months.

How is the Work Visa Application Processed

  • Your application to check for all the necessary documents. It will be sent back if the application is found complete.
  • A medical exam might be required which can take up to three months to the processing time.
  • While biometrics are required with the application, an Indian passport holder might not require them as per the current guidelines. Please consult your immigration consultant as guidelines can be changed over time.
  • The credentials of the employer will be checked.
  • Your qualification will be checked.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be issued a permit to work in Canada.
  • Make sure to carry this letter when you leave for Canada.
  • The Work Permit will be issued to you on your arrival in Canada.

 Is Canada still Accepting Canada Work Permit Applications?

Yeah! Canada is still processing work permit applications.

The Conclusion:

The processing time for a Canadian work permit is anywhere between 1 and 12 months depending on several factors such as the place of filing application and the backlog of such applications Canada have. Whatever time it may take, make sure to send the complete application by following all guidelines. For more information on the work permit application, you can get in touch with our consultants at Landmark.  

Will you get Canada Study Visa on IELTS scores 5.5?

If you want to get admission with an IELTS score of 5.5 then, First, you should consider the school you’re going to apply to. 5.5 Academic IELTS scores don’t typically get accepted by many universities. Watch the video to know in-depth –Click here Many colleges and universities will give you conditional admission if you pass some English courses and tests during the admissions process. This type of admission also leads you to a risk when you will apply for a work permit. If you do have not fluency in your English then might be possible that you will face various issues in your further studies.

What is the situation right now?

At this time, for those students who are about to apply in Canada, it is very necessary to choose your location, course wisely to get a student visa. Always try to apply with 6+ bands as your IELTS Scores, choose Govt. College and choose that location that has a high success visa rate ratio and choose that course which is related to your previous studied course. Write your statement of purpose wisely, choose that consultant who personally put interest in your purpose of the statement. During Covid, Students become more aware and they know that how to lodge files when medical updating is done and these questions can only be answered by a genuine consultant. Now May intake is in its highest peak and in some colleges also starts September 2022 intake, So those students who are about to move to their favorite college just make sure that the seats and the intakes are available in those colleges or not. January intake is already filled, seats are not available right now and if we only talk about landmark immigration then it is very difficult for us to send students in January intake, we need to fill Visa, fees, and GIC filling, we have no time to lodge file and get a biometric date. So we want to suggest those students who have good IELTS Scores, choose May intake and September intake now. There are so many colleges that are not open for May intake but they are directly open for September intake. So don’t wait for so long. We don’t suggest students go for January intake, we suggest you go with March intake April intake, May intake, September intake, and October intake. We can give you seats in all these intakes.

Students Fear: –

Students having good IELTS scores but still have a fear in their minds before applying for September intakes that we should not apply that much before because they have the fear of Covid and flight restrictions, so they want to apply before only 2 or 3 months but we want to say one thing that now there is a shortage of seats and because of the pandemic situation becomes severe and recently ICCRC commented that they will delay on the lodge files, so you can’t Question  ICCRC that When we will get a result and Why biometric dates are not coming on time? So let’s assume you are filling for September intake in July but here what if this process delays your file so to get admission security it is necessary to lodge a file at least before 1 year to be in a win-win situation. So please don’t wait for so long, consult land immigration now and apply your offer letter on a priority basis. We don’t want you to comprise with your desired college. For security, purpose opt. for Govt. College and get rid of all the fears.

Scholarship Program

Landmark Immigration also provides Scholarships for the betterment of students’ future. On the basis of assessment, we can tell you the exact amount that you are eligible for how much scholarship. Here you will get the opportunity to go to other countries for higher education without cutting your pocket.

Canada NOC 2021 Updates: How It Can Affect Immigrants in 202

Canada’s immigration system is going to revamp the way it categorizes occupations in fall 2022. The changes will impact some economic classes and foreign worker applications. However, the government is yet to confirm which type of applications can be affected. The occupations are categorized by the National Occupational Classification or NOC. The Canada NOC is assessed every year and updated every 5 years to keep it updated to the changing labor market. It gets The NOC plays an important role in the country’s immigration system since it is used by federal and provincial governments to manger Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and skilled worker immigration program. An immigrant or temporary foreign worker is required to meet the NOC eligibility criteria of the program they are opting for. For example, under Express Entry, skilled worker immigration applicants should show they have work experience in a NOC that is covered by one of the following codes: NOC 0: These skill type jobs generally involve managerial skills NOC A: These skill types of jobs require a university degree as they are professional. NOC B: The skill types jobs are meant for skilled trades occupations that generally require a college diploma or apprenticeship. The IRCC and provinces and territories in Canada use NOC 2016 to determine eligibility for skilled worker immigration programs.

NOC 2016 has also been used by ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) to assess the LMIA or Labour Market Assessment applications.

NOC 2021 to Be Implemented in September-November 2022 The federal government is believed to update NOC somewhere in fall 2022 so that the IRCC gets some time to inform stakeholders about the changes and implementation. IRCC is also integrating the rollout with ESDC to ensure consistency across the process of work permit application.

New TEER System Will Be Introduced to Replace NOC Skill Levels:

Rather than an existing approach of classifying jobs based on skill types, the government of Canada will now classify jobs based on Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) system.  The TEER system will have six categories ranging from 0 to 5. TEER 0: Management occupations TEER 1: Requiring University degree TEER 2: Requiring a post-secondary education program of two to three years at community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP; or an apprenticeship training program of two to five years; or occupations with safety responsibilities. TEER 3: Completion of a post-secondary education program of fewer than two years at community college, institute of technology or CÉGEP; or Apprenticeship training of fewer than 2 years; or over 6 months on-the-job training, training courses, or certain work experience with some secondary school education. TEER 4:     Completion of secondary school; or Several weeks of on-the-job training with some secondary school education. TEER 5:     Short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements. Why NOC Skill Levels are Being Replaced with TEERs Well, classifying occupations on “skill levels” is puzzling, as the NOC determines occupations and not skills. TEER system will consider the education and experience needed to work in a provided occupation. Secondly, it has been found that the NOC categorization system artificially forms a low-versus high -skilled categorization. This overhaul shifts away from the high/low categorization to more precisely capture the skills needed in each occupation.

Why It is Important for Immigrants

Once NOC 2021 is enforced by IRCC and ESDC, immigration and foreign worker applicants should ensure their Canada NOC meets the eligibility criteria of the program they are opting for. For example, one major area of interest is seeing how IRCC and ESDC choose to categorize jobs that are labeled as skill level “B”. However, immigration applicants will have to wait for more updates from IRCC and ESDC. To know more feel free to contact us.

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship

For international students, the United Kingdom is among the most desirable study locations. Aside from its internationally renowned universities, the country provides a high-quality lifestyle and a diverse multicultural setting. Nevertheless, studying overseas might be prohibitively expensive. As a result, the United Kingdom provides stellar scholarships to overseas students. The Chevening scholarship is among the most desired. This prestigious, fully-funded scholarship program is now accepting applications. This is a significant and long-awaited period for students who have their minds focused on studying in the United Kingdom. Because of the scholarship’s prominence, it’s critical to apply early and be meticulous with your application and the submission process.

How to submit the Chevening Scholarship online application?

Year after year, students repeat naive errors that turn into major blunders when filling out their forms. As a result, the Chevening Reading Committee suggests the following guiding principles to boost your odds of acceptance:
  • Try avoiding forward, back, reload buttons on the browser. This will only delete your unsaved work.
  • Avoid using an iPad, tab, or a mobile phone to fill up the form as it can affect your performance by messing the user experience. Always fill the form on a full-sized window on your PC or laptop.
  • English is not only the most universally recognized language but also the only language accepted by the selection committee. Therefore, avoid using any language except English to fill the form.
  • It is alright to prepare your answers in advance considering you wish to save time. However, it should be free from plagiarism.
  • Be aware of the attachment sizes and word limit:
    • The file name should not cross 50 characters.
    • Answers should not be more than 500 and less than 100 words.
    • Image size should not cross 5MB.
  • Multiple email addresses are frowned upon. Unless it is an emergency, use only one email address throughout the process. It is important that you update them about the change.
  • Use password protectors and always save your username and password throughout the submission process. In case, you choose to submit the application in multiple sessions, this method helps.
  • For the best user experience that remains hassle-free, choose Google Chrome as the web browser.
To know more about it, talk to our consultant now.

How to keep the tone, language, and content?

First things first, it would be best to fully understand what the committee is looking for and accept. Take a look at the following suggestions that might make a good impression-

If you are writing about yourself

  • Highlight your achievements in well-structured, clear, and grammatically correct sentences.
  • Pointers are usually appreciated in any given format, but not in this case, paragraphs have an edge over pointers when describing your goals and plans.
  • Your experience should be able to bring out your skills that are exceptionally relevant to your target course.
  • Speaking of the target course, your plans and aim in life should align with it.

If you are writing about your skills

  • Do not copy leadership quotes from the internet.
  • Never be critical about your surroundings or former workplace.
  • Inspiring experiences/stories that highlight your caliber and character should be included. Remember, to not be boastful.
  • It is okay to mention team efforts along with individual achievements and experience.

If you are writing about the choice of study destination

  • You should be confident with your choice of courses and it should reflect in your answers. Your answers should-
    • Show how it helps in achieving your goals.
    • Add value to the Chevening Committee
    • Help in the development of your nation (home country).
  • Your answers should aware the Reading Committee at Chevening about your immediate and long-term goals.
  • Remember to keep your answers factual and realistic.
Applying for the Chevening Scholarship sure is a challenging task but with the above guidelines, you will be able to, without a doubt, submit an impressive application.

How to choose the right immigration consultant?

Whenever do we decide to go to another country at that time so many questions surround us but one of the main questions that hit us very hard is how to choose the right and best immigration consultant for us? Every channel every consultant claims about its authenticity and genuine and it leads us to confusion about what to believe and what to not. Here we discussed with Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia that how to overcome this issue and he suggested the following points: – Watch the full video here to know every detail –

Check Certification: –

Before committing to any consultant check that particular firm has all the certificates or is not required to run any business.

Branches: –

It’s important to know that the immigration consultant office where you have visited is this the only branch or they have other international branches also.

Check their social media handles:–

Go through the social media channels, and check what people are saying about that firm.

ICCRC Registration: –

You need to verify that the immigration consultancy you are working with is ICCRC registered. It needs to be ICCRC registered.

Attorney licenses and experience: –

The lawyers and other experts who will handle your case should be knowledgeable and experienced. This is important as it gives you an idea of the goodwill of the consultancy.

Size of the company:-

The size and years of presence on the market are also important.

Market Reputation: –

In order to have a good chance of being approved, you need to consider the success rates of the applications that your chosen immigration consultancy has handled successfully.

 Personal Attention: –

Make sure you know how much attention is being paid to your profile and whether the company just gives you a broad overview. In order to provide a transparent and honest opinion on your chances of getting approved, a genuine consultant should look into your job role, financial situation, etc.

 Check Background: –

Check the background of the immigration consultancy to make sure there hasn’t been any prior record of fraudulence or penalization, one of the most neglected parts of choosing the best immigration consultant. The purpose of hiding penalization records is to lure clients to reputed consultancies. Clients should perform background checks on their choice of the consulting firm; ignoring this may lead to delays in the application process, or in some cases, an outright rejection. Immigration consultants in Punjab consider Landmark Immigration one of the best consultants in their area. They have served the people for so many years. Their expertise in assisting with immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications has set them apart from other brands in India. Whether you want to immigrate for work, study, or settlement purposes, Landmark Immigration Visas can assist you in achieving your immigration dream without any problem. Landmark Immigration has a team of qualified and experienced immigration experts. Many of their employees undergo a background check as they look for meticulous professionals. Their consultation experts ensure proper guidance to all of their clients. The Immigration and Global Education Process can be confusing and time-consuming for some. We put YOU first. We don’t just want to spend your money without any desired result. We do everything to make things simple for you and the process of global education process, we put our 100% to make your dreams come true. Due to all the factors mentioned above, there has been a lot of client testimonials, favorable reviews, and appreciation. From the evaluation of your eligibility to post-landing services, their experienced immigration consultant understands your migrating preferences. As well, they provide their clients with a streamlined and transparent application process, evaluating their scorecard, occupational profile, list of documents, application fees, and processing time. In an industry that is highly volatile. For any further queries and suggestions please feel free to contact us.