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Landmark Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd

We at Landmark Immigration offer individualistic ,distinctive and responsive course programs that open entryways for skilled and talented individuals who have the yearning and energy to grasp advanced education to accomplish their own and expert objectives. Landmark is the Best Immigration Consultancy service, India.

Study, Work and Settle Around the world

Study, Work & Settle in POLAND

Poland is a country rich in history and has a long history of university education. Poland have been a much l…

Study, Work & Settle in CHINA

Why Study in China

A long history of educ…

Study, Work & Settle in FRANCE

France have always been a great holiday destination as well as an international study destination. The country gives a lot of attention and care when …

Study, Work & Settle in TURKEY

Turkey is an amazing country to be at. International  students have shown a keen interest to study in Turkey.…

Study, Work & Settle in MALAYSIA

Malaysia is country with the most diverse culture. It’s always been a traveler’s destination.  The count…

Study, Work & Settle in BULGARIA

It is a small but charming country, located in the Balkan Peninsula.It is full of attractions for both international students and tourists. It’s als…

Study, Work & Settle in RUSSIA

Russia, the erstwhile superpower offers lots of options for studying, at a very competitive cost. Spanning tw…

Study, Work & Settle in CYPRUS

Cyprus   stands at a cultural, linguistic, and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia. Its chief cities…

Study, Work & Settle in SWITZERLAND

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. Switzerland has …

Study, Work & Settle in SINGAPORE

Lying almost on the equator, Singapore is not just one island but a main island with 63 surrounding islets.…

Study, Work & Settle in MALTA

If you are looking to study in Europe, Malta is great country to choose. Looking forward to enjoying a great holiday and studying at the same time to …

Study, Work & Settle in SLOVENIA

Slovenia is located in the core of Europe where the Alps mountains meet the exotic  Mediterranean Sea. There …

Study, Work & Settle in THE CZECH REPUBLIC

The Czech Republic is a country that shares its borders with Poland, Germany ,Austria and Slovakia. The countr…

Study, Work & Settle in SPAIN

Spain is a country   with a rich history and culture.The country provides exciting cultural experience for all tourists, residents and students. It…

Study, Work & Settle in IRELAND

Ireland is a land of history with many breathtaking destinations that any traveler would want to visit. The country retains its historical charm to it…

Study, Work & Settle in UNITED KINGDOM

For students aspiring to be a part of famous University and rub shoulders with the best ones all across the…

Study, Work & Settle in GERMANY

ermany is a very popular country situated in the western part of Europe. It is a country rich in architectural marvels, spectacular destinations and w…

Study, Work & Settle in NEW ZEALAND

It is not just the natural beauty that makes New Zealand a favorite destination of many students in India. …

Study, Work & Settle in AUSTRALIA

Have you been yearning to Live and Study in Australia? If “yes” we, the staff at Landmark Immigration are here to help and assist you in fulfillin…

Study, Work & Settle in UNITED STATES

America is a Premier destination for international students as a result of its strong economy, vibrant campus life, flexibility and quality in academi…

Study, Work & Settle in CANADA

Tired of flipping through brochures of schools and getting lost on universities websites? Landmark Immigrat…

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“Landmark Immigration have created many success stories for students who aspired to study and settle abroad. These success stories have opened doors to many awards and regonitiotions for Landmark Immigration from world renowned universities across the globe. Landmark Immigration is the authorized representative of many universities around the globe. With our years of experience and excellence in the industry ,  we still strive to provide our clients with the latest immigration rules to keep them informed and updated of all required information all throughout  their journey. Landmark is the Best Immigration Consultancy service provider.”

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    If you have ever cherished a dream for abroad education, then we offer a one-stop solution to all your queries. Why are we the best Immigration Consultancy service? Because, we provide assistance in selecting the university and course, processing your application and visa. And we not done yet, we also give you complete post arrival assistance.

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    We feel proud in offering the best services in the business. Landmark has the best professional team which is dedicated to provide all required information to their clients and assist them in their most important decision. We strive to make your future bright and prosperous and be a...

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    It is our work that justifies itself with real evidence. We have just made a thousand examples of overcoming adversity. We have been able to work together with our numerous clients and have successfully enabled them in achieving their study abroad dreams. our team's hard work and your continuous support made us the best Immigration Consultancy service in India.


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“Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that I started Landmark Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in 2007… “

Jasmeet singh bhatia

Colleges in Canada / USA

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I am fully satisfied with your services and your organization is very co-operative. Wishing good luck for this organization.


All services provided by the staff are excellent and I am fully satisfied.


This is the best immigration. They put all their efforts to get visa. They always give positive thoughts and help a lot to get visa.


It was very great experience with Landmark. The counselor give me right advice for my visa process. I am thankful to Landmark for my visa.


The whole Landmark team efforts were extraordinary to get approved my visa.


I am very happy to get my visa with the help of Landmark immigration. All the staff members are very co-operative and they provide and genuine guidance


I got my study visa through Landmark immigration. I am very happy with the service they provided to me.


Excellent guidance and services from Landmark immigration due to which I was able to secure a visa. I am very thankful to Landmark immigration.


Fully satisfied with landmark immigration services. In spite of any weak profile Landmark succeeded in getting my visa. I am very thankful.


My dreams come true after coming here. I am feeling very happy and satisfied after getting my visa. They are very responsible and co-operative.

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