Latest 2021 ultimate step by step guide to study in Germany

Latest 2021 ultimate step by step guide to study in Germany

10 August 2021 landmark
Studying in Germany comes with a lot of advantages for Indian students. This is because German universities are globally accredited and valued for their efficient education system. Their funding options, top-notch facilities, research-based courses, meaningful curriculums, and vibrant lifestyle are likely to ensure the best studying experience over there. No wonder why German student visa is always a top priority when it comes to studying abroad. But for many other students going, the process of studying in Germany can be a bit challenging. Thanks to the overwhelming visa process. That’s why we have come up with this guide to answer the most asked questions associated with the German student visa process.

Why Getting German Study Visa is Not Easy?

Getting a German Study visa is quite challenging for some reasons. First of all, Germany prefers the applicant for master courses. Even these applicants get visa approval or respond during COVID 19. The reason why bachelors’ visa doesn’t have the same success rate is that Germany lacks slots and VISA officers for the same in India. The good news is that Germany has started slots for the applicant for bachelor courses.

Can I Get a German Visa without IELTS?

Yes, you can study in German without IELTS. However, you should have graduated from the English medium of instruction. In this scenario, you can apply for a visa through a Medium of Instruction letter. The same thing can be said for the 12th passed out students.

Where is the Interview for German Study Visa Conducted?

For a German study visa interview, visit the nearest VFS center. Or maybe you get an interview call from German Embassy.

What Questions are asked in German Study Visa Interview?

Despite that there are no exact questions to be asked in a German student visa interview; generally, it will be around the topics given below:
  • Knowledge about Germany
  • Information about future studies
  • Current academic and skills level
  • Accommodation in Germany
  • Background information
But don’t worry as simple questions are likely to be asked. The study visa rate is often higher.

How Much I Have to Pay for Study in Germany?

The fee might vary based on the universities and accommodation you choose. Generally, an Indian student requires 7-8 lakh rupees per year to study in Germany. Good thing is that you don’t need to pay the entire amount upfront. The initial payment can be around 2-3 lakhs while the rest of the amount is paid once your visa is approved. There is also a provision of a Block account that is similar to a GIC account. In this account, you need to deposit 10,000 Euros that can be withdrawn later as you settle there.

What Skills Should I Learn Before Moving to Germany or Other Nation?

Make sure to learn cooking to save money on dining out. It would be better if you learn German.

Is Vaccination required before moving to Germany? Which Vaccine is Accepted?

Yes, you should be vaccinated for COVID 19 before moving to Germany or most of the nations around the world. Most nations accept COVIDSHIELD. However, other vaccines in India such as COVACCINE are not that acceptable.

How to Apply to Study in Germany for Free?

Study in Germany for free means that there will no tuition fees or very nominal charges for the same. For this, apply to public or government universities as they usually don’t charge any tuition fees. But these universities require the candidate to be efficient in the German language.

Are the courses in Germany offered in English?

Yes. There are many educational institutions or universities which offer courses in English. But many public universities in Germany insist on German Language certification as a criterion for admission as some courses are only available in German.

Latest 2021 comprehensive step by step guide to study in the USA

Latest 2021 comprehensive step by step guide to study in the USA

Are you looking to study in the USA?
You must have a lot of queries on your mind such as— Is the US the right study destination? Can I study in the USA without IELTS? What about work extension in the USA? Is it easy to get a work permit in the USA? 

Please watch our video for deep details

Well, such concerns can be justified as most of the things related to visas and immigration are stressful. Don’t worry! Here our immigration consultant has answered your all queries related to the USA study visa. Let’s get it started.

What kind of questions is asked in USA Study Visa Interview?

You would be glad to know that the USA has one of the simple study visa interview procedures in the world. The questions are likely to be as simple as asking your name, father’s name, background information, and study destination. In fact, the visa is sometimes approved with basic questions. That’s why the US study visa process is quite simple.

Why It Is the Right Time to Apply for US Study Visa?

Joe Biden, the current US president, has lenient immigration policies, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump. As a result, the US administration opened its door to over 2 lakh students from India. That’s why it is the right time to apply for a US visa, especially if your Canada study visa has been rejected. Moreover, the US government has a more flexible visa program than most nations.

How to Get Work Extension While Studying in the USA?

If you work alongside the study in the USA, you can be eligible for a work extension. Your chances are stronger if you are pursuing courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Besides, scholarship programs are also available.

What about Upfront Fee or Advance Money?

There is no need to pay a tuition fee upfront or GIC. Neither will you have to pay money in advance. The complete payment is made only when a visa is approved. But you are still required to show third-party funds as your living cost in the USA.

How to Do Part Time Job in the USA along with Study?

Part-time is allowed in the USA via OPT and CPT.

Can My Spouse Come with Me On My Study Visa?

Yeah, you can. But you are required to apply for a married spouse visa along with your study visa. Besides, the total cost will be increased 1.5 times more. You and your legal husband/wife will be interviewed. You can be asked technical questions for taking your spouse with you. However, the chances of spouse visa approval are more if the main applicant is approved.

Can I go to the USA without IELTS?

Of course, you can apply for a US visa without IELTS. But, unlike Canada visa that is paper-based, it will be an interview-based process. Therefore, you need to find an immigration consultant who can help you prepare for an interview. Keep in mind that he cannot sit in the interview on your behalf. The other condition is that you should have your senior secondary education or graduation in English as the medium of instruction. So these are some basic things you should know while applying for a US study visa. If you are new to the process, it would be better if you work with a reliable immigration consultant. And if you are looking for the same, look no further than Landmark’s immigration and consultancy services. We have been working for 13 years to help students like you achieve their study abroad goals. We also offer personalized, unique, and responsive educational programs to help you go through the interviews and certain tests. Get in touch now!