Travel & Abroad Help

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    We understand traveling in abroad is difficult for a newbie. Landmark immigration provides travel and abroad help. Migration process does not end with arrival at the destination. The majority of students go through an anxious phase settling in a new country. They require few basic things organized before their studies commence. From the moment you land at Airport, pick up to accommodation, local transportation there, opening a bank account and getting the mobile phone and sim card connection, we assist you. We assist our students until they become confident getting this do at a new place.We have a vast network of consultants and representatives in leading countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. We are committed to being with the young ones until they get settled in their new life

    Our assistance includes:

    • Expedite travel insurance
    • Foreign Exchange Requirements
    • Airport pick up
    • Temporary accommodation
    • Being an effective and active link between the student and the University
    • Guidance on part time job
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