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Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

27 January 2022
Benefits of Canadian Citizenship
27 January 2022

Getting Canadian citizenship comes with advantages that are unavailable to others such as permanent residents, like admission to restricted jobs, the right to run for office and the right to vote, and the capability to travel around the world with a Canadian passport. Along these, there are also many other benefits of getting Canadian citizenship, such as: 

Canadian citizens are typically eligible to apply for more jobs

Canadian citizens are also eligible for applying to specific unelected government jobs which require their applicants to hold citizenship. Canadian citizens are even eligible for other jobs that need various security clearances. However, permanent residents may generally find themselves with fewer employment choices as they are limited due to their citizenship status.

Canadian citizens are eligible to run for political office and they have the right to vote

When you hold Canadian citizenship, you also get the right to vote in all national and provincial elections. Since Canadian citizens have the right to vote, they can easily play a significant role in influencing federal and provincial politics. Additionally, Canadian citizens can even hold political office. With the right to run for office, Canadian citizens essentially have the right to represent various Canadian constituents on different issues such as foreign policy, education, and taxes. With the right to vote, you can also influence local changes in your community. 

Canadian Citizens can easily travel using a Canadian passport

There are a lot of countries around the world that allow Canadians to travel in and out without needing a visa for particular approved objectives. Canada acknowledges dual citizenship, hence if the country you were born in also acknowledges dual citizenship, you can also easily hold two distinct passports. However, if your home country fails to recognize dual citizenship, you may need to give up one citizenship. A good way to decide is to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of travel documents administered by both your home country and Canada. 

Canadian citizens don’t need to concern themselves about losing their status

Permanent residents need to comply with particular residency requirements. However Canadian citizens could just spend whatever amount of time they need in other countries without having to worry about any consequences to their immigration. In addition, if you are a Canadian citizen, you will not lose citizenship ordinarily if you get sentenced to a crime, however permanent residents normally face getting deported if the crime for which the citizen is convicted is deemed serious enough to warrant this consequence. 

Canadian Citizens don’t have to worry about renewing the documentation for their immigration

Permanent Resident Cards in Canada are only valid for up to five years. These cards are needed to travel internationally and might be used as proof of the permanent resident status for employers and other government companies. Hence, permanent residents are generally in an unenviable situation where they need to file various applications to apply for a permanent resident card every time their card expires. Along with the application, they need to pay the fee every five years. However, citizens do not need to worry about renewing their documentation. When you hold a Citizenship Certificate, it is valid for a lifetime, and Canadian citizens that want to travel internationally only need to renew their passports.


There are multiple advantages to having Canadian citizenship. As Canadian citizens, you can obtain the security of maintaining a status that is not as easy to relinquish or lose. For a lot of naturalized citizens, obtaining a Canadian passport proves to be a lot more valuable than any other passport, even the one issued after birth.

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