PG Diploma in Canada: What to Know

Disclaimer:- The application approval for Study Permit, Post Graduation Work Permit, Permanent Residence or any kind of visa is sole discretion of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship of Canada as per their rules and regulations. Also, for other countries, final visa approval and refusal depends upon the high commission of each country.

PG Diploma in Canada What to Know

PG Diploma in Canada: What to Know

PG Diploma in Canada: What to Know

12 December 2023
PG Diploma in Canada: What to Know
12 December 2023

A postgraduate diploma in Canada is a 1-2 year course that helps students specialize in a specific field. These courses are popular among international students because they are affordable, don’t take too long to finish, and involve practical learning. The cost of studying these courses is usually between CAD 8000 to CAD 20,000.

You can take a postgraduate diploma in Canada for 1 or 2 years after finishing your first degree. If you do a full-time course, you can get a one-year work visa after finishing, which helps you get good jobs. If you finish a 2-year course and find a job, you can apply for permanent residency (PR) and get extra points.

Benefits of Studying PG Diploma in Canada

High Quality Education:

Canadian universities are known for providing excellent education and research opportunities. You’ll learn from experienced teachers and gain important knowledge and skills in your chosen field.

Work Permit After Graduation:

When you finish your studies in Canada, you can get a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This allows you to work in Canada for a period equal to your study program’s duration, up to three years. It’s a valuable chance to gain work experience, which can help in your career and even lead to permanent residency.

Job Opportunities:

Canada has a strong and diverse job market with many opportunities for postgraduate students. Employers value graduates with Canadian education and work experience. Industries like technology, healthcare, engineering, finance, and more offer excellent career options.

Research Opportunities:

You can work with eminent academics in your field and participate in innovative research projects as a postgraduate student. Your development both personally and professionally can benefit from this exposure.

Quality of Life:

Canada consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life. You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle while pursuing postgraduate studies in Canada, thanks to its welcoming environment, social benefits and excellent healthcare.

Top PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

This program teaches about business and management, covering things like accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. It also focuses on practical skills that you can use in real-life situations.

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

This program helps you understand the basics of HRM, such as hiring, training, performance management, and employee benefits. It also covers topics like labour relations, organizational restructuring, labour law compliance, and diversity management.

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

This course gives a deep understanding of the latest technologies, software, and systems in the fast-growing IT industry in Canada. It includes subjects like programming, database management, networking, security systems, and web development.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

Canada is a famous tourism destination, and this program helps you learn the skills needed to work in hotels, airlines, travel companies, and cruise lines.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

This 1-2 year program teaches skills and methods for understanding business insights through quantitative analysis.

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science

Canadian universities offer various health science disciplines like Disability Management, Nutrition, Nursing, Public Health, and Psychological Science.

Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting

This program gives a thorough overview of accounting principles and practices, covering topics such as financial statement analysis, taxation regulations, auditing standards, and ethics.

Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

This course covers everything about supply chain management, including procurement, inventory control, logistics, and transportation. It helps students understand how organizations manage their supply chains globally.

Eligibility for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

To get a postgraduate diploma in Canada, international students don’t need to deal with complicated rules. Unlike master’s degrees, you can apply for a diploma even after a three-year bachelor’s degree. The requirements are:

  • An undergrad degree in a related subject with at least 65% marks.
  • Some business courses may need 2 years of work experience.
  • For international students, an IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL scores of 550 (pBT), 213 (cBT), or 88 (iBT) is required. It’s a way to show you can understand and use English well in your studies.

Documents Required to Do PG Diploma in Canada

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Student Visa
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of Finances
  • A Copy of a Valid Passport
  • Updated Resume
  • Current Photographs (Passport Size)

Best Colleges to Do PG Diploma in Canada

Algonquin College:

Algonquin College has many programs for postgraduate diplomas. You can study Business Administration, International Business, Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, and Social Service Administration. They also have a program for Applied Project Management.

Centennial College:

Centennial College is one of the biggest colleges in Canada. They have more than 150 diploma and certificate programs. You can take Postgraduate Diploma programs in Business Administration, Public Relations, International Business, and Human Resources Management.

Seneca College:

Seneca College offers postgraduate diploma courses in Business, Computer Science, and Engineering. You can choose programs like Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Financial Services, Accounting, International Business, and Project Management.

Sheridan College:

At Sheridan College, you can get postgraduate diplomas in Animation, Applied Computer Science, Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Digital Marketing, and Media Arts.

George Brown College:

George Brown College has postgraduate diplomas in many fields, including Business, IT, and Engineering. They offer programs like Applied Computer Science, Digital Marketing, Financial Services Management, Global Business Management, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management.

Humber College:

Humber College provides postgraduate diplomas in Business, IT, and Social Sciences. Some popular courses are Business Administration, Human Resources Management, International Business, Accounting, and Financial Services.

Niagara College:

At Niagara College, you can enrol in postgraduate diplomas in Business, IT, and Health Sciences. Programs include Applied Computer Science, International Business, Financial Services Management, and Healthcare Management.

Durham College:

Durham College is a highly-ranked institution in Ontario, offering over 140 programs. They have postgraduate diploma courses in Business, IT, and Health Sciences. Popular programs include Financial Services Management, Human Resources Management, and International Business.

What is the Cost of a PG Diploma in Canada?

The cost of a PG diploma in Canada depends on your course and college choice, typically starting from 8 lakh INR. Additionally, living expenses are around 2 lakh INR. Make sure to ponder over tuition and living while planning a PG Diploma or any other course in Canada.

Hope this article provides you valuable insights into PG diploma courses in Canada.

If you are looking to know more or want any kind of assistance for studying in Canada, get in touch now with our study abroad consultants.

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