Last-Minute Advice Before Submitting Study Abroad Application

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Last-Minute Advice Before You Submit Your Study Abroad Application

Last-Minute Advice Before You Submit Your Study Abroad Application

16 January 2023
Last-Minute Advice Before You Submit Your Study Abroad Application
16 January 2023

University or college application process is no cakewalk; let alone universities abroad. Managing everything on your own gets very overwhelming.  And even after reviewing and re-reviewing, there is a possibility of missing something. And that tiny little detail will hinder your journey of studying abroad. To avoid these hiccups, we have curated a last-minute cross-check list to ensure you do not make any mistakes when submitting a study abroad application.

  • Are you familiar with the course selected?

It is common to need clarification about the course structure at the last minute.   You may know everything about the course but you may miss out on some details.

Make sure you know everything about the system. Right from the duration to how it’s taught in the university.

Know the value of the course in the country and outside. This includes accreditation and its scope after completion. But doesn’t that information come in handy during the application process?

Yes, all information is provided. Still, it would be best to read between the lines, just so you do not struggle in the future. Take your sweet time to compare your course to others, in case, you are getting last-minute jitters.

There is a possibility that you might find it irrelevant altogether at some time. Maybe it won’t align with your career path or it might not suit your portfolio. This is where you need to go through the course modules.

You could always consult an immigration expert to help you choose the right course and university. 

  • Class & Faculty 

Among many important things that you require to assess before you submit your study abroad application, is your lecturer’s qualification. Are you aware of how many research publications your professor has published?

Do you know if they are reliable sources? find the capability and research the professors who will be teaching you the course. This is important because your future lies in their hands.

You do not have to worry if the university is deemed a top-ranking one in the country. however, if the university seems alien to you, then you must do all the verification required for you to trust it.

This is where visa and immigration expertise lies ahead. They have the right sources and their experience in this field is so vast that only the best educational institutions with the best faculty will be recommended.

Another thing to check is the number of students in your class. This might not matter to some but a few students might not appreciate being in a class of 150 students- making it difficult for them to focus.

The size of the class matters to some and if you are among them, then you must consider checking it before submitting your application. If you are a tiny bit confused or worried about the class size, then contact your admission officer beforehand.

  • Go through your SOP

This is the most important step of application submission. A statement of purpose is everything that makes or breaks your admission process. So be sure and reassured that your SOP aligns with your goals and aims, which makes it stand out.

Experts at landmark immigration can also assist you in writing the best SOP. So do not be overconfident and make sure you get the best resources when it comes to SOP. 

Admission tutors over the years have picked and selected deserving candidates from thousands of applications. They know the job well, and will not think twice before rejecting yours. therefore, in this case, your letter should not have any grammatical errors or baseless statements that don’t make sense. 


The above factors are the most important last-minute advice before you submit your study abroad application. Studying abroad is no less than an investment. Make sure you check every aspect of this decision before confirming the same.

For more such queries and concerns, contact our experts at landmark immigration.

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