IELTS Exam Age Limit: Are You Eligible to Take the Test?

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IELTS Exam Age Limit

Everything You Need to Know About the IELTS Exam Age Limit: Are You Eligible to Take the Test?

Everything You Need to Know About the IELTS Exam Age Limit: Are You Eligible to Take the Test?

29 April 2023 landmark
29 April 2023 landmark

The IELTS test is a proficiency test conducted by the International Development Program (IDP) to check the eligibility of candidates to study or work in an English-speaking country. Being accepted in more than 140 countries, it is popular among students willing to study abroad.

According to the Economic Times, annually, approx 1.3 to 1.4 million Indians take the IELTS test.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about the IELTS exam:

  • The IELTS exam age limit
  • Academic requirements
  • The format of IELTS
  • Minimum eligibility criteria

IELTS Eligibility 2023

IELTS exam eligibility does not concern the eligibility criteria for foreign universities to get admission. According to the IELTS exam conducting body, IDP, no minimum eligibility criteria are set for IELTS.

Moreover, irrespective of gender, race and nationality, any person over sixteen is eligible to take the IELTS exam. Yet, if they wish to give a test, they can. It is possible when a foreign school needs an IELTS score for students seeking admission there.

IELTS Exam Age Limit

As discussed above, anyone above sixteen is eligible to take the IELTS exam. There is no maximum age set by the test conducting bodies. There is no age bar set concerning the background, nationality and gender of the applicant.

Educational Eligibility for IELTS

There are no educational barriers set that can affect the eligibility for IELTS. But, it is advisable to check the educational eligibility of respected foreign institutions or universities to see if you will be admitted. Every university has its own eligibility criteria, which you can check on the official website of the desired university.

Formats of the IELTS Exam

The IELTS format is divided into four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The complete test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Listening: The total length of this section is 30 minutes comprising 40 questions.
  • Reading: The total duration for this section is 30 minutes, and it contains almost 40 questions.
  • Writing: This section has a duration of 60 minutes. It includes two questions where candidates must write a short essay of at least 250 words. Candidates are also given a table, diagram, or data, which they have to explain in their own words.
  • Speaking: The overall duration of this section varies from 11 to 14 minutes, and candidates also go through a face-to-face interview.

The speaking section monitors whether the candidates can communicate well in the country where they have applied.

Minimum IELTS band score to get Admission into Universities Abroad

IELTS Eligibility-USA

University NameIELTS band scores
Massachusetts Institute of Technology7
California Institute of Technology7
Harvard University7
Princeton University7
Yale University7

IELTS Eligibility-Canada

University NameIELTS band score
University of Toronto6.5-7.0
University of Alberta6.5
McGill University6.5
University of British Columbia6.5

IELTS Eligibility-UK

University NameIELTS Band Score
University College London6.5
University of Edinburgh6.5
University of Oxford7-7.5
University of Cambridge7
Imperial College London7

IELTS Eligibility- Australia

University NameIELTS Band Score
University of Melbourne6.5 (with no section score less than 6.0)
University of Sydney6.5 with no band below 6.0
University of New South Wales6.5 with no band below 6.0
University of South Wales6.0 with at least 5.5 in each band or equivalent
University of Queensland6.5 with 6.0 in all sub-bands or equivalent


12th Percentage Required for IELTS:

IDP has not set any 12th percentage requirement for the IELTS test takers. Irrespective of your Percentage in the 12th standard, you can take the IELTS exam.

New Rule of IELTS 2023

Earlier, if a candidate fails to score minimum bands in any one of the modules, has to reappear for the IELTS test. As a result, candidates were getting demotivated in their path to acquiring global education.

According to the recent update by IDP, IELTS has introduced a “One Skill Retake” provision. According to this, candidates have been offered the liberty to appear again for one module in which they have scored less.

Now instead of appearing for the entire test again, candidates have the privilege to appear only for one required module test.

This IELTS provision is adequate from March 2023 onwards.

This provision can also be used by Indian students studying for an MBBS abroad with low IELTS scores starting March 2023. This saves time and effort for students who have already passed the other modules.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, this blog has covered almost everything you need to know about IELTS, such as the IELTS exam age limit and other essential details. If you are looking for worthy IELTS classes that can train you well to crack the exam, Landmark Immigration is the right option. We strive to offer the best IELTS training for all four modules.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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