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Best Part Time Jobs for International Students in Australia

Best Part Time Jobs for International Students in Australia

14 June 2022 landmark
14 June 2022 landmark

If you’re an international student studying in Australia, chances are you’ve already considered part-time jobs as a way to pay your bills. A common myth many people believe about working abroad as an international student is that finding part-time jobs isn’t possible because of the fact that you don’t have an Australian work visa or other documents needed to work legally in the country.

While this may be true in some cases, there are plenty of opportunities available if you look hard enough! This list will show you some part-time jobs you can do in Australia without an Australian work visa!


If you’re studying at a local university or are planning to study somewhere close by, you might be able to find a waitress job that allows you to work between classes.

If not, check out restaurants and cafes (or even supermarkets) near your accommodation – many hire their own staff through a third party, so there’s every chance someone will let you fill in as they can’t find anyone else.

Just make sure it fits around your studies – and don’t expect to earn much. During my exchange year I worked two waitress jobs at once: one after class on weekdays, one on weekends.

Assistant or Cashier at supermarket:

Working at a supermarket has its perks and benefits. If you like food and enjoy having your own money, then working as a shelf stacker or check out operator might be perfect for you.

While you will be stacking shelves or bagging groceries, don’t expect to become rich; it is generally low paid work. However, there are several advantages to gaining experience in retail or customer service while living abroad.

You can work as a cashier whose duty is to scan and total items purchased at checkout counters and provide customers with receipts for their purchases. They also may process payments using cash registers or computers, keep records of sales transactions, and stock shelves.

This is an entry level position which can provide an opportunity to develop basic computer skills required for many other office jobs in addition to handling cash. It can also give you good exposure to real life situations such as talking with customers, taking orders over phone etc., which can come handy when dealing with actual clients later on.

Online tutor:

If you love teaching people and helping them learn, becoming an online tutor can be a rewarding way to earn money. You can tailor your tutoring sessions to almost any subject or skill and build a reputation as an expert in your field.

Pet sitter:

Pet sitting can be a great way to build up your hourly rate without relying on tips and it will help you get to know your neighborhood. Animal lovers are often excellent candidates for pet sitting; there’s no question that animals make great companions.

Once you get clients, referrals will come easily and it is one of most reliable forms of income over time. It doesn’t pay well by itself, but you can use your connections from pet sitting to build up more profitable private dog walking or boarding businesses.


Cleaning is a part time job in Australia which can be done anywhere. You can clean your room, the kitchen or bathrooms in your hostel and get paid $8-$15 per hour. You can also find cleaning work at homes around your area and get paid $10-$20 per hour. If you are doing cleaning as a student in Australia, remember to have a valid work visa to do so legally.

You can gain experience by working with a cleaning company, then you can choose to work at private homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The Bottom Line:Best Part Time Jobs for International Students in Australia

So these are some part time jobs you can do while studying as an International students in Australia. If you are still in doubt, get in touch with our study Australia consultants for a guidance.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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