Which is the Best Province in Canada for PR? Read Here

Disclaimer:- The application approval for Study Permit, Post Graduation Work Permit, Permanent Residence or any kind of visa is sole discretion of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship of Canada as per their rules and regulations. Also, for other countries, final visa approval and refusal depends upon the high commission of each country.

best province in canada for pr

Which is the best province in Canada for PR?

Which is the best province in Canada for PR?

26 May 2023
Which is the best province in Canada for PR?
26 May 2023

Many people are under the impression that it is easier in some Canadian provinces to immigrate than in others. However, this is nothing, just a misconception. All Canadian provinces are equally easy for immigration if you are eligible for the PNP program or the Provincial Nominee Program.

The PNP program offers prospective migrants an option to get nominated by a province and be recommended for permanent residency. It is a great opportunity for people who wish to migrate as it helps them in maximizing their chances of obtaining a Canada PR.

Here is everything you need to know about the best province in Canada for PR and the PNP route of getting a Canadian PR:

What is PNP?

PNP, or the Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada, offers many different options for prospective applicants who want to obtain a Canadian PR. Each province has criteria based on its requirements for skill sets, occupation, etc.

These nominations under the PNP have their particular procedures as well as processing time. It is essential to note that the eligibility criteria for PNP differ in each province. 

What are the most popular PNP programs in different Canadian provinces?

Here are some of the most popular Province Nominee Programs or PNP programs for the  best province in Canada for PR that can help you in obtaining your PR: 

  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

One of the most popular provinces in the country for immigration, Nova Scotia in Canada is considered extremely popular for PNP nomination. This province also has a lot of different streams to help you apply to obtain a Canada PR if you obtain the nomination from Nova Scotia province. 

  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba is also a popular territory among prospective immigrants for PNP nomination. It has several streams via which candidates can easily apply to get a Canada PR if they get a nomination from the Manitoba region.

  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta is also another famous province that offers PNP nominations. It has many streams using which you could apply to obtain your Canadian PR if you successfully receive your nomination.

  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia is yet another prevalent province among candidates who want to apply for a PNP nomination. It has many streams that can help you in choosing the best stream based on your needs once you receive your nomination. 

What are the best streams offered by different provinces to acquire a Canadian PR? 

There are a lot of different attractive options available to immigrants based on their circumstances. Here are some of the most popular options to get a Canada PR based on your situation:

If you don’t hold a job offer

If you don’t hold a job offer, it is advised that you apply under OINP or the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The Ontario HCP or Human Capital Priorities stream is one of the most popular options available for migrants who do not have a job option.

The Ontario HCP consists of five streams that are directly linked to Express Entry. These streams have been offering ITAs actively to help aspiring migrants in applying for a Canadian PR via periodic Express Entry draws.

Even though you don’t need a job offer to apply via this program, you are needed to hold an active profile for Express Entry and even have relevant work experience to be assessed for a provincial nomination. 

You can also apply under SINP or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. The SINP manages two streams that do not mandate the applicant to hold a job offer. The Saskatchewan Express Entry linked stream mandates candidates to hold an active Express Entry profile.

However, the Saskatchewan Occupation In-demand stream requires candidates to hold a minimum of a year of experience in a field and job role that is currently in demand in Saskatchewan.

Another option is to apply under the NSNP or the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. This program is one of the most innovative and extensive PNPs available in Canada.

The NSNP continually looks for the Express Entry pool to discover prospects with work experience in a particular occupation that is currently in high demand in the country. There are overall three enhanced streams that come under the NSNP.

These are Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians, Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, and Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry.

If you work in technology

There are two prevalent PNP pathways that are particularly curated for people who work in tech. These are managed by the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. Ontario occasionally conducts focused tech draws from its own Express Entry-linked HCP stream.

These draws are entirely specific to the occupation and are focused on getting candidates who have experience in Web Designing and Computer Engineering. However, the applicants are not mandated to hold a job offer.

The tech pilot program in British Columbia focuses on finding applicants who wish to apply for provincial nomination. This search takes place on almost a weekly basis. However, the applicant is required to hold a job offer in 29 selected occupations in the tech industry. 

If you hold some experience in any Canadian province

There are a lot of available PNPs in Canada that have various streams that help applicants with specific experience in any territory or province.

For example, the MPNP or the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, Skilled Worker Overseas, and Skilled Workers in Manitoba streams favor prospects with employment or academic work experience in the Manitoba province.

The International Education Stream under MPNP also includes three sub-streams for nominees who have pursued their education or graduated from post-secondary academic institutes in Manitoba. 

If you speak French

It is not just the province of Quebec that prefers French speakers, other provinces are constantly looking for candidates that are Bilingual or Francophobic.

The Express Entry-linked French-Speaking Skilled Worker in OINP helps the province of Ontario to nominate contenders from the Express Entry pool who can speak French, have commendable English skills, and are skilled workers. 

Why should you apply for a Canada PR through the PNP?

It is recommended to apply for the Provincial Nominee Programs or the PNP program as well as the Express Entry. Both of these immigration plans are getting increasingly popular these days. Canada is looking forward to welcoming up to 305,820 new immigrants in the Express Entry program as well as a booming 332,500 new immigrants in the Provincial Nominee Program by the year 2025.

The number of immigrants that are planned to be in the economic class by the year 2025 is around 848,595. With these unique and enhanced immigration plans, the country is focusing more on immigration. 


Some Canadian provinces help immigrants in obtaining their Canada PR easily through PNPs. However, to get a Canadian visa and get nominated, it is important to refer to the official website of the province that you wish to apply in. Finding the most appropriate PNP based on your unique needs can be a challenge.

There are more than 80 streams that participate in the Provincial Nominee Program in Canada. A lot of Canadian provinces have been managing their PNP streams uniquely based on their particular needs. They handpick candidates based on the needs of their province. The best fit is completely based on your unique circumstances, your skill sets, and your experience. 

Contact our experts at Landmark Immigration for more information on the best province in Canada for PR.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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