Education System in Canada - Why is it the Best in the World?

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What makes Education System in Canada one of the Best in the world?

What makes Education System in Canada one of the Best in the world?

15 May 2023
What makes Education System in Canada one of the Best in the world?
15 May 2023

Many students these days go abroad to continue their education at the post-graduate and graduate levels. International students prefer studying in countries other than their home nations to enhance their standard of living, gain wider career opportunities, study in world-known academic institutes, and gain exposure. Canada is one of the most widely preferred countries for higher education due to its versatile educational options at an affordable price. The education system in Canada is unique and is focused on ensuring that students get the best education in the country despite their background and industry.

The country provides some excellent opportunities and accelerates the learning potential of students. In this article, we will discuss why the Canadian education system is considered to be one of the best worldwide: 

Why is the Canadian education system considered to be one of the best worldwide?

Here are some factors that make the education system in Canada highly ranked globally:

● Greater choice of courses

Canadian educational organizations are known to provide a wide variety of courses, programs, and specializations as compared to other countries in the world. International students can easily handpick the courses that they would like to study.

● High global rankings

Canada has been highly ranked in all global rankings consistently in terms of education. International students favour Canada greatly due to the welcoming and warm nature of not only the citizens but also the government with relaxed immigration policies.

● Affordable fees

Canada is one of the most affordable countries for international students. The living expenses, tuition fees, and transportation costs are all considerably lower than in other countries.

● Career opportunities

International students can easily avail a large variety of career opportunities once they finish their courses at Canadian educational institutes.

Most international students get placed for an internship or a job before their course ends through the industry network of their college.

There are also a lot of research-based opportunities available for students who want to go into academia.

● Governmental emphasis

The Canadian government places a great emphasis on education. They put education on the highest priority from an administrative point of view.

The Canadian government keeps presenting new initiatives and plans to improve the education system and make it easier for international students to live and study in the country.

How is the Education System in Canada different from other countries?

The Canadian education system is largely focused on providing students with quality education. The Canadian government as well as academic institutes are intensively focused on continually improving the quality of education.

The educational organizations in the country offer a range of technical and professional courses for virtually every field and stream.

Students can gain a professional diploma or degree in the courses and specialization of their choice to pursue their long and short-term goals. Canada is also quite famous for its world-class research facilities and infrastructure.

Many international students who want to go into academics, prefer studying in the country for its easy to avail opportunities. The country is one of the largest educational hubs in the world.

The Canadian education system includes colleges, universities, summer camps, technical institutes, language schools, and community colleges. The country focuses on imparting equal opportunities to students of all backgrounds in terms of education and training.

How expensive is studying in Canada?

Canada is considered to be more affordable when compared to other countries. The tuition costs for studying in Canada are quite low, and there are a lot of fantastic scholarship and financial aid options available for international students.

However, when calculating the costs of education, it is also important to consider the costs of living, such as accommodation and transportation costs. Many Canadian universities offer international students on and off-campus housing.

There are also many accommodation options available for students where they can live on a sharing basis. These are considerably less expensive.

The costs of living largely depend on the city you are studying in. However, in Canada, it is quite easy to find accommodation within your budget.

There are also some dedicated facilities on-campus in some colleges that help students in finding accommodation close to the college campus.

Are international students allowed to work while they study in Canada?

While pursuing their education in Canada, international students can easily get any part-time job that helps them to gain relevant work experience as well as sustain themselves financially.

International students don’t need to take up employment in their field of education or on campus. International students can gain experience by participating in any vocation, either off or on campus.

During their education, international students are encouraged to work part-time for no more than 20 hours every week. If international students hold the Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit, they are legally allowed to stay back in the country and look for jobs for three years after they graduate.

This opportunity offers them enough time to get a high-profile and well-paid job in their industry. International students can even opt for certifications to showcase their skills and get better jobs during this time.

Canada also provides one of the easiest ways to obtain citizenship. Until you get a full-time job, you need to furnish other proof of income to apply for your permanent residency in Canada.

Is it challenging to study in Canada?

When you move to an unfamiliar country to advance your education, it can be both challenging and exciting. Even though international students who study in Canada can experience elevated standards of living and education, they typically take some time to acclimate and adjust to the environment.

The weather conditions in the country are quite harsh and can make it tough for international students. However, it is generally a short transition for international students, and they can adapt quickly in most cases.

To help you with your transition, it may be best to find some friends who are also studying at your college.

Not only would they be able to help you with finding the best accommodation, choosing courses, and finding a part-time job, but they would also make it easy to learn about Canadian culture and tradition.  

What are some of the most popular courses for international students in Canada?

Canada hosts some of the best academic organizations worldwide. These provide a lot of different courses in different domains such as technology, business, health, humanities, and environment.

Here are some of the most popular courses for international students in Canada:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Environmental studies
  • Journalism
  • Information Technology
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Medicine
  • Media
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Hospitality Management
  • Health Care


Canada is a popular academic hub for international students due to its popular degree choices and high-quality education. The country provides a lot of immigration options for international students.

The Canadian government has greatly relaxed the guidelines for student visas and has made it relatively easy for international students to gain permanent residency after they graduate.

The tuition fees in Canada are also quite affordable compared to other countries. International students in Canada have some of the most favorable career options when they graduate.

They can unlock a lot of different opportunities and live in a safe environment with scenic landscapes, advanced healthcare, an enhanced standard of living, affordable costs of living, and high-quality education.

International students can utilize the opportunity to study in Canada for a chance to get a career that meets their goals.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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