Concordia University (commonly referred to as Concordia) is a public comprehensive university located in Montreal, Canada, which was founded in 1974. In the academic year 2014-2015 there were 46,378 students enrolled at Concordia, making the university among the largest in Canada by enrollment. The university has two campuses, Sir George Williams Campus is the main campus in Downtown Montreal, in an area known as Quartier Concordia, and Loyola Campus in the residential district of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.We offer over 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs and courses.

Our mission is welcoming, engaged, and committed to innovation and excellence in education, research, creative activity and community partnerships among the students and staffs. We love to be different and draws on its diversity to transform the individual, strengthen society and enrich the world.We hold the vision to become one among the top five comprehensive universities within a real-time atmosphere for students and staffs.

Our core values stem from those long prized by its founding institution and curiosity engagement of its faculty, staff, and students.We provide a strong determination to improve productive exploration of current understandings, a rich spectrum of creative activity and practice, and the creation and dissemination of new knowledge to the students.We value a secure and respectful learning environment and workplace to promote a healthy, safe and sustainable campus and to enhance the quality of life of the community in which we live.

An undergraduate degree normally takes three or four years studying full-time to complete, a Master’s takes from a year and a half to three years, and a PhD is at least four years long. Certificates and diplomas usually take no longer than a year and a half to complete.

We provide more than 300 undergraduate programs, divided into four faculties. The faculties are the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the John Molson School of Business.College offers about 70 programs leading to master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as graduate diplomas and certificates for professionals seeking to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

We provide around 40 bachelor degree and masters programs in an alternating co-op work-study format. Through our co-op programs we enrich our students learning ability by allowing them to participate in career-relevant programs. We are a member of the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE).