Los Angeles Pierce College, also known as Pierce College and Pierce, is a flourishing two-year public institution in Southern California. We welcomed our first students in 1947, the first batch includes 70 students and 18 faculty members. It serves more than 23,000 students in the northern Chalk Hills of Woodland Hills. We offer Occupational education and education transfer.

The college is fully affiliated to Western Association of Schools and Colleges, its a nationally recognized accrediting agency.Pierce College is proud to be recognized as one of the most respected community colleges and transfer institutions in California. We offer courses on more than 100 subjects in 92 academic disciplines and has transfer alliances with most of the universities in the state. Students at the school successfully transfer to UC and CSU schools. Students can pursue any of the 44 associate’s degrees or 78 Certificates of Achievement the school offers directly.

We are one of the highest transfer performances in Southern California. A six-year study first released in 2013 by the State Chancellor’s office revealed that Pierce College is among the elite few of California community colleges showing the transfer rates among the 112 colleges in the system and highest graduation.

Pierce College is setting the pace in community college education, preparing students to take their place or to retrain in industries at the forefront of technological advances.

It has a solid reputation for being a student-friendly institution, offering students challenging and high-quality education that will prepare them for university or vocational work.