Canada Announces New Economic Immigration Programs for Refugees

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Canada Launches New Economic Immigration Programs for Refugees

Canada Launches New Economic Immigration Programs for Refugees

5 July 2023 landmark

Canada, a pioneer in the resettlement of refugees, has taken a significant step towards enhancing opportunities for refugees and displaced individuals by launching two additional streams under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP).

These streams are designed to cater to highly skilled refugees, with one stream targeting candidates with job offers from Canada and the other stream for those without.

Introduced on June 12, the new streams for the EMPP provide a pathway for candidates to apply even without prior work experience in Canada.

Eligibility for the EMPP under the economic streams is determined based on a candidate’s employment history, educational background, and proficiency in one or more official languages.

The EMPP Federal Skills Job Offer Stream now enables Canadian employers to access a pool of qualified candidates for a wide range of in-demand positions.

Job opportunities span across sectors such as healthcare, technology, engineering, logistics, tourism, and transportation.

Eligible candidates falling under the Training Education Experience Responsibilities (TEER) categories 0 through 5 can apply for employment in these fields without the requirement of settlement cash or evaluation of their educational credentials.

To facilitate the hiring process, certain NGO partners are available to assist Canadian employers in identifying and recruiting eligible individuals.

They also provide support throughout the immigration procedure and help newcomers settle into their new neighbourhoods and workplaces. Please note that some NGO partners may charge a fee for their services.

For candidates possessing skills in high-demand areas and with convincing prospects of finding employment in Canada, the EMPP Federal Skills without a Job Offer Stream is the appropriate pathway.

However, applicants for this stream must meet higher standards for language proficiency, previous job experience, and education, as they will need to secure employment after arriving in Canada.

Additionally, candidates are required to provide documentation of an evaluation of their educational credentials, as well as demonstrate sufficient financial resources.

To facilitate the transition for successful applicants, certain fees for the EMPP will be waived, making the process more accessible. Moreover, candidates will have the option to utilize loans to cover travel expenses, relocation needs, start-up costs, and fees that cannot be waived.

Canada’s expansion and scaling up of the EMPP aligns with its role as Chair of the Global Taskforce on Labour Mobility. The country aims to set an example for other nations by implementing labour mobility programs that cater to economic and humanitarian commitments.

This strategic initiative strengthens Canada’s immigration system, enabling it to address ongoing labour shortages while providing opportunities to vulnerable individuals abroad.

Helping employers access a new global talent pool is another way we are using our immigration system to address ongoing labor shortages,” stated Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

Finding these skilled workers among people who happen to be displaced abroad and lack a durable solution is a made-in-Canada solution that we are promoting globally. Canada will continue to develop and scale up these types of innovative measures that allow us to welcome more vulnerable people while helping businesses find the skilled workforce they need to grow.

Canada’s commitment to resettling refugees remains unmatched, with over 46,500 refugees from more than 80 countries welcomed into the country last year.

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