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Increasing CRS Score for Canada Express Entry Immigration

Increasing CRS Score for Canada Express Entry Immigration

21 January 2022
Increasing CRS Score for Canada Express Entry Immigration
21 January 2022


The Express Entry system is the quickest and the most popular way to apply for Canadian PR as a skilled worker. It accepts PR applications under the key immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Programthe Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Over the years, the Express Entry immigration system has become competitive. You need to have a solid CRS score to get a PR invitation through the Express Entry.

If you have created your Express Entry profiles and your CRS score is not good, you shouldn’t lose the heart as there are many ways to increase CRS score.

Here we will share some effective tricks to increase your CRS points for Canadian immigration, whether you need a couple of points or a serious boost to get your invitation.

How CRS Points are Calculated? What is a Good CRS Score? 

The CRS awards point to be used to rank your profile in the Express Entry pool. It is used to assess your education, skills, work experience, language ability, and other factors.

There is a maximum of 12,00 CRS points to score under two categories:

  • Core Points: 600 Points
  • Additional Points: 600 Points

The core CRS points are allocated for experience, spouse or partner’s language skills and education, education, and work experience.

Apart from this, you can score additional CRS points for Canadian degree/diploma/certificate, job offer, provincial or territorial nomination, Canadian siblings, and French language efficiency. 

The average CRS cut-off score is between 439-456, with an average of 461. According to some sources, the cut-off score even scaled to 700 in January 2022. The point is here that the CRS scores fluctuate regularly.  

How to Improve Your CRS Score for Canadian Express Entry Immigration?

Given that Canada’s Express Entry draws have been stiff competitive, you need to look for other ways to boost your CRS scores. Here’s how you can do it.

Increase Your Language Test Scores:

This is one of the simplest ways to increase your CRS score.

Language ability can add 260 CRS points to your profile. French and English are the official languages of Canada, meaning that your efficiency in these languages can benefit you. Talking about English language proficiency, you can re-appear in (or retake) the IELTS test unless you get a Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB level of 9.

(Read HERE How You Can Improve Your IELTS Score Canadian PR.)

Secondly, you can improve your score further by getting command over French. Learn French and appear in the TEF (Test d’évaluation du français ).

The bottom line is here to get more IELTS points in English and get a good command of French.

Increase Work Experience:

If you are opting for your Canadian visa and haven’t got more than three years of work experience, you can work for an extra year or two to get more skills. While this work won’t gain points under the human capital factors (one of the CRS categories), it can be rewarded in the skills transferability combinations.

The same holds if you are working in Canada on a temporary work permit. However, you can increase the CRS score for Canadian work experience, so look to gain five-year experience or more if possible. Also, make sure to indicate that you are still working in Canada while creating your Express Entry profile.

Opt for a Provincial Nomination:

Several Canadian provinces look for candidates to meet their labor market needs. As a result, candidates chosen by these provinces can apply for Canadian PR and move to Canada under one of the provincial programs.

Being nominated by a Canadian province can add 600 points to your CRS score, ensuring you an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

And having a Provincial Nomination is really important as it can make a huge difference when the CRS is likely to touch 800 points over time.

There are two ways to apply for the PNP program.

The first one is to directly contact the provinces given below…

Or you can submit your PNP application through Express Entry by showing your interest in the provinces and territories you want to move to.

If you are nominated, you will get a notification.

However, whatever option you choose, make sure to create an Express Entry profile right from the start as you will need either of the options.

Also, mention your full education and work experience; check Canadian immigration updates, and have all your documents ready to make a PNP application promptly.

Complete Another Educational Program:

Pursuing another educational program can also boost your CRS score. It can help you gain a maximum of 100 points through the skill transferability factors.

You can opt for two or more post-secondary qualifications, and at least one must have been for a program of three years or longer. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree, you can opt for another one-year program. You can ask us for a suitable educational program which can benefit you in immigration.

Land a Job Offer in Canada:

Getting a job offer in Canada even before your immigration can also be useful as it can add up to 200 CRS points to your score. You can also approach a recruiter to help you find a job in Canada. Apart from that, you can tap into the best online job portals in Canada.

If You Have a Sibling in Canada:

Having a brother and sister in Canada can also raise your CRS points. It will add 15 points to your score if you have a sibling through blood, adoption, marriage or common-law partnership. However, you need to provide proof of relationship, say, a birth certificate.

Apply with Your Spouse:

If you are immigrating to Canada as a couple, you can submit your Canada Visa applications together. This can boost your CRS points. The language efficiency of the spouse/partner is worth up to 20 points, while education level and Canadian work experience can award 10 points each.

That’s a sum of 40 points available based on the qualification of your spouse/partner’s eligibility.

Use a CRS Calculator Tool:

You can also use a CRS Calculator to determine your CRS score. It is a free tool provided by the Government of Canada.

So you must have understood how to increase CRS score through the Express Entry system. You can also get in touch with our immigration experts for Canada.


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