Will you get Canada Study Visa on IELTS scores 5.5?

Will you get Canada Study Visa on IELTS scores 5.5?

Will you get Canada Study Visa on IELTS scores 5.5?

27 November 2021 landmark
27 November 2021 landmark

If you want to get admission with an IELTS score of 5.5 then, First, you should consider the school you’re going to apply to.

5.5 Academic IELTS scores don’t typically get accepted by many universities.

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Many colleges and universities will give you conditional admission if you pass some English courses and tests during the admissions process.

This type of admission also leads you to a risk when you will apply for a work permit. If you do have not fluency in your English then might be possible that you will face various issues in your further studies.

What is the situation right now?

At this time, for those students who are about to apply in Canada, it is very necessary to choose your location, course wisely to get a student visa.

Always try to apply with 6+ bands as your IELTS Scores, choose Govt. College and choose that location that has a high success visa rate ratio and choose that course which is related to your previous studied course.

Write your statement of purpose wisely, choose that consultant who personally put interest in your purpose of the statement.

During Covid, Students become more aware and they know that how to lodge files when medical updating is done and these questions can only be answered by a genuine consultant.

Now May intake is in its highest peak and in some colleges also starts September 2022 intake,

So those students who are about to move to their favorite college just make sure that the seats and the intakes are available in those colleges or not.

January intake is already filled, seats are not available right now and if we only talk about landmark immigration then it is very difficult for us to send students in January intake, we need to fill Visa, fees, and GIC filling, we have no time to lodge file and get a biometric date.

So we want to suggest those students who have good IELTS Scores, choose May intake and September intake now. There are so many colleges that are not open for May intake but they are directly open for September intake. So don’t wait for so long.

We don’t suggest students go for January intake, we suggest you go with March intake April intake, May intake, September intake, and October intake. We can give you seats in all these intakes.

Students Fear: –

Students having good IELTS scores but still have a fear in their minds before applying for September intakes that we should not apply that much before because they have the fear of Covid and flight restrictions, so they want to apply before only 2 or 3 months but we want to say one thing that now there is a shortage of seats and because of the pandemic situation becomes severe and recently ICCRC commented that they will delay on the lodge files, so you can’t Question  ICCRC that When we will get a result and Why biometric dates are not coming on time?

So let’s assume you are filling for September intake in July but here what if this process delays your file so to get admission security it is necessary to lodge a file at least before 1 year to be in a win-win situation.

So please don’t wait for so long, consult land immigration now and apply your offer letter on a priority basis. We don’t want you to comprise with your desired college.

For security, purpose opt. for Govt. College and get rid of all the fears.

Scholarship Program

Landmark Immigration also provides Scholarships for the betterment of students’ future. On the basis of assessment, we can tell you the exact amount that you are eligible for how much scholarship. Here you will get the opportunity to go to other countries for higher education without cutting your pocket.

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