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How to apply for Australia Student Visa?

How to apply for Australia Student Visa?

7 December 2021
How to apply for Australia Student Visa?
7 December 2021

Among the top destinations for overseas students in Australia and 8 of Australia’s universities are among the top 100 in the world, this thing is enough to understand that why getting an Australia Student Visa is a dream of so many Indian students. and there are also amazing learning environments to be found here.

Interested in studying in Australia? Our Australia Student Visa application packages have the highest chances of success. Since we are knowledgeable in Australia’s immigration processes, we will be able to guide you through its complex procedures. We help students find the right college and course in Australia that will put them on the path to success.

To Know everything in detail, watch our video.

Whenever a student decided to go to another country the first thing he wanted to do is to apply for a visa but this question and desire is incomplete, the student should ask their consultant to successfully apply for their visa so that he can save himself for their refusals.

Landmark immigration is going to hold seminars for the students where they will going to get the chance of direct interaction with the college representatives.

We also gave them a brief knowledge about the scholarship program so that they can clear all their doubts regarding our scholarship Program.

Some students are not clear that Are they eligible for the offer letter or not?

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Our first recommendation to those students who are willing to go outside India is that they should know all the procedures step by step. In the case of ambiguity, the students become the victim of deception, that shouldn’t happen.


If you want to apply for May intake or September intake, then this is the correct time to apply. Entry requirements are the same in the case of Australia and the best field to study in Australia is Information Technology and Health Sector but if you are looking for a bachelor’s and another diploma then you should be more alert because in those cases getting Visa is a little bit different.


Some universities want recent pass outs to fill their seats and somewhere 10 to 12 years gap is acceptable but here we want to suggest that gap is not possible in the case of Australia, if you are 2020 pass out then only you should apply for Australia Visa but if you have justifies proves of your experience ex – Salary slip. Appointment Letter etc, then there is a chance of getting a Visa from Australia.


Applying for your visa is the next step. Please include the following documents with your visa application.

  • Certificate of Enrolment (eCoE)
  • Statement of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • You must have the financial resources to fund your studies (a return airfare, tuition fees, and AU$18,610 per year)
  • The results of your English proficiency test
  • The results of your insurance coverage approved by the Australian government
  •  Criminal history check


You must meet all eligibility requirements before you submit your visa application. Visas are usually processed within four weeks. Visa applications must be submitted 124 days before your course begins, and you can travel to the country 90 days in advance of the start of your program.

Families can apply for a Subclass 500 visa as well if they have dependents. It is mandatory to declare your dependents in your visa application even if they won’t be able to accompany you immediately. If you fail to do so, their visa may not be approved.


You must take an English language proficiency test if English is not your native language. When you apply for the visa, you need to take the IELTS test and keep the results of the test handy.


There are various deadlines for applying to Australian universities. However, the following deadlines are generally applicable:

Intake 1: Semester 1 – This intake begins in February and is the largest intake of students.

Intake 2: Semester 2 – This intake begins in July.


Students in Australia need to apply for the Subclass 500 visa.

Student visas are only available for full-time study of a registered course or part of it.

Australian student visa has a maximum validity of five years.

CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) is a registry for overseas students who wish to pursue a course.

This is the brief information about the Australia Student Visa, if you still feel that something is not clear talk to our experts now.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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