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Immigration to Singapore : A Destination for Foreigners to Settle!

Immigration to Singapore : A Destination for Foreigners to Settle!

1 January 2022 Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia
Immigration to Singapore : A Destination for Foreigners to Settle!
1 January 2022 Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia

Singapore is a very popular destination amongst foreign companies and entrepreneurs and their employees. Many Singapore immigration consultants have helped various organizations and their employees and workers to establish strong roots in Singapore.

Singapore is a very attractive destination for immigrants since it offers them a good quality of life. Quality of life is generally used as a measure of how one feels good about their life.  There are a lot of factors that an immigrant needs to consider when they measure the quality of life in a particular country. You need to evaluate spiritual, psychological, political, social, economic, physical, and mental well-being. Singapore has emerged to be one of the best places to live globally, based on their high quality of life measurement.

When you are considering immigration to Singapore, the factors that you need to consider are:


  • The social and political environment
  • Socio-cultural environment
  • Schools and education
  • Economic environment
  • Public services and transportation
  • Health and sanitation
  • Natural environment
  • Recreation
  • Housing
  • Consumer goods

Social and Political Environment

Singapore is widely known for offering its immigrants a stable political climate. The main goal of the Singapore government has always been to ensure prosperity and survival in this nation. This generally means that they need to make some wise decisions that are always in the interest of their nation. The Singapore government believes that by adopting a proactive and by thinking about the future, they will be able to offer attractive opportunities for immigration to Singapore.



Economic Environment

Singapore is proud to be able to boast a corruption-free, competitive, and open business environment for its citizens while offering options for immigration to Singapore. Singapore has been diversifying its economy and today it is a popular research and development (R&D) hub, banking and finance center, bio-medical hub, and healthcare destination. Nowadays, Singapore is completely an economy based on the knowledge that focuses itself on attracting multinational investments. The open trade policies of Singapore, and the social stability it offers is quite attractive to people who want to opt for immigration in Singapore. Singapore offers international communication links and world-class infrastructure to its citizens as per Singapore immigration consultants. 

Singapore has recently been ranked first all-around Asia and it is the eighth country globally in terms of personal safety ranking. These impressive rankings ensure free personal safety and security for all immigrants and their families that have made Singapore attractive has made Singapore a popular destination for immigration throughout the world. Immigrants continue to mention safety as probably one of the most appealing features of going for immigration in Singapore.



The population in Singapore essentially enjoys some of the best standards of nutrition and health in Asia. Singapore is even known for its technological advancements, world-class health infrastructure in the healthcare industry, and its specialists and expert doctors. The healthcare environment in Singapore is efficient, clean, and safe. Singapore has recently assumed a public-private partnership in the healthcare industry. Paramount to the healthcare system is Singapore’s ‘Medisave’, in which each working resident needs to make compulsory monthly assistance. Immigrants to Singapore can even use this amount as a payment that can be used to pay for medical expenses.



The Singapore government plays its role well in providing affordable, good, health-care and supported medical services to the underprivileged, needy, at clinics and public hospitals. Apart from some registered pharmacies, and pharmaceuticals that are easily available around the country in departmental stores, shopping centers, and super-markets. All facilities provided by Singapore are completely safe for consumption and all services provided by the government are of a very high standard which is why most Singapore immigration consultants advise people to avail themselves of the most services they can. All medical practitioners and other specialists are completely registered with appropriate bodies.

 The Singapore government encourages its immigrants to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle along with healthy hygiene and cleanliness standards are incorporated in its system. The Singapore government takes steps to take vital steps in containing the spread of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, or even COVID-19.


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Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia

Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia is a co-founder of Landmark Immigration Consultants and has been serving on their board since 2007. In addition to being an education consultant, he is a Canada Course for Education Agents consulting professional graduate and a USATC graduate.

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