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Disclaimer:- The application approval for Study Permit, Post Graduation Work Permit, Permanent Residence or any kind of visa is sole discretion of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship of Canada as per their rules and regulations. Also, for other countries, final visa approval and refusal depends upon the high commission of each country.  9

Your Ultimate Guide to the International Experience Canada

Your Ultimate Guide to the International Experience Canada

15 February 2022
Your Ultimate Guide to the International Experience Canada
15 February 2022

The International Experience Canada or IEC refers to a set of programs to help youth from the participating nations to work and travel across Canada. It offers three work programs namely working holiday visa, young professionals, and international co-op internships.

While this lets you work and travel at the same time in Canada, it is a temporary permit with the validity of one year. Besides, IEC-approved candidates can opt for a Canadian work permit without having to go through LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Who is Eligible for IEC Participation?

First of all, make sure your age is no more than 35, as well as your country, is listed by Canada under the IEC program.

Listed Countries Under IEC Participation Program by Canada
Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Costa Rica
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany
Greece Hong Kong Ireland Italy Japan Korea (Rep.)
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Poland Portugal San Marino Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Ukraine UK


India is Not Listed under IEC Program. What to Do in this Case?

India is not an approved nation by Canada for its IEC program. Don’t lose your heart. You can apply for the IEC using IEC Recognized Organizations or RO such as AIESEC Canada, and the University of British Columbia.

Here is a list of such IEC Recognized Organizations or RO which can be used to get access to the IEC if your country is not an IEC participant.


RO Eligibility Age Limit Eligible Nations
AIESEC Canada Youth aged 18 to 30 ·         IEC countries/territories

·         Brazil

·         India

International Rural Exchange (IRE) Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only
University of New Brunswick Youth aged 18 to 30 IEC countries/territories only
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only
University of British Columbia Youth aged 18 to 35 ·         IEC countries/territories

·         Brazil

·         China

·         Iceland

·         India

·         Pakistan

·         Singapore

·         the U.S.

Stepwest Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) Youth aged 18 to 35 ·         IEC countries

·         other IAESTE country partners

GO International Youth aged 18 to 35 ·         IEC countries/territories

·         the U.S.

SWAP Working Holidays Youth aged 18 to 35 ·         IEC countries/territories

·         the U.S.

Why the RO or Recognized Organization is Important?

You must have understood the RO can help you access the IEC if you are from India or other nations which are not verified by the IEC. However, make sure to research thoroughly about the

ROs and choose the one that meets your objectives. An RO will help you with:

  • Exposing you to the Canadian Languages and Cultures
  • Letting you know the laws and taxes involved
  • Helping you find work in Canada
  • Helping you with transportation
  • Giving you advice and support

What are Important Programs Offered by the IEC?

Work Holiday Program:

This program is recommended to the candidates who look for freedom to work for any employer during their visit to Canada. Shortlisted applicants for the Working Holiday Program are given an open work permit.

An Open Canada work permit lets you work with any employer and at any location across Canada.

Some of the key highlights of this program are:

  • You are chosen even without any job offers in Canada
  • You can work while traveling
  • You can choose your employer and work location

Young Professionals:

Young Professionals is ideal for those who are looking for a job opportunity. This program lets you gain work experience in Canada. To become eligible for this program, you should have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Selected candidates for this program are awarded an employer-specific work permit.

This program helps you…

  • Look for a stable job offer from one employer at a specific location in Canada
  • Seek a job with payment
  • Land a job offer from a Canadian employer that can increase your professional experience in the long run, and add to a successful career.

International Co-Op:

This program is specifically dedicated to students chosen for post-secondary education in any Canadian institution. International students can complete their eligibility for post-secondary education by opting for an internship or work placement in Canada. The chosen candidates are then awarded an employer-specific work permit.

This program is beneficial for…

  • Students being registered for a post-secondary degree course in any Canadian institution
  • Candidates who job offers for placement or internship opportunities in Canada
  • Students looking for work or internship opportunities to complete their studies
  • Applicants looking to work for a stable employer and at a specific location during their stay in Canada.

Understanding the Application Process for IEC

It is important to understand the correct application process for IEC. You as an IEC candidate should be aware of documents, permits, and other things required for IEC.

Keeping this in mind, here are some important steps to follow.

Here are the important steps to follow to apply for IEC:

  • Create an IEC profile on the IEC website once you find out that your nation is listed under the IEF. Your account will be added to the list of IEC candidates.
  • If you are selected through random draws, you will get an “Invitation to Apply”. Make sure to check the program and quotas availability in your nation; both of these factors vary from nation to nation. The quotas available in your nation can play an important role in your selection.
  • You will have 10 days to accept your “Invitation to Apply”. Once accepted, you will get a twenty days grant to submit your online application for a Canada work permit visa. If the invitation is accepted, your application will be added back to the list of IEC applicants for participation in future draws.
  • Submit your Canada work permit visa application through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.


The Bottom Line:

Over the years, Canada has opened the routes to new opportunities related to education, employment, and travel. International Experience Canada is one such route that helps you with flexible work and travel experiences.

However, this program is NOT AVAILABLE for Indian citizens as India is not listed under the IEC by Canada to date. Indian residents can apply through the RO or Recognized Organization for this program.

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