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Your Ultimate Guide to Germany Job Seeker Visa

Your Ultimate Guide to Germany Job Seeker Visa

2 February 2022
Your Ultimate Guide to Germany Job Seeker Visa
2 February 2022

Think of Germany and you will be appreciating its marvelous architecture, vibrant culture, science and technology, and free education. That’s why the nation is a top choice for skilled migrants for study and work across the world. Nearly 21.9 million migrants are living in Germany.

The current unemployment rate in Germany is nearly 5.8%, indicating a strong recovery from the COVID pandemic. There is a stable growth in opportunities across industries, encouraging skilled professionals from all streams to work in Germany.

Germany is one of the few nations that have introduced a dedicated program to let people find a job while they stay in the country. As the name suggests, this visa is designed for people who want to seek a job during their stay in Germany.

Here we will know the important things about Germany job seeker visa, including definition, process, cost, and eligibility.


What is Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Germany’s Job Seeker Visa has been introduced by the German government to invite qualified, skilled immigrants to enter the nation, find a job and settle to work for a long term. This visa lets you stay in the nation for six months and look for a job.

If you manage to find a job within those six months, you will be given a German work visa or a German work permit to let you live and work there.

In other words, you can say that you can look for a job in Germany while visiting the nation.


What is the Total Expense Involved in Getting a Job Seeker for Germany?

Applying for a visa can cost you nearly 6,200 INR while the documentation verification fee will be INR 30,000.


What is the Processing Time to Germany Job Seeker Visa?

The processing time for Germany’s job seeker visa is nearly 4-6 months. But it all depends on how quick you are in submitting all the documents required for the process.


What is the Eligibility to Apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

There are several points you need to meet to be eligible to apply for the Germany job seeker visa such as:

  • Holding a Bachelor/Master’s Degree from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your related field of study.
  • Showing proof that you have enough funds to cover your stay in Germany.
  • Having travel or medical insurance for the entire stay in Germany or unless you get your work permit.


What are the Documents Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Make sure to have an appropriate set of documents that will be attached to your application. Here is your checklist of documents required for a German job seeker visa:

  • A valid passport
  • A copy of the passport’s data page
  • 3 passport photos based on biometrics data
  • A cover letter explaining your objecting of visit, how you look for a job, and alternative career plans in case you don’t find work.
  • Academic qualification proof
  • Work experience certificates
  • Your detailed CV or Bio-data
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany
  • Proof of financial means to cover the cost for the time you stay in Germany by showing a bank account statement.
  • Proof of personal statuses such as a Birth certificate or marriage certificate and others.
  • Proof of health insurance.


How to Apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Once you gather all the required documents, the next step is to fill out an application form provided by the German Embassy office for the job seeker visa. Once the form is submitted, you are called for an interview. Meanwhile, you will be asked to pay the fees for certain parts of the process. Your documents and background, application form, and interview will play an important role in whether you will be given the German job seeker visa.


What Questions are Likely to Be Asked for German Job Seeker Visa Interview?

The common questions asked during the German Job Seeker visa interview are…

  • Why do you want to work in Germany?
  • Do you have experience in the job you are looking to apply for in Germany?
  • Will you return to your nation in 2 or 3 years?
  • Do you have anyone staying in Germany?
  • Do you have sufficient funds to support your 6-month stay without working in Germany?
  • Why did you pursue this course?


Can the German Job Seeker Be Extended?

No. The German job seeker visa cannot be extended. This means if you are not able to find a job during those six months allowed under this visa, you will have to return to your home nation. If you find a job during this stipulated time, the next step is to apply for a working visa/residence permit.

However, Germany lets you re-apply for this visa under the same process.

Also, keep in mind that you are not allowed to do a job with a job seeker visa. This visa only allows you to find a job, hence the name. Once you found a job in Germany, apply for a residence permit for employment.


What is the Success Rate of Finding a Job through German Job Seeker Visa?

With the 3.8 % unemployment rate prevailing in Germany along with opportunities for skilled workers, you have good chances to find a job even within six months. To increase your chances of getting a German job seeker visa, learn the German language, especially if you are looking to work in the field of engineering. Besides, take professional help while preparing your resume and descriptive cover letter.


Let Us Help You Get Germany Job Seeker Visa!

Immigration laws are highly dynamic, and despite being immigration friendly, Germany is known for its strict laws for migrants.

That’s why it is important to consult a professional immigration firm that can help you with documents, process, and prepare you for the visa application interviews. And if you are looking for the same, look no further than Landmark Immigration. Our immigration specialists have helped many professionals get visas for Germany.

Get your application process started today with Landmark. Get in touch now!

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