Why Study in Germany from India? Key Reasons!

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Why You Should Study in Germany from India?

Why You Should Study in Germany from India?

31 October 2022
Why You Should Study in Germany from India?
31 October 2022

Each year, thousands of Indian students decide to gain an education in a foreign country at world-class colleges and universities to maximize their career opportunities. Even though there are a lot of different options available, Indian students have a preference for Germany due to its quality and affordable education.

Many countries are stepping forward in terms of their global university amenities, infrastructure, and rankings. However, Germany surpasses them across multiple disciplines. Let us look at some of the top reasons to study in Germany from India:

Advantages of studying in Germany from India

Here are some of the advantages of studying in Germany from India:

Gain internationally recognized degrees

German universities and colleges are known to provide their graduates with internationally recognized degrees under the Bologna reform. All universities in Germany fall under this reform. This reform was made to ensure that students in Germany are treated equally in terms of their PhD, postgraduate, and undergraduate education.

Public universities in Germany do not charge a tuition fee

The state specifically funds higher education in all public universities in Germany, and hence you can avail of free education as an international or domestic student. The higher education system in Germany has approximately 400+ institutions and universities that host, on average, 2.5 million students throughout various colleges in Germany.

These public universities get further divided into “tuition-free” public institutions across Germany with numerous international student populations. In the past few years, the country has been considering stumbling toward prohibiting tuition fees throughout the entire nation.

Germany has a low cost of living

Apart from no tuition fees, Germany also has a much lower cost of living as compared to other countries in Europe. As per recent research conducted on the cost of living, German cities occupy the bottom 100 of the most expensive cities in the world.

Germany has numerous scholarship facilities available for international students

One important benefit that attracts international students, and particularly Indians, to Germany, is the vast number of world-renowned scholarships available to international students who can get them in a hassle-free and easy manner. Diverse disciplines via various government, religious, and political organizations prefer to offer scholarships in Germany as it is their top favourite country.

Work while you study in Germany

Unlike a lot of other countries, international students living in Germany are permitted to work for either 180 half-working days or 90 full working days. If you study in Germany, working part or full-time is a great way to get some financial stability and learn from your experiences.

Gain more excellent prospects after graduation

As international students graduate from German colleges and universities, they are offered plenty of job opportunities, and these prospects can unfold in numerous ways. German universities and colleges are positively recognized. Hence graduate nominees will enjoy a high employability rate globally as compared to students who are studying in other countries.

Learn in a multicultural society

Germans are among one of the most modern, open-minded, and welcoming communities globally. They have always ensured that Germany has a place for all nationalities. The country is widely known as one of the most accommodative nations in the world traditionally. Germans like to live in peace with foreigners, particularly in places where people gather, such as education, tourism, and workspaces.


Indeed, Germany is a preferred educational hub for Indian students in terms of their higher education aspirations. Each year, German universities have been quite consistently at the top of the global rankings in various disciplines and industries. As an international student, Germany is one of the top countries to live and study, which you definitely should consider when you are making your decision.

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