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What is the Average Canadian Salary for Migrants?

What is the Average Canadian Salary for Migrants?

14 December 2021
What is the Average Canadian Salary for Migrants?
14 December 2021

Canada has always been a popular option for those looking for a better quality of life, social security, and economic stability. The nation has also been welcoming towards immigrants and letting them work, earn decent Canadian salary and study there.

If you are looking to work in Canada and wonder how much you can earn, here is a breakdown of salary in Canada by province and occupation.

Minimum Wage By Province:

First of all, the average income in Canada varies based on the province you live in.

  • Alberta: Canadian $ 15 per hour
  • British Columbia: Canadian $ 15.20 per hour
  • Prince Edward Island: C $ 13 per hour
  • Manitoba: 11.90 Canadian dollars per hour
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Canadian $ 12.50 per hour
  • New Brunswick: C $ 11.75 per hour
  • Nova Scotia: 12.95 Canadian dollars per hour
  • Nunavut: Canadian $ 16 per hour
  • Ontario: C $ 14.35 per hour
  • Quebec: C $ 13.50 per hour
  • Saskatchewan: 11.81 Canadian dollars per hour
  • Northwest Territories: Canadian $ 15.20 per hour
  • Yukon: 15.20 Canadian dollars per hour

Salaries are Also Varied By Profession:

Your salary is also determined by the profession you choose in Canada. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada.


Whether it is construction, systems building, or another engineering field, this profession promises one of the best salary packages in Canada. In addition, due to the growing boom in recent years, vacancies have increased more and more.

How much does an Engineer make in Canada? Well, depending on some factors, they could earn up to $ 36 every hour. And if we take into account an 8-hour schedule, it would come to about $ 100,000 a year.

Civil engineering indeed pays a little less, about $ 70,000 a year approximately. But it is still twice the average salary, an amount that no doubt anyone would like to have.

Human Resources Management:

A great opportunity in Canada for those with a degree in the field of human resource management. It offers a very attractive salary. Especially if we compare it with that of other countries.

How Much Does a Human Resources Manager make in Canada? About $ 4,500 a month. That means you will be making $ 54,000 a year.


Accountants in Canada earn just over $ 40,000 a year. So once you have a degree and some experience in this field, it is a very good option to move to Canada and work in this profession.

Other Jobs:

  • Aircraft pilot: You could earn between $ 70,000 and $ 100,000 each year.
  • Psychologist: In addition to being a highly demanded profession, a professional psychologist could earn just over $ 100,000 in one year.
  • Business advisor: At about $ 70,000 a year, it is one of the most sought-after jobs in the entire country, although it is also one of the most demanding.

Our Suggestion:

If you looking for a job in Canada, you will have more options to find it and receive a better salary if you decide to settle in one of the four cities with the highest economic growth in Canada: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal.

And of course, to find a good job you must have a valid work permit.

So your potential employers will have no doubts when hiring you, and in the future they may want to collaborate with the renewal of your work permit, offering you a job offer so that you can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Canada is full of job opportunities, especially for those who speak English and French well.

And as is often the case in most countries, the more you specialize, the better the job opportunities and salaries you can access.

Specifically, in Canada, the best-paid jobs go to people who:

  • Have a university degree or professional training.
  • Have been trained in specialized fields: computing, communication, and marketing, manufacturing, etc.

What About Students Looking to Work  Alongside Study?

Combining your studies with a part-time job in Canada is a very successful way to perfect your skills. And this in Canada, thanks to its healthy labor market, is very easy to achieve, since there are many job offers of this type. The part-time jobs with the most demand are those related to the services and hospitality sectors.

Although they are not the best-paying jobs, you will earn enough to fund your study and other expenses in Canada, and above all, they will be great for you to improve your skills and accumulate work experience! Still confused, Talk to us right now.

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