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What is it like to Study in Germany?

What is it like to Study in Germany?

30 June 2022
What is it like to Study in Germany?
30 June 2022

Germany is an excellent country that many students visit to study. Studying in Germany is a great option for international students. It offers exciting traditions and culture, many different job opportunities, and affordable education. Germany is among the top countries for international students to study in.

The universities and colleges in Germany are highly acclaimed worldwide and deliver quality education. Germany is also one of the most welcoming and friendly countries for international students. Let us look at how student life is in Germany:

The weather is quite pleasant

Living in Germany allows you to enjoy all seasons of the year. In Germany, you can enjoy warm summers while also enjoying the freezing cold winters. The fall and spring seasons create a comfortable balance between the two extremes. This allows you to enjoy various seasonal activities throughout the year.

Living expenses are affordable in Germany for international students

In Germany, international students need only spend around 853 EUR a month to sustain themselves comfortably. This amount is exceptionally low as compared to other countries. International students can also work part-time during their time in the country to support their expenses and education. To manage their expenses properly, many international students opt for flats located on the outskirts of cities or shared accommodation.

It is very easy for international students to get a part-time job in Germany

Germany allows international students to work for 240 half days or 120 full days in a year. Part-time jobs are also easy to find for international students. They could get jobs in research or teaching at their own universities, become English tutors, wait tables at restaurants or coffee shops or assist in industrial production. Most part-time jobs pay international students somewhere between 5 and 15 EUR per hour. You could also expect to earn more wages if you live in bigger cities.

Germany is very welcoming to international students

When you live and study in Germany, you can experience its incredible and rich culture. Germans, as a community, are pretty friendly. International students are also known to face fewer language barriers in Germany. Even though the official language of the country is German, most of the population is well-versed in English.

You can access numerous extracurricular activity options in Germany

Germany offers a myriad of extra curricular activity options for international students. The country also offers various student-friendly places for extracurricular activities. It also has excellent nightlife and offers students numerous recreational options to spend their time.

Germany is popular worldwide for its rich traditions and cultures, such as the October fest. This festival is celebrated each year, and people from around the globe come to Germany and attend it.

The German job market is one of the best globally

When you study and live in Germany, you automatically become eligible to be a member of the German job market. Germany houses some of the best companies globally in every possible industry. You can easily apply to the companies of your choice and secure an excellent job in Germany.

Germany offers an affordable healthcare system

Germany is known to have one of the finest healthcare systems globally. Health insurance is considered to be exceptionally important once you start living in Germany. International students can easily avail private and public health insurance at affordable costs.


Germany is an exceptionally suitable country where international students can obtain not only quality education for an affordable cost but also get the opportunity to grow personally. You can meet people from every country in the world and be more aware of their cultures and traditions.

Germany offers a good standard of living for international students with affordable education, very extensive public transport, public safety, and healthcare systems. The qualifications that you get from German colleges and universities will definitely put you in a very favorable position when you apply for any job.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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