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Topmost in-demand jobs in Manitoba province in 2022

Topmost in-demand jobs in Manitoba province in 2022

24 February 2022
Topmost in-demand jobs in Manitoba province in 2022
24 February 2022

Surrounded by bustling Ontario on the east and the beautiful Saskatchewan on the west, Manitoba has emerged to be the strongest economy in Canada. Said that the reason to migrate to Manitoba is also the financial stability it offers. Along with that, it is quite economical to live in this province. Also, there are several job opportunities for qualified skilled workers.

Take a look at the most in-demand jobs in Manitoba this year.

Information Technology  

Those actively searching for a job in Canada, know when it comes to the IT industry, Ontario stands strong. This province is the tech capital of Canada. However, there is a huge demand for IT professionals in Manitoba provinces and they can easily earn up to CAD 1, 00,000.  There are many opportunities such as data analyst, IT business analyst, IT project manager, software developer, digital media specialist, database analyst, and more.

The average hourly wage of a software professional in Manitoba ranges between CAD 23.00/hour and $57.69/hour. All you need is a graduation degree in computer science to be eligible for these jobs.

  • Web developers and designers could easily earn between CAD 24 to CAD 36 per hour.
  • Database analysts in Manitoba earn $20 to $57 per hour.
  • The median income of a software developer in Manitoba can range from CAD 36 to CAD 49 per hour.
  • Network engineers could easily earn between CAD 25 to CAD 57 per hour. 

Business sector

Compared to other sectors, business sectors offer the most opportunities. These include human resource managers. Administrative positions, accountants, insurance, financial brokerage managers, banking managers, financial auditors, public relations managers, advertising, and more.

  • Accountants, on average, earn approximately between CAD 43277 -$52666 per year.
  • Business Analysts earn about CAD 67,461 annually.
  • Banking managers, on average, earn CAD 96656 per year.
  • Financial auditors earn about CAD 34,974 annually.


Manufacturing sector

Manitoba’s stable economic growth is majorly due to the contribution of the manufacturing sector (about 10%).  Manufacturing sector jobs in Manitoba include the technology and the mainstream industries like Quality control inspector, Production Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Chief Quality Control Executive, Assembly Supervisor, Chief Manufacturing Executive, and more.

  • Production managers, on average, earn $57,774 annually.
  • Manufacturing engineers earn about CAD 65,791 per year.
  • Supplier quality engineers, on average, earn CAD 98,180 per year.

Health industry

The world during and after the pandemic has witnessed the medical and health industry advancing. Health care professionals are in demand all over the world. Manitoba province has a demand for medical professionals like pharmacists, physiotherapists, dental hygienists, dieticians, managers in the health care industry, medical laboratory and radiation technologists, occupational therapists, and more.

  • Dental hygienists in Manitoba earn about CAD 43 per hour.
  • Managers in the Health Care industry usually make between CAD 39/hour and CAD 47/ hour.
  • Pharmacists in Manitoba earn about $45.35/hour.
  • Medical laboratory technologist, on average, earns CAD 29.21 TO CAD 43 per hour.

Services sector

Another industry that is yet to make a huge impact in the employment sector is the service and sales sector. It is expected to create almost 28,000 new jobs in Manitoba province alone this year. Some of the most in-demand roles include financial sales representatives, corporate sales managers, technical sales specialists, managerial positions in personal and customer services, wholesale and retail managers, food service jobs (cooks, chefs, bakers, and supervisors)

  • Sales Managers in Manitoba earn about CAD 76294 per year.
  • Foodservice supervisors in Manitoba earn about CAD 38323 per year.
  • Financial sales representatives in Manitoba earn about CAD 37050 annually.
  • Sales Representatives in Manitoba earn about CAD 52875 per year.
  • Real Estate Agents in Manitoba earn about CAD 71423 annually.

All in all, the above industries sound promising when it comes to jobs in Manitoba.  Depending on your credentials and experience the average salary could vary. Still, you as a professional should apply through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Check your eligibility with experts at Landmark Immigration.

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