Study in the UK: Know About the September Intake 2023

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Study in the UK

September Intake to Study in the UK

September Intake to Study in the UK

3 May 2023 landmark
3 May 2023 landmark

The United Kingdom is home to the world’s top universities, renowned for their global reach. This is why the UK is one of the most popular choices for Indian students looking to receive world-class educational opportunities. The study at these institutions opens the doors to a wide range of possibilities for career advancement.

According to data from, over 3 million Indian students are planning to study in the United Kingdom in 2023. In addition, 75 scholarships have been granted by the British government to Indian students in the UK. Furthermore, these scholarships are completely paid for. However, have you ever wondered why most students attend this time of year to pursue their studies in the UK?

This blog will discuss the most important details regarding September’s Intake for students to pursue their studies in the UK.

Intakes Available to Study in the UK

Accessibility of scholarships and the type of course chosen are the two main factors when deciding on the intake. You can choose from three different intakes when applying to the UK University. The three intakes are three intakes: November, January, and May.

Here is a summary of the intakes:

IntakesIntake DurationApplication Commencement
SeptemberSeptember to DecemberDecember-July
JanuaryJanuary to AprilSeptember-November
MayMay to AugustOctober-November

September intake, also called fall intake, is the most popular. A majority of more than 80 per cent of UK hopefuls choose this intake because of the advantages it offers.

Why do Students Prefer September Intake to Study in the UK?

Wide Range of Courses Available:

If you apply for admission in September, you will have access to various courses, and both postgraduate and undergraduate programs are readily available to students. They have many options to select one that aligns with their interests.

Active Participation of all Universities:

Nearly all the institutions in the UK take part in the September Intake, and they welcome students from various classes. This makes it simpler for students to pick and choose between various options.

The availability of Russell Group Universities

Russell Group comprises 24 internationally ranked universities and is research-oriented. The chance of being admitted to Russell Group Universities is limited to the intake in September.

Ideal for Recent Graduates

This intake is an ideal option for those who have recently finished their last year’s graduation. The reason is the mark sheets and other certificates will be made available by either June or July, and they can effortlessly enroll in the September intake.

The inaccessibility of the courses in different intakes

Often, the program or the university you would like to enroll at is not accessible for either the January or May intake. For a more secure part, the admissions for September are the most suitable option.

How to Apply?

Plan a session with counselors

Get started by organizing a session with a qualified counselor who can aid in the search for and narrowing down the best university or program that fits the applicant’s profile.

Acquire details about requirements

Check out the official website of your university. Go through the university’s website, check out the admission requirements, deadlines, tuition cost, etc., of the particular program/university, and follow the steps per your needs.

Prepare tests and distribute them to students.

Following your course’s guidelines, begin preparing and taking the required standardized tests like GRE, IELTS, GMAT, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.

Draft SOP, essays, and drafts

Be sure to prepare your statement of intention and additional essays since they are crucial in choosing profiles.

Submit application

Input in application forms to the admissions department of the institution you’ve been shortlisted for by providing the highlights of your strengths as well as other accomplishments

Respond to letters of acceptance

Check for an email from the school and reply once these are received.

Make the deposit, which is non-refundable, for confirmation of admission.

Apply for scholarships/financial aid

Apply for and search for scholarships or financial aid if the school offers

Request a loan for students If you are required

Work Visa

Begin to fill out the forms to obtain a student visa. Book flight tickets once you receive them.

Prepare for your finances in foreign countries

Find an international debit or credit card.

Prepare documents before traveling

Be sure to bring the original and copies of the documents required before departing.

Eligibility and Requirements for September Intake

To apply for a degree in the UK, International students are legally required to present documents that meet the criteria of the institution they decide to apply to. But, there are certain documents that every student has to provide for consideration, including:



*Academic Transcripts

*Certificate of Graduation

*Certificate of English Proficiency

*Statement of Purpose

*Letter of Recommendation

*CV (if applicable)


*Certificate of Graduation/ Bachelor’s Degree

PhD/ Research

*Certificate of Graduation/ Master’s Degree

*Research Proposal

Deadline of September Intake to Study in the UK

For September 2023 intake in the UK, the UCAS equal consideration deadline is 26 January 2023 and the UCAS submission deadline is 30 June 2023. 28 September 2023 is the final deadline for the UK September intake.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, September intake is the most opportune moment to apply for a study permit in the UK. This blog has presented complete information on the September intake for studying in the UK.

If you plan to apply for September’s intake, visit Landmark Immigration. Our expert team is proficient and can guide you in the proper direction.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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