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Ontario: Fastest Growing job sectors in Canada

Ontario: Fastest Growing job sectors in Canada

25 December 2021
Ontario: Fastest Growing job sectors in Canada
25 December 2021

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada. And each province and territory has its own unique characteristics and culture and looks for newcomers who can fulfill their needs. One of those ten provinces is Ontario. Ontario has so many growing job sectors in Canada and is often preferred by thousands of newcomers who want to settle in Canada.

Dubbed as the most popular destination for newcomers in Canada, Ontario is home to over 13,650,000 people. Apart from being the most populous Canadian province, it is the second-largest province in Canada in terms of land.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario while the popular landmarks are CN Tower and Toronto Island. It is worth mentioning that Toronto is a key financial center and seat of the stock exchange in Canada. Ontario is also popular for its natural diversity such as vast forests, parks, lakes, and Niagara Falls.

Being One of the Highest Paying Cities in Canada:

According to several reports, Ontario has one of the fastest-growing job sectors in Canada and here you can earn the highest salaries in Canada and  It ranks on the second spot with an average annual income of $ 62,700 of the highest paying Canadian cities. Moreover, it has created over 150,000 new jobs. Last but not least– it always welcomes the immigrating workers to fill vacancies in highly sought-after occupations. As one of the most developed provinces, working in Ontario means you can achieve a well-balanced work-life. It is the land of opportunities in Canada.

Having a Robust Healthcare System:

Canada boasts one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. However, it is important to know that each Canadian province has its own version of a free healthcare system.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) includes all your medically necessary healthcare with additional advantages not available in the same for other provinces like giving free prescription medicine to adults. Also, it houses some of the best medical centers and staff in the nation.

Ontario also boasts some of the best medical centers and staff in the country – meaning you and your family will be in the care of trusted professionals.

Having the Best Public Transportation System:

Toronto is counted among the best Canadian cities for public transportation. Nearly one-third of people in Ontario use public transit.

Being Ideal for Business:

Ontario is equipped with everything you need to start, grow and operate a successful company. The province is the home of the largest population of skilled and qualified people with over 60% of adults completing post-secondary education that’s why it has one of the fastest-growing job sectors in Canada and the most desirable place for those who want to settle down in Canada.

The University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo provide the largest number of graduates from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This way, companies have access to highly qualified international workers through the easy provincial immigration programs and other initiatives.

What’s more, businesses can be benefitted from competitive corporate taxes, utility, and manufacturing costs as well as an efficient banking system.

Having the Vibrant Culture:

You might not miss your community while living in Ontario. Thanks to its multicultural environment filled with expatriates. For example, the majority of Indians settle in the various regions of Ontario with Toronto representing nearly 51% of the entire Indian Canadian community. That’s why you are hard to miss your community over there.

How to Live and Work in Ontario?

Canada has more than 100 immigration and visa programs for immigrants. A few of these programs belong to Ontario and are known as Ontario Provincial Nomination Programs. You can be allowed to live and work in Ontario if you get a provincial nomination and an approved application for PR by the federal government.

If you are still confused and not able to make up your mind, let an experienced consultant like Landmark help you. We are backed by experience and expertise to help you choose the right way to immigrate to Ontario.

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