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Moving to Canada as a Civil Engineer

Moving to Canada as a Civil Engineer

Moving to Canada as a Civil Engineer

12 December 2023
Moving to Canada as a Civil Engineer
12 December 2023

Are you a skilled civil engineer looking for lucrative job opportunities?

What about moving to Canada?

Canada is developing more cities and infrastructure. The nation is also improving remote communities. More civil engineers are needed for various projects in both public and private sectors, like building coastal installations, designing steel structures, and creating rapid transit facilities.

The demand for experienced civil engineers is particularly more in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, with thousands of civil engineering positions to be filled shortly.

From 2022 to 2031, Canada plans to have about 26,100 new jobs for civil engineers. This growing job market isn’t just for Canadians – it’s also welcoming skilled engineers from other countries to join and help make Canada’s engineering field even better.

Every year, many foreign engineers move to Canada, and about 12 per cent of them are licensed engineers from India.

The key takeaway is that Canada needs more civil engineers, so there are lots of job chances with great salary packages.

If you want a better job and are thinking about moving, now is a good time. Here, we’ll learn about what you need, how you can move, and the steps to get a Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada as a civil engineer.

Let’s get started.

Understanding the Canada’s PR Requirements for Civil Engineers

  1. Education:

Getting a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related field is a must. Having a master’s or doctorate in a relevant engineering area is helpful. Getting a license from a local engineering association is necessary. This allows you to work with engineering drawings and reports and become a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).

  1. Work Experience:

Finishing a recognized educational program is a requirement. You need 3 to 4 years of supervised work experience in engineering. Passing a professional practice exam is a must. You might also need a Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

  1. Language Proficiency:

Being good at either English or French is really important for Canada’s PR Visa. You have to pass language tests like IELTS or CELPIP for English, and TEF for French, to show your language skills.

  1. Settlement Funds:

You need to prove you have enough money to support yourself and your family when you first come to Canada. Show that you can cover your living costs until you find a job.


Key Immigration Pathways for Canada PR for Civil Engineers

Express Entry System:

The main route for Indian civil engineers is the Express Entry system. Your eligibility is figured out based on things like your age, education, work experience, language skills, and adaptability. To start, you need a score of 67 out of 100 points in the FSW grid assessment to make an online profile. Then, your profile is ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). In regular draws, the people with the highest scores get invited by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to apply for permanent residency.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

A lot of Canadian provinces have special immigration programs specifically for skilled workers, including civil engineers. First, you apply to a specific province or territory’s PNP stream to get a nomination. This nomination significantly boosts your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency.

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Top Places for Civil Engineering Jobs in Canada

Being a civil engineer opens up lots of job opportunities across the country. Places like Alberta and British Columbia really need experienced civil engineers. Ontario and Quebec are like the industrial hubs of Canada. There’s also demand for civil engineers in cities like Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Mississauga, and Windsor.

What is the Average Pay for Civil Engineers in Canada?

In Canada, the average pay for Civil Engineers is $60,000 annually or $30.77 per hour for those paid on an hourly basis. For those just starting their careers in entry-level positions, the initial salary is around $37,050 per year. However, as civil engineers gain experience and expertise, their earning potential significantly increases. Seasoned professionals in the field can earn up to $102,000 per year.

Some Common Job Titles for Civil Engineers in Canada

Whether you specialise in environment considerations, transportation systems, or construction projects, Canada boasts a rich landscape for civil engineers to make a positive impact on the nation’s progress.

  1. Civil Engineer:

The foundational role involves designing, planning, and overseeing construction projects.

  1. Geomatics Engineer:

Specializing in spatial information, geomatics engineers focus on collecting and interpreting geographic data.

  1. Transportation Engineer:

Tasked with developing efficient and safe transportation systems, including roads and highways.

  1. Hydraulics Engineer:

Experts in fluid mechanics, and hydraulics engineers design systems related to water flow.

  1. Surveying Engineer:

Utilizing advanced surveying techniques, these engineers gather precise measurements for projects.

  1. Geodetic Engineer:

Focused on mapping the Earth’s surface and understanding its shape and gravitational field.

  1. Construction Projects Engineer:

Overseeing various aspects of construction projects, ensuring they adhere to specifications.

  1. Environmental Engineer:

Dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, these engineers work on sustainable solutions.

  1. Highway Engineer:

Specializing in the design and maintenance of highways, ensuring optimal functionality.

  1. Public Works Engineer:

Responsible for public infrastructure projects, from water supply to waste management.

  1. Traffic Engineer:

Focused on designing efficient traffic flow and managing transportation systems.

  1. Water Management Engineer:

Addressing water-related challenges, from supply to treatment and distribution.

  1. Municipal Engineer:

Involved in planning and managing municipal infrastructure projects.

  1. Construction Engineer:

Ensuring construction projects meet quality standards and are completed within deadlines.

  1. Bridge Engineer:

Specializing in the design and maintenance of bridges for safe transportation.

  1. Sanitation Engineer:

Focused on waste management and sanitation solutions.

  1. Structural Engineer:

Tasked with designing structures to withstand various environmental forces.

Understanding When a Civil Engineer Can Apply for PR in Canada

After working in Canada for 5 years, you can choose to apply for permanent residency.

The Bottom Line:

There are plenty of job opportunities for civil engineers looking to earn handsome salary packages in Canada. The country even ensures one of the best entry-level packages in the civil engineering industry.

We, as one of the most reliable and efficient immigration experts in India, can help you navigate the complex process such as paperwork, travel and other things when it comes to moving to Canada.

Feel free to talk to us to explore different ways to move to Canada, choose the right visa, and discover more about your career prospects in the country.

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