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Most Popular Courses in France: A Student Guide

Most Popular Courses in France: A Student Guide

10 January 2022 Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia
Most Popular Courses in France: A Student Guide
10 January 2022 Mr. Jasmeet Bhatia

France is known for its world-class education system, making it an attractive study destination for international students. No wonder why the country hosts over 250,000 international students. In most universities across the nation, international students make up 10% of the total enrollments. There are over 80 public colleges in France that offer one of the best and most popular Courses in France. They also provide the best research facilities, efficient infrastructure, and better employment opportunities.

So referring to the title, here we have rounded up some popular courses in France. These courses also reflect the industries in which France excels. Whether you are looking for a business management course or hone your fashion designing skills, France awaits you with some of the best courses in the world.


With an ever-flourishing economy, France is one of the top destinations to study business and management in the world. Management courses are one of the most popular courses in France

One can earn qualifications in various fields such as project management, entrepreneurship, strategic management, and general management. Some of its colleges are ranked among the top management institutions in Europe. In fact, education in business and management is one of the highlights of the higher education system of France.

A master’s management from a reputed French university is recognized around the world.

Some of the best business schools in France are…


Did you know that France has the highest number of engineering graduates in the European Union, ahead of the UK and Germany?

Every year, the country produces highly educated engineers who work in a wide range of sectors, from tech to aeronautics to automobiles. Engineering has always been a top career choice among France’s young population. France houses over 140 elite engineering schools.

France is known for blending advanced theoretical concepts with practical applications, such as small workshop sessions and internships.

Some of the popular engineering institutions in France are…


France has always been one of the prime study destinations in the world for students to excel in the various fields of science and Science field produces most popular courses in france

France houses some of the world’s finest science and research universities. Paris is known as the hub to pure sciences.

The nation is known for producing some of the eminent personalities from the field of science such as Louis Pasteur, Pierre Curie, and André-Marie Ampère.

Some of the best universities in France for science and research are…



France is also preferred for its top-notch linguistic programs. Linguistics refers to the studies of languages. It is a useful course for students looking to make a career in the field of journalism, language research, and translation.

Here are some of the best schools in France to get excelled in linguistic courses:

Fashion Design:

France is called the cradle of fashion and rightly so. Thanks to its rich history of fashion and art. The clothing of France is popular throughout the world. Many leading fashion houses and brands are based in France. And that’s why the country is called the fashion capital of the world.

The fashion schools in France offer rare exposure to the students into the fashion industry, ensuring hands-on experience through leading fashion houses.

In many cases, you can be offered an internship within a French fashion house or brand from the second year of the course. Good performance during these internships can brighten your chances of getting a full-time job within those firms after graduation.

Most of the universities and fashion schools in France team up with career service centers to help students find a job.

Some of the best fashion schools in France are…

Hospitality Management:

Wondering where to pursue hospitality management from? We suggest France. Dubbed as the gastronomical capital of France, opportunities are in abundance for those who want to make a career in one of the fast-moving industries in the world.

Whatever your passion in this field, whether it is event management, food services, or beverage management, studying France means you will get a real insight into what it is like to live and work in the hospitality industry.

Some of the best institutions in France to study hospitality are…

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