IELTS English Words: Common Words Used in the Speaking Test

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Most Common English Words Used in the IELTS Speaking Test

Most Common English Words Used in the IELTS Speaking Test

22 May 2023
Most Common English Words Used in the IELTS Speaking Test
22 May 2023

Wondering what are some of the common IELTS English words used in IELTS speaking tests? Read on.

If you are an international student looking to go abroad to study, you need to appear for the standardized English language tests. These language proficiency tests are required by academic institutes in other countries to ensure that international students can communicate in the English language. International students often come from different backgrounds and generally, their mother tongue may be something other than English.

However, to ensure that international students will thrive in courses and programs that use English as their medium of instruction, educational organizations globally require standardized English language test scores. While there are many language tests accepted in various countries, one of the most popular ones is the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System.

If you are preparing for the IELTS, it is important to ensure that you prepare well for all sections of the examination, including the IELTS speaking test. To help you prepare, here are some common IELTS English words that are used in IELTS speaking tests. 

What is the IELTS examination?

The IELTS is a widely-recognized English language proficiency test that is attempted by international students who want to study abroad. The test focuses on evaluating the ability of the applicant to communicate in the English language.

This evaluation is made based on four main criteria, listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Generally, to get admission to most colleges and educational universities in other countries, international students need to obtain a minimum band score of 6.0. 

How to prepare for the IELTS?

When you are preparing for the IELTS, it is essential to use a lot of vocabulary. Using vocabulary on different sections of the test can help you in scoring a high band. It is advised that international students focus on sharpening their reading skills by going through a lot of material while focusing on challenging vocabulary.

If you want to get a band score of 7 or more on this test, it is also crucial to focus on commonly used IELTS English words. Using these IELTS English words in their proper context throughout different sections of the test such as speaking, will help you in increasing your score.

Examiners in the IELTS test award more marks to international students who can correctly use a word. 

Phrasal IELTS English words

A phrasal verb is made up of about two or three words. Each word comes from a different grammatical group. When you combine all of these words, the phrasal verb offers a different meaning that needs to be used in the proper context.

Using these phrases on the IELTS can also help you in communicating briefly. Here are some common phrasal IELTS English words: 

  • Stick with: Keep something constant
  • Kick back: Relax
  • Quarrel with: Have a disagreement 
  • Limber up for: Put in effort for a difficult task
  • Romp in: Win easily
  • Peel away: Move in another direction
  • Tee off: Launch something
  • Measure against: Judge by comparison
  • Salt away: Save money
  • Pass over: Ignore
  • Go by: Time going by
  • Venture forth: Leave a comfortable or safe place

Idioms IELTS English words

Learning Idioms used in IELTS English words can help you express your ideas concisely and fluently while sounding natural. You can use these idioms to not only communicate but also showcase your knowledge of the English language. Here are some common idioms of IELTS English words: 

  • Once in a blue moon 
  • A drop in the ocean 
  • Call it a day 
  • Actions speak louder than words 
  • Fresh as a daisy
  • Change one’s mind 
  • Couch potato
  • If my memory serves me well 
  • To be on the top of the world 
  • To be like a dog with two tails 
  • It makes my blood boil 
  • Blessing in disguise 
  • Eager beaver
  • Over the moon 
  • To be on cloud nine 
  • I hit the ceiling 
  • Full of beans   
  • Piece of cake 
  • Put all your eggs in one basket 
  • A bad egg

Collocations IELTS English words

Collocations stand for the appropriate arrangement of words within a sentence. They focus on creating sentences that sound the most natural.

You can use these collocations when framing sentences in the IELTS speaking section. Here are some words that you can pair together:

  • Noun and noun
  • Noun and adjective
  • Noun and verb
  • Adjective and adverb 
  • Verb and adverb

Synonyms IELTS English words

Usually, it is possible to use a better word for what you want to communicate. Using the most appropriate word for different contexts in your IELTS test can help you in maximizing your score.

Getting familiar with some common IELTS English word synonyms is a great way to ensure that you would not only communicate with your examiner but even impress them with your command of the English language.

Here are some words and their synonyms that you can easily use on your IELTS speaking test. 

  • New: Recent
  • Delicious: Savory
  • Awful: Bad 
  • Begin: Start 
  • Decide: Settle 
  • Funny: Amusing 
  • Cool: Frosty 
  • Beautiful: Pretty 
  • Amazing: Incredible 
  • Important: Vital 
  • Wrong: Mistaken 
  • Help: Assist 
  • Neat: Clean
  • Come: Arrive 
  • Interesting: Intriguing 
  • Answer: Respond 
  • Tell: Narrate
  • Definite: Certain 
  • Famous: Well-known
  • Place: Procedure 
  • Show: Exhibit 
  • Dangerous: Risky 
  • Happy: Content 


The speaking section in the IELTS test is one of the most difficult areas for many people. However, international students should look at this section as an opportunity to showcase their vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, and overall command of the language.

International students need to focus on expanding their vocabulary for the IELTS test speaking section and practicing these words beforehand. Expanding your vocabulary with IELTS English words will help you in communicating fluently and pronouncing these words without any hesitation.

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