IT vs Computer Science: The Right Degree to Study Abroad

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it vs computer science

IT vs Computer Science: What is the Right Degree for You for Abroad?

IT vs Computer Science: What is the Right Degree for You for Abroad?

9 May 2023
IT vs Computer Science: What is the Right Degree for You for Abroad?
9 May 2023

Are you a technology enthusiast who wishes to pursue a career in technology but are confused between IT vs computer science?

According to the survey, computer science has emerged as the second most preferred subject by Indian students looking to study abroad.

Computer Science and Information Technology can be rewarding fields for you with ample career opportunities. They appear to be similar, but there is a lot of difference concerning various aspects.

IT (information technology) encompasses the technological infrastructures of any organization, such as networks and servers. IT specialists assist businesses in maintaining up-to-date systems which operate smoothly.

Computer science focuses more on analyzing and solving technical issues as they arise, such as designing, testing, and updating software applications.

But, if you feel confused about whether you must choose Computer Science or IT, you must be clear about the offerings of both these fields. This blog will discuss IT vs Computer Science and which degree is right for you as an aspirant abroad.

Where lies the difference?

Contrary to popular belief, computer science and information technology are distinct disciplines with distinct career pathways. While both fields may share similarities, keeping them apart is essential for full understanding.

Computer scientists specialize in developing computers and programs, while IT professionals aim to ensure those systems remain running correctly.

If you earn an IT degree, chances are good you’ll work with computers but won’t be creating or designing any of the software needed for them to function optimally.

Computer science is more mathematical, involving programming websites, apps, and other technologies using HTML/CSS/Java programming languages.

If mathematics is your passion and software creation is your forte, then pursuing this degree is right for you!

Those earning IT degrees typically provide IT infrastructures such as networks, servers, and databases within an organization while often troubleshooting technical issues over the phone or in person with ease – so being up-to-date on current programs and software updates is also crucial for their careers.


Selecting an appropriate specialization for your computer science degree depends heavily upon your goals.

For instance, if you wish to gain more insight into computer systems theory, software engineering, and programming for computers, an object-oriented programming specialization might be a suitable path.

However, human-computer Interaction (HCI) could be the perfect specialization if you’re interested in how users interact with computers and designing user-friendly interfaces for them. HCI covers everything from websites and mobile apps to voice-enabled speakers and virtual reality.

An information technology specialization could be ideal for those interested in cybersecurity careers.

It encompasses both hardware and software components of IT, providing opportunities to design, construct and maintain effective computer systems and networks and offering advice and assistance with IT strategies for organizations.

Such work necessitates strong analytical and critical thinking abilities as you will need to identify problems quickly while effectively communicating the results and being well-versed with relevant terminology for IT jargon and concepts.


Computer science graduates have many career options at their disposal, and demand is ever-increasing rapidly. From software engineering to cybersecurity, there’s likely something suitable out there that fits.

Computer scientists with creative minds are in high demand, as emerging technologies require unique solutions and applications. An insatiable appetite for knowledge is equally essential, given that technology evolves rapidly; being able to think analytically while working independently is also paramount for computer scientists.

Information Technology professionals apply computer science in the workplace, with businesses across industries benefiting from their skills and experience. IT managers oversee projects as well as staffing levels and budgets.

Computer support specialists assist users with technical problems, while cyber security specialists identify threats to data or information.


As the roles and job demands vary, so do the salaries of computer scientists and IT professionals. Degrees and specialized knowledge are required for computer scientist jobs. Due to the lack of formal education required for IT jobs, a computer scientist earns a higher salary than an entry-level IT job.


A degree course in Computer Science strives to teach the mathematical concept and programming behind the computer system. Also, it will focus on both computer software and hardware systems, including the basics of AI and other programming languages.

On the contrary, the IT degree is focused on teaching necessary concepts regarding computer systems, networking essentials, application development, security practices, etc.

IT vs Computer Science: Which one is the Right Degree for you?

If you want to acquire vast knowledge, you must choose Computer Science as many principles taught in this degree are also applicable in IT jobs. Therefore, you will be prepared to handle IT and computer science core technicalities.

On the other hand, if you wish to get specialization in the core IT field, Information Technology is the best choice for you.

Both these degree programs have their own career perks and specializations. Both of them will land you a highly-paid job abroad. You must choose one depending on your career interest and willingness to study.


In conclusion, both of these fields have vast career opportunities. You only need to dive deeply into the respective course and acquire as much knowledge as possible. Though, considering the employment opportunities, computer science has an edge over IT.

If you still face any doubt regarding your ideal career path, the expert team of career counselors at Landmark Immigration can guide you in the best way.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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