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How to stay away from Canada Study Visa Fraud?

How to stay away from Canada Study Visa Fraud?

23 September 2021
How to stay away from Canada Study Visa Fraud?
23 September 2021

“My study visa was rejected just because I have submitted a forged computer certificate as advised by my agent.”

“My agent assured me to pay the entire fee but it didn’t help me getting a Canadian student visa.”

“I just lost the study visa chance because the consultant suggested me the wrong course.”

Well, these are horror stories we get to listen to every day from our clients who failed to get a Canada study visa just because of their agents’ fault.

Well, it happens. The immigration industry has both genuine and shoddy professionals working in it. The shoddy ones work to make money by hook or crook. No wonder they can misguide the students looking for a Canadian study visa.

And it is you who have to face the consequences, not your agent or consultant. Even worse, the visa fraud or deportation on your immigration record could make you ineligible for any visa in the future.

Therefore, it is important to choose a genuine and efficient counsellor or agent.

But no agent will tell you that if they are a fraud. Neither will it be written on their head. How to tell if your agent or counsellor is trustworthy?

Please watch our video for more information

All you need to check these things or red flags to be aware of a bad agent.

They Promise to Pay Your Entire Fees:

If an agent or counselor claims to pay your entire immigration fees, they might be up to something fishy. Can someone agree to pay the whopping amount of 9-10 lakhs out of his pocket for your embassy, tuition, or GIC fees?

Running immigration is just like any other business. It is not a charity. A counsellor has to pay his staff and meet other expenses as well.

And the immigration fee is never paid, making their claims baseless. They apply for the visa without paying a fee.

They Tell You That Documents are Not Important:

Your entire verification is determined by the documents you provided to the embassy. Despite that fact, many agents assure you that they are not that important. In fact, they offer you fake degrees to justify your gap period or show another qualification on your profile.

For example, a student has passed 12th class in 2017 and didn’t opt for graduation. In 2021, he visits the agent to apply for a Canadian study visa. The agent offered him to prepare forge graduation or an educational degree to cover that 4-years gap.

But this could lead to serious consequences for that student. Keep in mind that the embassy will detect that the documents are forged, prompting them to reject your visa application straightway.

After all, the visa officers go through such applications in their routine. It will not only lead to visa rejection but also impact your profile which in turn makes you ineligible to apply study visa for other nations too.

Make sure to present your case honestly. Whether you are handling a family business or doing a farming or job during your gap year, don’t hesitate to mention what you did after passing your plus two on your SOP.

Or maybe you have a personal or financial problem that you couldn’t be able to continue your study. Whatever you do, mention it straightforwardly on your SOP. Your visa officer is likely to understand your problem and will not make it a reason to reject your study visa.

They Keep You In the Dark:

A malicious visa agent or counsellor tends to prevent you understand the application process. For example, he can discuss silly details at great length to impact your confidence and increase your dependence on him.

While a genuine agent handles everything on your behalf, they keep you informed and guide you over the application process.

They Keep Talking About Petty Things:

If your agent is more bothered about guiding you on things like what to pack, how to find off-campus jobs, and how to make a cultural adjustment, they might have set the wrong priorities.

A genuine agent focuses on important things like accreditation, course and university selection, taking the GRE or GMAT, and practical training opportunities.

The Bottom Line:

The best way to protect you from inefficient agents or immigration fraud is to opt for the right consultation with a good record of success. And if you are looking for the same, look no further than Landmark Immigration. We are one of the reliable Canadian study visa consultants in Punjab.

Over the years, we have helped many students like you secure a Canadian study visa with our efficient guiding. Our fees are transparent and there is no hidden charge involved. We have a team of RCIC certified consultants.

But don’t take our words for it. Instead, meet us at the nearest Landmark office or you can contact us at 9041390412 to let us know your study visa requirements. Get in touch now!

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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