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How to Find Internships as an International Student

How to Find Internships as an International Student

30 June 2022
How to Find Internships as an International Student
30 June 2022

In the past few years, a lot of students have been undertaking internships in their undergraduate programs. Many students even prefer completing a short internship right after their high school gets completed. This is not only the most recent shift in the job and internship industry. It is a need in this highly competitive job market.

Not only does it maximize your chances of achieving your career goals in the future, but it also gives you an edge over other undergraduates while teaching you useful skills. However, many times, students find themselves wondering how they should start looking for an internship to increase their chances of getting in. If you are an international student, here is a comprehensive guide that can help you in finding internships:

When should you start looking for an internship?

When it comes to internships, the earlier you start, the better. You can start in high school and sign up for a summer internship. Summer internships typically last somewhere around six to eight weeks. You can look for a summer internship with an NGO, a family business, any organization, or a business while you are in high school.

Look for remote internship opportunities to widen your search

Looking for remote internships is an excellent idea for international students. You can work remotely and completely online in any country that you are eligible for. You can look for internships in your home country as you hold citizenship there or even in the country you are currently in. It is a great idea that can help you in expanding your search pool considerably instead of being restricted by the city you live in.

Look for paid or fully-funded internships

Start applying for fully-funded or paid internships. Many organizations offer you a stipend that can cover the costs of transportation. Some organizations also offer transportation services for their interns. These perks and benefits can help you in gaining work experience while you are on a budget.

Determine the kind of internship that you want to pursue

There are many things that you should consider when you are looking for an internship:

  • Your academic field
  • The field you want to work in
  • The skill set you are looking to acquire
  • The length of your internship
  • City or location that you want to intern in
  • How your internship will help you in standing out

Search for employers

Since you have narrowed down which kind of internship you want, look for employers that you want to intern with and start your research. You can look for employers in a lot of different ways, such as:

Network: Make a personal association with a possible employer by talking to your professors, classmates, family members, and your friends and checking if they know someone who works at the company.

Websites: Websites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Intern-zoo, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Glass-door, among others, are excellent for doing your research, finding out how employees feel about a particular company, and connecting with potential employers. These websites also offer a job search that can help you find internships and apply.

University Database: Check out the database of your university. University databases are excellent for looking for internships as many colleges have a close partnership with many organizations where students have interned previously.


Students who complete their internships in their undergraduate years gain valuable experience, and this serves them well when they apply for jobs or higher education. Work experience is extremely valuable, and internships are a great way to learn to apply your educational skills in the real world.

Look for internships that are in the same field as your academics. This can help you in enhancing hands-on skills that you have already learned about, as well as increase your chances of getting an internship.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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