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How is the international student life in Germany

How is the international student life in Germany

7 October 2021
How is the international student life in Germany
7 October 2021

What is life in Germany like for an international student? 

Can you afford to live there? 

What about the weather? 

Are Germans welcoming of international students?

Such concerns must be bothering you if you are looking to study in Germany. While Germany is counted among the top study destinations in the world, it is important to know what it likes to live in Germany as an international student.

Don’t worry!

Here we have compiled a few details that will help you learn about student life in Germany.

Are German People Friendly?

Fret not! You will come across the helpful and friendly staff in your college or university. Many universities have established a dedicated office to help new international students by providing them with a tutor or helping with any formalities.

However, outside your college or university, you might found that most Germans are exactly the opposite. But that doesn’t mean they are not cooperative.

They can tell you directions or answer your questions. Don’t feel awkward if you don’t see a smile on their faces that is just because they mind their own business and typically are reserved people.

What about Academic Standards?

You as a student are expected to apply the knowledge you have gained in a lecture in a written assignment or an academic paper or a presentation. Make sure to cite the sources from where you have obtained the information. Coming late to class is not acceptable.

Don’t expect the teaching to be as gentle as you have in India. Keep in mind that lectures and teaching style is pretty strict, but for a good reason. It will make you value things and keep you disciplined.

Is Weather in Germany Pleasant?

Germany is known for its pleasant weather. Like India, Germany experiences four seasons throughout the year. It means that you need to pack all four types of clothes. Summers are warm while winters can be freezing, and spring and fall are pleasant.

The temperature can go beyond 30 degrees Celsius during the summers. The weather is quite unpredictable, but it is for sure that you will get to enjoy all seasons in the nation.

Is Germany Affordable?

Germany is a pretty affordable nation compared to some other European nations.

The average cost of living for an international student can be 700-1000 EUR a month, including study and accommodation.

Moreover, a student is allowed to work a total of 120 full days or 240 half days in a year to fund their study and routine expenses. The part-time jobs can earn you nearly 450 Euros per month.

However, rent is the biggest financial concern students are likely to face in Germany, though you can move into shared accommodation, student halls or find accommodation in the outskirts.

Will You Face Any Kind of Language Barrier in Germany?

While your teaching faculty and staff are likely to communicate in English, you might face a language barrier while interacting with most people.

In major cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Munich, most people are well versed in English, which means that you won’t have that communication problem.

In smaller cities, not all people are good at speaking or understanding English. Needless to say, learning basic German will help you.

Is There any Place in Germany for Fun and Celebrations?

Germany is not only a popular study destination but also makes your life happening with bars, restaurants, museums, film festivals, events, carnival and social events.

You can take part in the events held at the universities such as sports meet and student parties.

The majority of German cities are known for their active nightlife and recreational activities. Larger cities like Berlin and Munich have several interesting places to visit while the smaller towns mesmerize with their old-world charm and serenity.

With numerous tourist places, events and festivals, and student-friendly places, Germany let you balance both your study and social life.

What about the Accommodation for Students?

Accommodation always tops the priority list of any international student. In Germany, there are many types of accommodation such as shared accommodation (known as WG), student residences, and shared accommodations.

If you want to live on your own without being disturbed by roommates or others, you can choose a personal apartment to live in.

Will Healthcare System in Germany Cover You?

Having healthcare insurance is mandatory in Germany; you are required to have it as soon as you enter the nation. Public health insurance is affordable for students. Many student organizations and firms offer service packages covering meals, accommodation and health.

Make sure to check the benefits and inclusions before buying health insurance.

Will I Experience Multicultural Atmosphere in Germany?

German universities are known for their multicultural atmosphere, meaning that you will be sharing your classroom with several nationalities like French, Africans, Turkish, Portuguese, etc.

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