CGPA to Percentage - Calculate your Percentage to Study Abroad

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CGPA to Percentage

Guide to Calculating CGPA to Percentage to Study Abroad

Guide to Calculating CGPA to Percentage to Study Abroad

16 March 2023
Guide to Calculating CGPA to Percentage to Study Abroad
16 March 2023

If you’re planning to study abroad, one of the key requirements for most universities is to provide your academic transcripts. While transcripts differ in format and grading system across countries, many foreign universities require converting your academic grades to a common grading system. This blog will discuss converting your CGPA to a percentage to study abroad.

Here you will get all the necessary information regarding CGPA Grading System to study abroad.

What is CGPA?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of the grade points earned for all courses a student has completed. CGPA is widely used in Indian universities and is calculated on a scale of 10.

How to Calculate CGPA?

To calculate a college grade point average (CGPA), follow these steps:

Determine the grade points earned in each course.

Multiply the grade points earned by the credit hours assigned to the course.

Add up the total grade points earned in all courses completed.

Divide the total grade points earned in all courses completed by the total credit hours completed.

The result is your CGPA.

For example, if you earned 8.5 grade points in a course worth 3 credit hours and 9.0 grade points in a course worth 4 credit hours, your total grade points earned would be (8.5 x 3) + (9.0 x 4) = 49.5. If you completed 20 credit hours, your CGPA would be 49.5/20 = 2.475.

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5. For example, if your CGPA is 2.475, your percentage would be 2.475 x 9.5 = 23.51%.

It’s important to note that some universities may use a different conversion formula, so it’s essential to check the specific requirements of the universities you are applying to.

What is GPA (Grade Point Average)?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, a numerical representation of a student’s academic performance. It is calculated by averaging the grade points earned in all courses a student completes.

The GPA scale can vary between institutions and countries. In the United States, the GPA scale is typically a 4.0 scale, with A being equivalent to 4.0, B being equivalent to 3.0, and so on.

Universities often use GPA to determine a student’s academic standing and eligibility for scholarships and to assess their readiness for further academic studies.

Difference Between CGPA and GPA

There is a notable distinction between CGPA and GPA. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average and determines the average of a student’s grades throughout their academic journey.

Conversely, GPA is the Grade Point Average used to compute a student’s grades for a specific semester or academic year.

How to convert a 10-point CGPA to a 4-point GPA?

You can use a conversion formula to convert a 10-point CGPA to a 4-point GPA. Here is the formula:

GPA = (CGPA- 0.75) x 4/ 9

In this formula, you subtract 0.75 from the CGPA and multiply the result by 4/9 to get the equivalent GPA.

For example, let’s say your CGPA is 8.5 out of 10. To convert this to a 4-point GPA, you would use the formula as follows:

GPA = (8.5 – 0.75) x 4/9

GPA = 3.39

Therefore, your equivalent GPA on a 4-point scale would be 3.39.

Benefits of the CGPA grading system

The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) grading system has several benefits, including:


The CGPA system provides a standardized approach to evaluating a student’s academic performance. It eliminates the subjectivity that can arise from the traditional percentage-based grading system.


The CGPA system simplifies calculating a student’s overall performance by converting all course grades into a single number.


The CGPA system allows for flexibility in course selection, as students are not penalized for taking courses outside of their major. This encourages students to pursue their interests and broaden their academic horizons.


The CGPA system recognizes the effort put in by students who consistently perform well over time. It is recognized by universities and employers both nationally and internationally.


The CGPA system motivates students to perform better by clearly understanding what they need to achieve to maintain or improve their grade point average.

What is considered a good CGPA score for studying abroad?

The minimum CGPA required for studying abroad varies depending on the university, country, and program you are applying to. Generally, most universities require a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or equivalent on a 4.0 scale, equivalent to a B grade. However, for more competitive programs or universities, a higher CGPA may be required, typically around 3.5 or above.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is essential to know how to calculate your CGPA and match it with the eligibility criteria of your desired university. This will help you in selecting an ideal course and college abroad.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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