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ACS Skill Assessment: What to Know

ACS Skill Assessment: What to Know

13 January 2022
ACS Skill Assessment: What to Know
13 January 2022

The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector of Australia is on the boom with annual revenue of $23 billion. With the ever-increasing growth of this sector, the government continues supporting its development. As a result, there is a ACS  Skill Assessment to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are looking to migrate to Australia to work in the ICT sector.

This skill assessment program is run by the Australian Computer Society or ACS on the behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

The Definition of the Australian ACS for ICT

ACS Australia is a computer and tech review and assessment body. ACS stands for Australian Computer Society. When someone comes to Australia to work in the tech sector, such as IT, they will have to go through the ACS assessment.

In other words, passing the skill assessment test by the ACS is important to immigrate as a skilled worker.

The test assesses the skills and qualifications of the candidates as well as how these skill sets can impact Australia’s economy. With this skill test, ACS aims to bring talented professionals who can meet the employment needs of the nation.

This test helps the immigration committee pick qualified individuals.

This assessment has several elements to analyze the education and experience of the candidate.

What Do ACS Requirements Regarding Education

The Australian Assessment Guides states that a candidate should have a minor or major in ICT, meaning that you should have a certain percentage of your program focused on ICT to qualify.

The committee accesses your program and the time spent on ICT. This percentage should be equivalent to the hours of your course to become eligible.

How to Apply for the ACS Program

For the ACS program, you are required to provide the appropriate supporting documents, including all educational documents and records showing your experience.

However, it is highly recommended to assess all the visa requirements for your program.

Working with a qualified immigration team can help you determine if you fulfill the immigration needs. You can apply through the official website of ACS.

Make sure to read the important things about the ACS assessment HERE before taking any step.

 What is the Processing Times?

It can take around 8-10 weeks for the skills assessment to be completed. The process might be longer if ACS asks for additional documents.

What Documents Do You Need to Submit for ASC Skill Assessment?

Generally, the documents you will need to apply for a visa successfully are intended not only for identification verification but to assess your skills. Therefore, you are required to submit a few educational and award documents.

Some of the primary documents you need to submit (upload) are…

  • Official Passport
  • Educational and Degree Certifications
  • College Transcript with Grades
  • Employment History

Make sure to combine your documents into one PDF document. These should all be in PDF format. 

Are You Worry about the ACS Skill Assessment?

While ACS skill assessment helps the Australian government pick the right candidate for employment, it might be a stressful process for the candidates, especially if you are new to all this. That’s why working with an experienced consultant is important to your success. A good consultant can guide you over the point system. 

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