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Your Guide to Health Courses in Canada

Your Guide to Health Courses in Canada

Your Guide to Health Courses in Canada

24 November 2023
Your Guide to Health Courses in Canada
24 November 2023

Canada boasts excellent research opportunities and hosts several esteemed medical colleges, attracting many international students. If you are considering a career in healthcare, Canada stands as an ideal choice. Its universities not only provide bachelor’s degree programs but also diploma and Master’s programs. If you are still unsure about pursuing healthcare courses in Canada, delve deeper into the diverse array of options the country presents.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information indicated that healthcare expenditures hit $308 billion in 2021, amounting to 12.7% of Canada’s GDP.

Trending Healthcare Courses in Canada for International Students

The growing Canadian population is driving greater demand for healthcare facilities and courses within the country. Numerous international students, particularly from India, are applying for both short-term and long-term healthcare programs offered by Canadian universities. Among the sought-after long-term courses are:

  • Addiction and Mental Health Worker
  • Cardiology Technologist
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dentistry
  • Human Kinetics
  • Medical Radiation
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Social Work

Short Term Courses Include:

  • Animal Care Certificate Programs
  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • Dental Assistant Program
  • Hospital Unit Coordinator Program
  • Human Psychology Program

Top Universities Providing Healthcare Courses in Canada

College/University Degree Name Location
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy


Saskatoon, Canada
Langara College Diploma in Health Sciences Vancouver, Canada
Sherdian College Diploma in Pharmacy Technician Brampton
University of Windsor Master of Science in Translational Health Sciences Windsor, Canada
University of Alberta Masters in Physical Health Edmonton, Alberta
Durham College Ontario College Certificate in Animal Care Oshawa, Canada
Fleming College Ontario College Diploma in Health Information Management Peterborough, Canada
George Brown College Ontario College Diploma in Health Information Management Toronto, Canada
Niagara College Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Community Mental Health Multidiscipline Toronto, Canada
Fanshawe College Ontario College Graduate Certificate in healthcare administration management



London, Ontario College

Benefits of Pursuing Healthcare Courses in Canada

Scholarship Opportunities

International students pursuing healthcare courses in Canada have access to exceptional scholarship opportunities. Among the top medical scholarships available are the Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute Scholarship, the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, and scholarships offered by the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC).

Part-Time Opportunities

In addition to pursuing their specific medical courses in Canada, students also have the opportunity to work part-time. This allows them to manage daily living expenses such as groceries, accommodation, and more.

State of art Facilities

Canadian universities boast cutting-edge medical facilities for students, including healthcare integration centers, simulation facilities, dedicated research labs, advanced equipment, and more. Additionally, many universities provide recreational facilities like indoor gyms, pools, and various sports amenities for students’ leisure activities.

Advanced Healthcare System

Canada’s top-notch advanced healthcare systems offer ample opportunities for students to pursue careers in health sciences. Canadian universities boast cutting-edge study materials, renowned scholars, and a flexible fee structure.

Permanent Residency

Canada offers various immigration pathways for international students, including the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Moreover, international students who graduate from medical courses in Canada and secure employment in the same field have elevated opportunities to obtain a Permanent Residency (PR) due to the heightened demand for these skill-based roles.

Eligibility Criteria for Healthcare Courses in Canada

Eligibility criteria for healthcare courses in Canada vary between undergraduate and postgraduate students, and they can also differ among universities in the country. However, the general eligibility criteria for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs include:

  • For undergraduate healthcare programs, you will require a high school diploma, generally equivalent to completing the 12th grade, from a recognized education board in your home country or an equivalent qualification.
  • For graduate-level programs such as a Master’s or Ph.D. in healthcare, a relevant bachelor’s degree is usually required. According to certain Canadian university standards, the degree from your university needs to be recognized by the institution you are applying to.
  • The majority of Canadian universities and colleges mandate demonstrating proficiency in English or French through standardized exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or DELF/DALF (for French programs).
  • Certain graduate healthcare programs, particularly medical schools, might necessitate the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as an aspect of the admission procedure. It is crucial to consider that score requirements can differ among universities.
  • Numerous healthcare programs will request letters of recommendation from professors or professionals who can vouch for your qualifications and potential in the field. A strong LOR can serve as your gateway to the Canadian university you aspire to attend.
  • You might need to provide a statement of purpose detailing why you’re pursuing the healthcare program, your career objectives, and how the program harmonizes with your aspirations.
  • International students are required to acquire a study permit (student visa) to study in Canada. Make sure to comply with the immigration criteria established by the Canadian government.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which medical course is best for Canada?

Here are the best medical courses that are available in Canada at the bachelor’s level:

  • Sc Nursing
  • MBBS or MD
  • Bachelor of Dental Hygiene and Surgery
  • Sc of Biology

What are the trending courses in healthcare?

  • Public Health
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Biology
  • Pharmacy
  • Healthcare Management
  • Clinical Research

How long is the health care management course in Canada?

Healthcare management courses in Canada can range from 8 months to 2 years.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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