USA Interview questions

What are the most commonly asked questions in US visa interview?

What are the most commonly asked questions in US visa interview?

14 July 2022 landmark
14 July 2022 landmark

If you want to enter the US for any purpose such as medical treatment, business, tourism, education, or any other reason, you have to apply for a US visa. The application process includes completing the form, submitting all the required documents, paying the fee for the visa, and attending the visa interview.

Even though not all classifications of US visas need the applicants to attend the interview, a lot of particular visa types still do. Based on the entry scheme, visa validity, duration of your stay, visa type, the reason for your travel, and your nationality, you may have to attend a US visa interview.

The US visa interview is conducted by the consulate or the embassy, and it is aimed to assess the eligibility of the applicant for a specific visa. During the US visa interview, your consular officer would ask you some questions specific to the category of your visa and cross-verify the documents and details that you have provided.

Make sure that you answer these questions with confidence and stress your intention of returning to your home country once your trip completes. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for a US visa interview

Why are you travelling to the US?

This question is directly linked to the purpose of your travel. Before you apply for a visa, you need to make a plan that can support the trip. Your consular officer might even ask you some questions to see how you will handle your travel expenditures. Based on the category of your visa, you may need to produce sufficient funds proof.

Questions about the intended duration of visit to the US?

You also have to provide a calculated date for your travel plans to the US. Based on your purpose of travel, type of visa, and duration, you may have to offer your calculated date of travel. You may also need to provide details regarding your accommodations.

Who will cover your expenditure during your travel?

Based on the visa type you have applied for, you might have to submit sufficient funds proof to support your visit financially. If the visa category you are applying for allows someone else who can cover your travel expenses, you may have to submit the required documents as well as a letter of consent.

Can you reduce the course of your stay?

This is where your travel plan comes in. You can use your travel plan to show why you have to be in the US for a specific duration. Also, make sure that your travel plans include other documents and details to support the span of your stay.

Have you ever visited the US earlier?

Answer in a yes or no fashion and mention the reason for your previous travel. In case you have traveled before, you should use it to stress that you have intentions of returning to your home country.

Where will you study or work? 

If you have applied for a student or a work visa, you need to provide the office address of your college, university, or employer. You can also mention how close your university or office is to your stay address. Also, you can talk about how you want to travel locally to the US on this visit.


When you have to appear for a US visa interview, it is quite normal to feel intimidated. To ease yourself, it is best to be completely prepared with the proper research. The US visa interview process is quite extensive, and it focuses on your goals and objectives for visiting the US.

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