Ultimate Guide on How to apply for PR after going to Canada

Ultimate Guide on How to apply for PR after going to Canada

13 August 2021 landmark
13 August 2021 landmark

Many students look for PR while living in Canada on a study visa. If you are one of them, you will be glad to know that getting a PR has become a lot easier than ever before. That’s why it is the right time to apply for PR.

There are many options to try once you arrive in Canada. If you opt for a 2-year study program, you will get a 3-year work permit. It means that you have five years to be legally in Canada, giving you ample time to work on the chances of getting PR.

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Here we will talk about the options you can use to apply for PR after going to Canada. 


Opt for Canadian Experience Class Category:

Express Entryway is a popular immigration program. However, if you are living in Canada on a study permit, you should not opt for this program. Instead, apply for the Canadian Experience Class category that is meant for immigrants living in Canada.

It is an immigration program that enables an individual who has worked in Canada for at least a year to immigrate permanently. So, if you have gained work experience in Canada under NOC O, A, and B, you can apply under that category.

Understanding the Difference between the Federal Skill Work Eligibility and Canadian Experience Class Category:

What’s the difference between the Federal Skilled Worker eligibility and the Canadian Experience Class Category?

Under Federal Skilled Worker Eligibility, you need continuous work experience.

But that’s not the case with the Canadian Experience Class category.

This program requires you to work with any number of employers for a period of one year.

And you can keep on changing jobs throughout this time frame (1 year).

For example, you can work as a security supervisor for 6 months under the NOC B category.

Then you work as a security supervisor for another employer for 4 months.

The remaining two months can be spent working with the next employer.

The point is here that you need to gain one year of work experience, irrespective of your occupation and the number of employers you have worked with.

Should you continue with one occupation or you can switch to another occupation throughout this period? 

Well, this is one of the topmost concerns of students living in Canada. They work as a security supervisor and then work under different profiles for another employer.

For example, they work as a security supervisor for six months only and then work as a cook at a hotel for the rest of the time to complete their one-year work experience.

Can they still qualify under the Experience Class Category?

Yes, they can. You can do NOC A, B jobs or work under any other NOC. But the only condition is that the work experience should be of 1 year.

It is also important to understand the connection of CLB with your job profile. Many students think that IELTS CLB should be 7 for all NOC job categories. But CLB 7 is required for NOC O and A. Otherwise, the NOC B category is acceptable with CLB 5 for jobs like cooking.

Understanding the Cut-Off Score in Canadian Experience Class:

It is also important to understand the cut-off and documentation verification requirement associated with the Canadian Experience Class.

If you have come to Canada after doing the 12th standard, there is no need for an ECA report or to get your educational credentials verified.

But if you have entered Canada after doing a bachelor’s or master’s, you need to go through the ECA evaluation of your documents according to the Canadian education system.

If you have completed your 12th standard and gained 350 scores, 1 year of work experience as well as CLBI 6 band, you can get an invitation to apply within 15 days.

This is because the cut-off scores in the Canadian Experience Class are dropping. 357 is the latest cut-off score that might be the lowest for a while.

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