Ultimate Guide on How Self-Employed People can get direct Canada PR

Ultimate Guide on How Self-Employed People can get direct Canada PR

13 August 2021 landmark
13 August 2021 landmark

The requirements of settling in Canada can be tricky for self-employed people. This is because they are not qualified under the Express Entry program to immigrate to Canada as a worker.

Freelancing or self-employed jobs such as football coaching or dance training is not generally considered as a business or occupation, thereby not being covered by the Express Entry program.

But don’t lose your heart. You can immigrate through a program called the Self-Employed Person Program. This program allows you to opt for PR as a self-employed individual.

It is a rarely used program and receives fewer entries than other immigration programs. But don’t misjudge it as a business visa; it is meant for people involving in self-employed jobs related to cultural activities and athletics.

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Here we will learn the important aspects of this program. 

What is Self Employed Persons Program?

As the name suggests, the Self-employed Personas Program helps people to immigrate to Canada PERMANENTLY as self-employed people.

To become eligible for this program, you should have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics and be willing to contribute to the cultural or athletic activities in Canada.

How Much Experience is Sufficient for Self Employed Person Program?

You only need two years of work experience in your field to get qualified for this program. However, you will get more points if you have 3, 4, or 5-years of experience.

What are the Documents Required for the Self-Employed Person Program?

First of all, you need to show the certificates or accreditation to validate your efficiency in your field. Whether you are a dance teacher or football coach, you are supposed to have a sort of training certificate.

After all, you must have undergone training to become a professional instructor to earn those certificates.

Secondly, you need to show certain certifications to show your two-year’ experience in any cultural or athletic activities of the last two years at the time of submitting the file.

Certificates related to your education will attract different scores. The next thing to consider is your work experience certificate awarded by the institute you have worked with. Plus, you can show the lease agreement of the place you have rented to run your coaching center.

The reference letters from your clients or students can also be used to prove your experience.

You also have to assure the visa officer that you will stick to the work you are approved for. You are not allowed to do a job on your “self-employed” status.

What about Time and Fund Involved in This Program?

Well, the only drawback in this program is the time frame that can be as long as 34 months. But it can be a little longer as the process involves an interview, verification, and review of eligibility papers. This program can even take longer than the Express Entry program.

Good thing is that the program doesn’t ask for a specific net-worth requirement. However, you should have specific funds to survive there in case you don’t find work.

Can Self-Employed Bring Their Families to Canada?

You can send the application to bring the family to Canada along with your PR. If your entire family PR application is submitted directly, you can call them as soon as possible.

But if you are going single and you will get married once you settle in Canada, you need to apply for Spouse Sponsor Program to apply for the PR of your husband or wife later.

Hope you must have understood what it takes to get PR as a self-employed in Canada. If you still have any doubt, you can get in touch with our Canadian immigration consultant to get more clarity on this matter.

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