UK to Lift Travel Restrictions for Arrivals for Other Nations

UK to Lift Travel Restrictions for Arrivals for Other Nations

UK to Lift Travel Restrictions for Arrivals for Other Nations

29 March 2022 landmark
29 March 2022 landmark

The UK government has announced that it will remove all travel restrictions for arrivals from other countries from 4 am on Friday 18 March. This means that all passengers will be able to travel freely into and out of the UK, regardless of their country of origin.

Before the Covid-19 travel restrictions were lifted on March 18, 2022, business and leisure travelers often experienced long wait times to reach officials at British ports and airports.

Travelers also had to carry their COVID 19 travel documents with them at all times, as they might be searched by law enforcement officers at any time. Thankfully, all of this changed on March 18, 2022, when the UK removed all remaining COVID 19 restrictions on international travel.

“The UK is leading the world in removing all remaining COVID-19 travel restrictions, and today’s announcement is a testament to the hard work everyone in this country has put in place to roll out the vaccine and protect each other,” said Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps.

He further adds that–

” I look forward to continuing to work with the travel sector and partners around the world to keep international travel moving,

The New Rules After Lifting the COVID 19 Restrictions on Travel:

The Easter holidays are approaching, and the country anticipates an influx of guests. The government has created new guidelines to make entering the UK easier. The following are the rules:

  • There is no need to complete the PLF or Passenger Locator Form, and a negative COVID report is not required.
  • It is not necessary to go through the entire immunization process.
  • There is no requirement to take an exam before leaving the country.


The removal of travel restrictions is part of an effort to make travel easier ahead of the Easter holidays, and it means that travelers will no longer be required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) or exhibit a negative Coronavirus test result upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, anyone who has not finished the viral immunization process will be excluded from the pre-departure test as well as the day two post-arrival test.

According to estimates published by the World Health Organization, there have been a total of 19,530 489 instances of COVID-19 infection in the United Kingdom since the start of the pandemic, with 162,738 persons dying during that time (WHO).

Furthermore, according to WHO data, a total of 294,904 people have contracted the virus in the last seven days, with 309 people dying.

Despite these statistics, British officials have opted to relax travel restrictions and begin treating the virus as an endemic disease, following the lead of other European countries.

Authorities in the United Kingdom are working hard to help the country’s businesses recover from the effects of COVID-19, particularly the travel and tourist industry, which has been severely harmed as a result of government restrictions implemented to prevent the virus from spreading further.

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