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UK Student Visa

UK Student Visa TIER-4: FAQs & Answers

UK Student Visa TIER-4: FAQs & Answers

27 July 2022 landmark
27 July 2022 landmark

People in the United Kingdom are known for their etiquette and manners. Their warmth and welcoming nature have been a point of admiration around the world. The universities in the UK are very supportive of the students and give the necessary care required.

Completing education in the UK opens doors of success for the students where ever they go, but to study in the UK they must have a student visa. A student visa varies depending on the course one applies for and its duration.

Let’s focus on the 4-tier student visa which is a general visa also known as the Biometric Resident Permit, BRP. This is applied by the students above 18 years of age and has the CAS, Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. The CAS is issued by a university when the student accepts the course and pays the deposit required by the university.

Below are the frequently asked questions that will be of help to students who wish to study in the United Kingdom.

Will Tier 4 visa help me get a job?

A tier 4 visa during a degree course will help a student acquire work for 20 hrs. in a week while completing education and full time when on vacation. A student can also work full time after the degree course is complete till the visa expires.

Can a Tier 4 visa be extended?

A Tier 4 visa can be extended only till the course of study is not over or the student wishes to begin a new course.

What is the validity of a Tier 4 visa?

A tier 4 visa is valid till the duration of the degree course and for four more months post completion. This gives the student time to find a job or to start something new in terms of education.

Can a student be a distant learner on a tier 4 visa?

With a tier 4 visa, one is required to attend the university and the classes of the course enrolled in person. An option of applying for a short-term visa for studies is also available.

Can one tier 4 visa be used to study at two different institutions?

In case a student has a tier 4 visa for one institute and wants to study another course in another institution, the student must apply for another tier 4 visa. This can be done if there is time left on the visa in hand. A tier 4 visa is connecting a student to the institution from where one has received the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies.

What is the correct stage to apply for a tier 4 visa?

When a student is applying from their home country, one must apply as soon as they receive their Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies and not later than 3 months before the course commences.

What are the required documents to apply for a tier 4 visa?

To make a tier 4 visa, below are the required documents one must have

  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies reference number and the connected documents
  • Assessments documents
  • The evidence of the funds that will support the students living expenses for the entire course
  • Passport
  • Photograph

How many times can one use Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies?

Every time one applies for a tier 4 visa, a new Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies document is required. In case the visa is rejected once, never use the same Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies as the chances for the visa being refused the increase.

Is a UK address necessary for a visa application?

Yes! A UK address is mandatory when one is applying for a visa. In case one has applied for accommodation at the university, but there is no confirmation yet, one must mention the university’s main campus address in the visa application.

Is an ATAS certificate needed with a tier 4 visa?

Application for the ATAS certificate depends on the course one plans to take. If the application of ATAS is mentioned in the offer letter, one must apply for the certificate before applying for the tier4 visa as the ATAS certificate will have to be included in the visa application.

Above are some of the important and common questions students often ask before planning their education in the UK.  In case of any more questions, feel free to connect with Landmark Immigration and avail a personalized service with respect to education and immigration.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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