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The A To Z Of Sandwich Programs in The UK

The A To Z Of Sandwich Programs in The UK

5 August 2022
The A To Z Of Sandwich Programs in The UK
5 August 2022

A sandwich course is an educational program that includes spending some time away from your university. It involves students opting for either research or an internship in a professional environment. The duration of the internship or the research period can be up to a year. Sandwich courses are available in both postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the UK.

Types of sandwich courses in the UK

There are generally two kinds of sandwich courses available in the UK. These differ from each other on the basis of the duration of the internship period or research. The two kinds are:

  • Thick sandwich course: A thick sandwich course or degree can be a five-year course taken during post-graduation for your master’s or a four-year course taken during undergraduate for your bachelor’s. This course involves a year of internship or research. This year is known as the sandwich year and is typically after completing the second year of the course. This sandwich year is not split into multiple duration’s.
  • Thin sandwich course: A thin sandwich course or degree involves multiple research periods or internship years instead of a complete year.

Why should you opt for sandwich courses in the UK?

Here are some advantages of taking a sandwich course in the UK:

  • There are a lot of different approaches to how a sandwich course could be used to enhance the value of your CV.
  • You can acquire new skill sets that are used in helping you perform well in corporate culture.
  • You can gain a competitive edge over your peers. Sandwich courses help you in acquiring skills that can add valuable perspective to the industry. You can also gain more resources that are needed to succeed.
  • Sandwich courses are an excellent way to get a job. Since you have already been a part of the company as an intern, it is very common for organizations to roll out full-time employment options.
  • You can meet new people in your industry and network. Networking is extremely valuable in exploring the industry.
  • Since you will get an insider view of the organization you intern with during your education itself, you can also gain valuable insights as well as practical skills.
  • Many internships are paid in sandwich courses. These help you in easing your living expenses and gaining a crucial network. You can also explore new opportunities that are coming up in your industry.
  • Quite often, if the company you intern with appreciates you as a worker, you can acquire a pre-placement offer. This helps you in getting prepared for your job during your sandwich course in the UK as well as gaining job security.

Who is eligible to join sandwich courses in the UK?

The eligibility criteria to join sandwich courses in the UK is similar to the prerequisites to gain a full-time education in the UK. Here are the eligibility criteria for joining sandwich courses:

  • You need to hold a minimum of 60% marks in your specified or relevant course that is issued by a recognized board.
  • You need to meet the standardized language testing requirements for the C1 Advanced or IELTS, or TOEFL test.
  • If you are applying for a master’s program, you need to appear for the GRE or GMAT.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • An updated resume
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Academic Transcripts


A Sandwich course is typically a part of the British education system that is followed by a lot of countries globally. It first started in the UK in around 1950. Later this course was adopted in other countries throughout the world, thus changing its status from being a part of the British education system to other systems as well. Let us explore sandwich programs in the UK with best immigration consultants in India at Landmark Immigration.

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