Life in Germany for Indian Students: Get an Overview

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Life in Germany for Indians

Life in Germany for Indians: Let’s Have an Overview

Life in Germany for Indians: Let’s Have an Overview

2 May 2023
Life in Germany for Indians: Let’s Have an Overview
2 May 2023

Germany is an amazing place with a long and distinguished history. Its vibrant economy attracts students and professionals from around the globe – especially India! Indian students and professionals choose Germany for study or work purposes for many different reasons; lifestyle factors, healthcare facilities, weather factors, living costs, and top universities will all play a factor. This blog will present an overview of life in Germany for Indian students studying there as a host country.

German Lifestyle

German culture differs significantly from what Indians are used to. Germans are well known for being punctual, efficient, and direct in their communication style. They place a strong value on personal space and privacy and often keep to themselves. Yet, Germany also embraces foreigners learning their language and culture and welcomes those attempting to learn it as much as possible!

Germany hosts an active Indian community with restaurants, grocery stores, and cultural events specific to India. These landmarks help ease transitioning for Indian residents by providing comforting ties from home. Furthermore, numerous student organizations and support networks exist for Indian students studying there.

Healthcare Facilities in Germany

Germany boasts one of the finest healthcare systems worldwide. All residents must obtain health insurance either through public or private providers. Its public coverage is more cost-effective with comprehensive doctor visits, hospital stays, and medications covered, while private providers usually offer more options and higher-quality care.

Indian students studying in Germany typically purchase public coverage through their universities at approximately 100 euros/month.

Weather in Germany

Germany has a temperate climate with moderate summers and cold winters that often see heavy precipitation. These conditions make adjusting to colder climates difficult, but appropriate clothing and heating solutions may make a big difference for Indian travelers used to warmer conditions. Once summer hits, however, Germans love spending their free time outdoors hiking, cycling, or enjoying parks and lakes in this picturesque nation.

Living Costs in Germany for Indian Students

Living expenses vary based on location and lifestyle in Germany; rent, taxes, and food costs are high. However, expenses can be decreased through sharing an apartment/flat with others, cooking at home more frequently, or taking advantage of student discounts. A rough estimate for monthly living costs in Germany for Indian students studying there would include the following;

  • Rent: 400-800EUR depending on the city
  • Food 150 200
  • Transportation 50 100
  • Health insurance: 100
  • Miscellaneous/misc 50-150

Top Universities in Germany

Germany boasts many highly-ranked universities that provide abundant programs and research opportunities, drawing in students from India. Some of the best German universities for Indians include

  • Technical University Munich (TU Munich)
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMUM)
  • Heidelberg University
  • Humboldt University Berlin
  • RWTH Aachen University

Effective Tips Regarding Life in Germany for Indians

These are some of the top choices for Indian students studying there. Here are a few practical tips for Indian students studying in Germany:

Learn Germany

Learning German will simplify communicating with locals, making friends, and managing daily life.

Be Sure To Purchase Health Insurance Before Arriving:

All residents in Germany must possess health insurance; thus, it must be purchased before moving there.

Stay Punctual For Appointments And Meetings

It is highly valued in German culture for people to arrive promptly for appointments, classes, and meetings on time; Germans appreciate promptness! Ensuring you arrive for scheduled events as quickly as possible!

Make Friends

Join student organizations and groups to meet other international students and make friends.

Budget Wisely

Living costs can be high in Germany; therefore, it is wise to create an economical budget plan and look for ways to save money.

Explore Germany

Germany is full of stunning cities and attractions; take the time to take full advantage of your time there and immerse yourself in German culture by discovering all it has to offer!


Life in Germany for Indian students can be both challenging and rewarding. Germans value hard work, punctuality, and efficiency while remaining friendly and welcoming – an Indian community provides comfort during transition.

Germany boasts one of the best healthcare systems globally. While living expenses may seem high, there are ways to reduce expenses; many top universities provide study programs and research opportunities – making Germany an excellent option.

Indian students studying in Germany should make time to learn German language basics as soon as they arrive and be punctual for every class scheduled lecture while budgeting wisely to explore all corners of this fascinating nation.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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