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India & UK Sign an Agreement to Recognize Each Other’s Qualifications

India & UK Sign an Agreement to Recognize Each Other’s Qualifications

25 August 2022 landmark
25 August 2022 landmark

In July 2022, India and the UK signed an agreement to recognize each other’s qualifications, which is being perceived as a landmark agreement between the two countries.

It comes as an extension of the International Trade Policy between the two countries, where the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the prime ministers of India and the UK.

This comes as welcoming news to many Indian students studying at UK universities, as their eligibility will now be considered for various jobs and higher studies in India or UK.

Also, the agreement means that there will be an increase in the number of students going to UK universities, which will definitely give a boost to the UK economy.

Several people involved in higher education have welcomed this as a positive decision for both countries.

Why is it hailed as a landmark agreement?

As per James Cleverly, who is Secretary of State for Education in the UK, universities in the UK are known for international education.

The agreement serves to build a great partnership between India and the UK as it removes obstacles for the students to come and study in the UK.

This, on the one hand, allows students to explore higher education in the UK while on the other hand, it will give a boost to the economy of the UK.

Barbara Wick-ham, who is Director of India at the British Council, said that the agreement on the mutual recognition of academic qualifications is a landmark decision as it will be beneficial for thousands of students in both countries.

Young and talented students of both countries now have great opportunities in times to come. The agreement was even described as a historic one as it will help students to progress in their education and even find jobs as qualifications will be recognized in both nations.

What does it mean for Indian students?

The agreement now makes UK universities even more appealing to applicants from India. This will also provide an economic boost.

The UK’s Department for International Trade said that MoU on higher education will facilitate Indian students who graduate from UK Universities to apply for postgraduate courses in British Universities and also apply for government careers that demand university qualifications.

There will be an increase in the number of students applying for higher education in UK universities. As per data, more than 84,000 students went to study in the UK between 2020-21.

The trend is bound to grow to post the agreement that has been formed between the two countries. The MoU is part of the UK-India ETP (Enhanced Trade Partnership) which was signed by the prime ministers of both countries.

As per the new agreement, students who clear Indian undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses can now easily apply for higher studies in the UK.

At the same time, any master’s degree from the UK will now be recognized in India. This means that Indian students in the UK will be able to apply for postdoctoral qualifications when they return to their country. There are some fields which are not covered as per the agreement, such as pharmacy, engineering, medicine, and architecture.

Before, students who used to complete their undergraduate or PG courses in UK universities were facing eligibility issues, especially for research programme and government jobs.

This will no longer be the case, and students will be allowed to apply for such programmes with ease. The news gives relief to students who are pursuing their higher education in the UK, as their qualifications will now be eligible when they apply for jobs or further studies in India.

Boost to the British economy

This agreement will certainly give a boost to the UK economy as more students will apply to study at UK universities. The single non-EU student contributes around £109,000 per person to the higher education industry in Britain.

There will be increased involvement of students, and they will apply for multiple courses. At the same time, recognition of each other’s qualifications will lessen the hassles which came earlier. The travel of British students to India is also likely to increase.

The enrollment of students will have a direct and indirect positive impact on the British economy as they need lodging and will boost the economy due to the purchase of goods and essentials, which directly impacts various industries.

More Indian nationals coming to the UK also means attracting investors in the education field. There will be a considerably bigger market for students and their needs, which will need to be addressed by the country.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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