3 May 2022 landmark
3 May 2022 landmark
The Ontario Immigration Act says that providing false information on your immigration applications is a felony. Earlier this year, the Ontario Government announced that it will reveal the names of those who have been sanctioned for providing wrong information or submitting fraudulent documents for their immigration applications.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will begin releasing the names of candidates, employers, and representatives that have been given an administrative order following any imprecise, incorrect, or misleading information.

Ontario Immigration Act 2015

By virtue of the Ontario Immigration Act of 2015, all applicants and employers applying to the OINP are required to provide accurate, up-to-date, and honest information, failing which an administrative order will be issued for any violation of this decree.
In the event that the immigration director decides to enforce the order by this administration of Ontario, the candidate, employer, or representative cannot apply to the OINP for a period of five years, and there may even be a monetary fine imposed.

What is the Penalty?

Specifically, the penalty should not exceed $150,000 per violation and should be paid within 60 days after receiving the order. Aside from this, additional sanctions will be imposed on candidates, employers, or representatives upon rejection of these applications. A related approval could be canceled or even prosecuted under the Provincial Offences Act if it is ever canceled or prosecuted.

What did ONIP state?

The OINP noted, “Publishing contraventions of the Immigration Act is an important measure which protects the public and strengthens the program’s integrity.” The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is considered one of the top provincial nomination programs, attracting aspiring and eligible candidates with a keen interest in a comfortable and high standard of living. Do you want to learn more about Canadian immigration? For free counseling, you can contact our experienced certified immigration consultants here.

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