How to Count Your Work Experience Point for Canada Express Entry

How to Count Your Work Experience Point for Canada Express Entry

13 August 2021 landmark
13 August 2021 landmark

How to Count Your Work Experience Point for Canada Express Entry

This video speaks about the work experience points and shares how the work experience points can be calculated for express entry. A brief about, which is Express entry pathway which is a faster PR pathway to get the PR faster calculated on the basic points that are calculated.

This is a comprehensive point-based system that Canada has come up with. These points are calculated based on your education, work experience, IELTS score, age and any other adaptive factors such as relatives already staying abroad especially your real brothers and sisters.

This can be an added advantage as you can score a 15 pointer for that total of 1200 points. Maximum focus and points are based on human factors while calculating these points is through education, work experience, age and IELTS score.

Please watch our video for more in-depth details.

Many people have this question about how to calculate the work experience. Below are different scenarios that can exist. 


Full-Time Work Experience Calculation

This video is specifically made to explain to you the calculation of the work experience especially when you have worked in multiple domains and organisations.

The job should be NOC OAB, which means dentist or doctor the nock is A level, chemical lab assistant or nurse or in to finance your NOC is O,

Your experience should be a continuous work experience of one year continuously.

You can’t accumulate your job experience of working under different employers for random periods. This will not be taken into consideration while calculating the points for express entry.

You cannot have and show a work experience of 6 months in a particular job and another experience of the next 6 months under another employer and combining them both.


For example- if a person has worked in HDFC for 6 months and then switches his job to someplace else for the next 6 months, this does not add as a one-year experience.

A person has to work in one company under any of the NOC for one continuous year to be eligible for the express entry.

In case a person has worked in one company for one continuous year and then has worked for 6 months in a company, 4 months in another company and 2 months somewhere else, this person can show a cumulative work experience of 2 years and get additional points.

Which will add to the points. But you have to remember that proper documentation should be available to authenticate your experience.

Students already in Canada

The students who are already there in Canada do not file under federal skill workers but Canadian experience class. Federal skill worker, a person has to show a continuous work experience of one year, but this is not the case with Canadian experience class.

A student can work shorter periods and accumulate a total work experience of one year in the last three years to get an express entry. This means that if a person has worked at different places in the last 3 years in short intervals of time, you can accumulate the experience and make it one year.

For example, if a student has worked for four months under one employer, 4 months somewhere else and four months under some other employer; s/he can accumulate it as one-year experience.

This can be shown as one year of experience in its entirety and will be calculated for express entry. But, one year of experience is needed for Canada express entry.

Freelancers and part-timers

For freelancers and part-timers, if you are working as a part-timer still the experience of one year is needed under one employer.

But if you are a full-time Canadian student part-time work experience is not eligible and you will be considered as a student. Both these categories have their independent way of calculation.

If you are filing under a federal skill worker who is working as a part-time worker being a student, you have to show one year of experience under one employer as a part-timer, but if you are filing under the Canadian experience class you cannot apply as a part-timer while still in education.


Work experience is an important factor for getting Canada express entry and PR and you should be clearly aware of what role does it play when you are applying for express entry. In most cases, a minimum of one year of experience is mandatory.

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