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Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad in USA

Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad in USA

9 September 2022
Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad in USA
9 September 2022

The USA has some of the best universities in the world. Studying in the USA allows you to access the best available educational centers. It is known for high-quality education, and this is why students around the globe choose the USA for their higher education. It gives you an edge for your future career as gaining a degree from the USA opens your prospects in the country as well as all major destinations in the world.

Can I study in the USA with a tourist visa?

If you are in the USA on a B-2 visitor visa, you must apply for a change of status of visa to F-1 student. For this, you can submit a request to USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). The best thing is to apply for the B-2 prospective student visa before visiting the country.

Can I study in the USA on a dependent Visa?

The F-2 and M-2 dependents can study at a school which is SEVP-certified. They need to enroll for less than a full course of study. If the adult dependents wish to study full time, they need to apply for a change of status to F-1 or M-1 so that they can pursue higher education in the USA.

How to study in the USA after the 12th?

Post completing the 12th grade, the students can apply for educational institutions in the USA, where the institutes offer a bachelor’s degree in a range of disciplines. They can apply for state college or university, private college or university, community college or Institute of Technology. The USA has as many as 33 top colleges out of the top 100 colleges in the world.

How to study in the USA as an international student?

International students from all parts of the world visit the USA every year to study and enhance their educational careers. There is a rich cultural mix of students in the USA pertaining to this trend. Any international student has to first apply to the college university where they wish to study. Once their application gets selected, they can get a student visa to the USA.

How to study in the USA with a scholarship?

Various colleges and universities offer scholarships for exemplary students. The students need to check the eligibility criteria for scholarships when applying for a particular university or college. If they meet the conditions as stated by the university/college, they get the benefit of a scholarship when they move to study in the USA.

Where to study medicine in the USA?

There are more than 170 medical schools in the USA which offer degrees in medicine. Some of the highest ranked institutions include Harvard University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California, University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, Yale University, Duke University, Columbia University and the University of Washington.

Where to study law in the USA?

The best law schools in the USA include Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, University of California, Berkeley, New York University, Columbia University and Duke University.

Where to study architecture in the USA?

When it comes to studying architecture the best places to study in the USA are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, University of California, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan and Stanford University.

Which City is best for studying in the USA?

Many cities in the USA offer great studying opportunities for students in higher education. Some of the best cities to study include Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Baltimore and San Diego.

What is MS study in the USA?

MS stands for Master of Science, and it is usually a 2-year study program in the USA. To pursue MS in the USA, you need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in the related subject. The MS degree can be gained in different disciplines of science and can be research-based, fully course based or a combination of both.

The most popular MS courses in the USA are MS in Data Science, Computer Science, Internet Technology, Cybersecurity, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Pharmacology, and Architecture.

Is studying in the US easier than in India?

When compared to India, the study in the US is more simplified and systematic. Indian students can easily adapt to the way of studying in the USA as they are exposed to a tougher form of studying in their home country.

Can I study in the US on an h4 visa?

Yes, you can study, live and work if you have an H4 visa in the USA.

Can I study in the US on an L2 visa?

Yes, but they cannot work while they study.

Can I study in the US with an L1 visa?

Yes, you can study part-time or full-time with an L1 visa in the USA.

Is studying in the US expensive?

Yes, it is expensive as students spend an average of $99,417 over the tenure of the course of their degree in the US.

What is the study cost in the US for international students?

If we compare the study program with the average tuition fee per year then the undergraduate program costs from $8,000 to $40,000, the associate program costs an average of $3,800, the postgraduate program costs from $10,000 to $60,000 and the doctoral program costs from $28,000 to $55,000.

Is an IELTS score required to study in the USA?

As many as 3,300 higher educational centers accept IELTS as proof of proficiency in the English language.

Which universities accept the Duolingo test to study in the US?

The list includes Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Colorado State University, George Mason University, West Virginia University, University of South Florida, Illinois State University, Washington State University and Suffolk University.

Can I study in the USA without IELTS?

Yes, IELTS is not considered mandatory to study in the USA. The students need to get a letter from their previous university that the course they took previously was in the English language. The universities in some cases ask candidates to take a preparatory program known as the Intensive English Language Program.

Can I study in the USA without the GRE?

Yes, there are several colleges and universities that have waived off the GRE for admission.

Can I study in the USA without TOEFL?

Yes, you can study if you provide the required criteria like proof that the previous course you studied was in the English language. You can also join the university by going through English Language Program (ELP).

Study in the US vs the UK. Which one is better?

Both US and UK offer great educational opportunities to international students. It depends upon what you prefer. If you know the right kind of university or college for pursuing your education, then it doesn’t matter where you study. Though both places offer a different set of experiences to the students.

Should I study in US or Canada?

The US offers some of the best colleges and universities in the world to study at. Canada also features some great educational centers. The student needs to decide which place is best for them to study. Getting admission to a Canadian University is easier than in the USA.

Should I study in the US or Australia?

The US has more options when compared with Australia. For some students, Australia could be the right option but in the majority of cases studying in the US is more beneficial.

How to study in the USA after grade 10?

You can study in the USA after the 10th by taking the 11th and 12th grade in US high school system, but the US does not have any board exams system. The students are evaluated based on their grades for the courses they take. Therefore, it is important to opt for the right course.

How to study in the USA after graduation from India?

After graduation from India, you can apply for the programs available in the USA with their top universities and colleges. You need to be sure about the kind of course or degree you wish to pursue. Once you get an invitation letter from the college or university of your choice, you can proceed ahead.

How to study in the USA for free?

There are some tuition-free universities in the USA which includes Berea College, Alice Lloyd College, Webb Institute, College of the Ozarks, Curtis Institute of Music, City University of New York (CUNY) U.S. Academies, State of Washington Universities, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and Deep Springs College

What are the best universities for international students in the USA?

As per Forbes, there is a list of the top 50 centers for international students. Here is the list:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Harvard University
  3. Columbia University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
  6. Amherst College
  7. Stanford University
  8. Babson College
  9. University of Pennsylvania
  10. Claremont McKenna College
  11. New York University
  12. Pomona College
  13. Cornell University
  14. Georgetown University
  15. Brown University
  16. Princeton University
  17. Yale University
  18. Swarthmore College
  19. Tufts University
  20. Williams College
  21. Vassar College
  22. University of Southern California
  23. Vanderbilt University
  24. Middlebury College
  25. Johns Hopkins University
  26. Lafayette College
  27. University of Chicago
  28. Dartmouth College
  29. University of California-Los Angeles
  30. University of Notre Dame
  31. Harvey Mudd College
  32. Barnard College
  33. North-western University
  34. Carnegie Mellon University
  35. Bates College
  36. Wesleyan University
  37. Wellesley College
  38. University of California-Berkeley
  39. Rice University
  40. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  41. Carleton College
  42. University of Maryland-College Park
  43. Grinnell College
  44. Bowdoin College
  45. Haverford College
  46. Pitzer College
  47. Boston College
  48. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus
  49. Colgate University
  50. Washington University in St Louis

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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