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Educational Credential Assessment or ECA: Why Do You Need It?

Educational Credential Assessment or ECA: Why Do You Need It?

14 January 2022
Educational Credential Assessment or ECA: Why Do You Need It?
14 January 2022

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, you must have been told to get your Educational Credential Assessment Report.

What is ECA and why do you need this while moving to Canada?

ECA stands for the Educational Credential Assessment.

As the name implies, ECA is the process to check if your degree, diploma, or certificate is valid and equivalent to a Canadian one. In simple words, ECA is all about finding out whether your educational qualification is equal to in Canada.

Here we will know everything about ECA, including definition, process, and importance. Let’s get it started.

What is ECA?

ECA stands for Educational Credential Assessment. It is the process to prove that a foreign individual has a degree, diploma, or certificate obtained outside of Canada that is equivalent to a Canadian one.

The evaluation of the foreign degrees is done by some agencies to determine their validity and credential.

  • Comparative Education Service
  • World Education Services
  • International Educational Evaluation Service

Why ECA is Important in Immigration to Canada?

Immigration candidates are not necessarily required to go through an ECA evaluation. However, if you are immigrating through the Federal Skilled Workers Program (Express Entry Program), then the ECA is mandatory. The Federal Skilled Workers Program or the Express Entry is the quick route for immigrants to enter Canada based on their skills.

If you have a degree from an outside institution and want to have this degree accepted in Canada, ECA is important, especially if you are looking for a job or career that matches your qualifications.

What Levels of Education Need to Evaluate? 

ECA is not meant to assess every level of education. It is only mandated for the higher levels of education.

However, it might not be that simple. For example, if you hold a certificate course and a bachelor’s degree, you don’t need to get both evaluated. But if someone has several credentials (multiple degrees and certificates from different streams), they should evaluate each one individually. For example, if you have a degree in psychology and a degree in business, you should have both evaluated.

One more thing–you do DON’T Need an ECA for your 10th or 12th-grade certificates. A bachelor’s degree holder is only required to get his last degree assessed unless they have diploma courses like Post-Graduate Diploma of some kind.

Where to Apply ECA From? Which Organization Can Do Your ECA?

This is determined by the career selected, the credential that should be analyzed, and where they received the degree. To find the right organization to choose for ECA, consult the CICIC system (Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials) or you can contact us.

Medical professionals can get their credentials evaluated by the Medical Council of Canada. The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada assesses all pharmacist applications.

Do You Need an ECA Report for Canadian Immigration?

Individuals who look to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry designation should have their credentials assessed. However, ECA is not required for the qualifications you received from a university or school in Canada as an international student.

Moreover, some Master’s and PG degree programs might not need an ECA for the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

How to Get an ECA Report for Canadian Immigration?

There are many organizations that do perform the ECA, including

However, you should choose the right one. For example, medical degrees should be submitted to the Medical Council of Canada.

If you are not a medical professional or have any occupation-specific degree, you can select WES that is widely recognized in the USA and Canada.

To get an Educational Credential Assessment report, submit the required documents like a degree, and certificate to these organizations. You can also send the degree of your accompanying spouse or partner if you have.

Once they are done with assessing your credentials, they will notify you. 

What is the Time and Cost of ECA?

The cost and time vary based on the Educational Credential Assessment Agency you choose.


ECA Organisation Processing Time (approx.) Cost
Comparative Education Service (CES) 14 Weeks 210 $
World Education Services (WES) 4 Weeks 220 $
International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) 12 Weeks 230 $
Comparative Education Service (CES) 14 Weeks 210 $
Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (For Pharmacists) 13 Weeks 600 $
Medical Council of Canada – (Professional body for doctors) 6 Weeks 290 $
International Credential Assessment of service of Canada (ICAS) 13 Weeks 200 $
International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) 15 Weeks 200 $

Note: Please check the guidelines given on the websites of these organizations as the information is likely to change over time. Besides, the courier charge and other expenses are not given here.

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