New opportunity to study in Canada-Jan. 2020.


January 2020 Intake for Canada: A New Opportunity to Study Abroad

Canada is a major destination for students to pursue further studies. Each year, the number of students traveling to Canada has increased significantly. Canada is the most educated country in the world with a literacy rate of 99%. There are more than 100 colleges/universities established in Canada. Nowadays, Canadian universities are moving to apply for admission in January 2020. If anyone is eager to study in Canada, the application for admission to Canada in January 2020 has already begun. If your IELTS score is ready, apply for a Canadian student visa and then fly into Canada in January 2020.

Here are the reasons why you should apply for January 2020 intake for Canada:

  • Education Facilities:
In most programs, English is a means of teaching that offers a wide range of choices for native speakers and an opportunity for non-native speakers who wish to improve their language skills. The Canadian education system offers three degrees: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate. As an international student, you can choose to start or finish your studies. Like other countries, there are public and private universities. Public college enrollment rates average between $7,500 and $22,500 per year, while private colleges tend to have higher enrollment rates. There are 96 universities and 150 colleges in Canada, so you can choose the best college for you from this huge team.
  • Top Colleges/Universities:
You already know how Canada is the focus of education in this world, and whether you want to know what is behind it. It is a famous university and university in the country. In addition to providing you with the best quality general education experience, no other aspect can satisfy! Centennial College, Humber College, Seneca College, George Brown College, Red River College, McGill University, University of Waterloo, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and many other top colleges are recognized worldwide. And will help you achieve your dreams!
  • Benefits of Studying:
The benefits and benefits of studying in Canada are limitless. The country’s academic excellence and quality control make students feel safe about their future and career. The country offers affordable education compared to Western countries that do not tax students. Enjoy relaxed student life at Canada’s post-secondary campus, which is connected not only to the latest cutting-edge technology but also to countless modern facilities. The degree is internationally recognized, so you don’t have to worry about your employment being limited to one country. The title will be valuable no matter where you go. You can’t stress enough to get rid of the comfort zone and connections in the real world. You will find that the population is very diverse and can help you shape your personality and become a professional who is ready for the market. You will also receive limited working hours for your students, which will help you earn a living and pay for your own expenses. Isn’t that a brownie cake? What are you waiting for? Learn in Canada as soon as possible to shape your future in the best possible way. Confused about how to start in the same way? Request a Future Link consultant in January 2020 as we will resolve all your questions and provide you with a genuine guide. You can also enjoy special offers such as exemption from application fees, scholarships, tuition discounts, airport pick-ups, accommodations, etc. Are you ready to apply for Canada in January 2020? Do you need more information? Do you need guidance from a Canadian university? Need to know a Canadian university? If so, please visit the Future Link consultant or call us for a complete guide on how to apply for admission to Canada in January 2020.

08 things you must know before consulting to a Visa Service provider.

Landmark Immigration knows that there are a lot of people sitting in on the chair of a visa service provider just to cheat you. Usually, people get into traps of a fake immigration consultant who is sitting in the opportunity to fraud with your wealth.

Careful, while consulting any visa service provider. So, Landmark Immigration came up with  08 important steps one should take before consulting any visa service provider. Check out the list now.

1. Fake or real service provider:

Nowadays, there are lots of people are sitting in the market just to cheat you.  They will tell you about the whole immigration visa service process. They can tell you things which will make you believe that they are the best option for your Immigration process. And you will hand over their consulting fee, with your whole documents. Then after that, you will never see them again or by any chance, if you meet them they will tell your document verification is going to take some time with your visa service process. And you will end up giving more money to your visa service provider.

How to differentiate between real or fake?

Always try to find out, the visa service provider you are meeting for your immigration process is real or fake.  This is a very easy process.

  • You just have to Google it, by the name of the company. And Google will clear your mind, you can trust that person or not.
  • Go through the ” terms and condition policy ” carefully.
  • check if the consultant is a member of ICCRC

2. If the real one, are they certified?:

If you are confident that the consultant is real, then check for the certifications. Every real consultant is ICCRC certified. How to check, ICCRC certificate of a consultant?

Steps involved in checking the ICCRC certificate?

  • Select a language, English or French
  • ‘Click on Find a professional’

•    Select ‘Search’

  • View the result and check RCIC Status

3. If certified, are they helpful?:

Once, you are confirmed that your visa service provider is certified,  talk to them and try to get their words. You can easily know, the weather this immigration consultant can help you or not. The best part of a genuine consultant is they won’t guarantee the success of your application because they will not be the ones to issue the visa. They can only guide you in getting the right documents and in the right format in the best possible manner that will ensure easy passage. They know how to package your application.

4. If helpful, are they trustworthy?

Being helpful is one thing in the Immigration visa service provider field, but being trustful is another thing.  As per requirement, it’s necessary to provide your original document for your help. Handing over your documents to the visa service provider is the toughest and critical step in the Immigration process. If the Immigration consultancy is not trusted worthy, it’s risky to hand your documents to others.

Being the best visa service provider in India, Landmark Immigration  Consultancy it’s our duty to spread awareness regarding immigration frauds. Always hand your documents when you are fully confident about the consultant. We go through many of our clients who share the most painful and torturing phase of blackmailing.

5. If they are trustworthy, will they be source full?:

Source full means, as Landmark Immigration has the history of providing confirmed student visas up to 100%. Landmark Immigration is the top immigration consultancy and visa service provider in India. We provide the best way an option that will be fruitful in your bright feature.

Usually, Students come with their problems to our visa service provider and step out with a solution from our office. If you still confused with the Best Immigration Consultant in India visit us now.

6. Ask them  “how much time it takes for a confirmed visa?”:

Usually, it’s impossible to tell how much time it will take in a student visa. Still, there is an estimated time that every visa service provider know. They will tell you approx time which will help you to know where, when, and how your file will be moving forward in a fixed step of the Student visa immigration process.

How does Landmark Immigration work?

Here, at Landmark Immigration, we provide the estimated time taken in your visa services. We also provide them a checklist of documents and many important steps that will be taken during the Student visa immigration process.

7. If providing confirmed visa, is his clients are happy?:

Check out, the feedback of the past customers who have given chance to the immigration service provider. That will help you to know about the quality of Immigration services provided. It will also tell you what are the loopholes made by that particular immigration visa service provider.

8. If clients are happy, then apply for your visa process.

While going through above all process you will very well know, the visa service provider you are about to consult. At the meantime, while there is few more process which will allow you to get the real Immigration service provider. But these above points will help you to get out of reach from the fraud immigration visa service provider.

Why chose Landmark Immigration?

Landmark Immigration is one of the certified and trusted Immigration visa service provider in India. We at, Landmark Immigration office prove the full visa services which will help you to get an overseas education visa as fast as possible.

Visit us, at landmark Immigration office nearby your home to get confirmed student visa up to 100%. Fill the form to get the best visa service experience.

Looking for Best visa services in India?

Landmark Immigration provides the best visa services in India. We have successfully sent a number of students in countries like Canada, US, Germany, and many more countries.

If, you are still confused with the laws of different countries, consult with the best immigration services provider in our office.

What makes us, the Best Visa Services in India?

Therefore, our team has the best member, each with fully updated knowledge about the latest rules and immigration ways. We know, what will be best for your feature.

  • Free assessment.
  • Evaluate your eligibility
  • Visa program you are eligible for.
  • Student visa, Permanent Settlement visa, temporary visit visa.
  • credible, friendly staff and highly reliable resources for processing the visa.

We very well know, immigrating to a new Country comes with lots of problems. We try to solve each and every possible problem. If not possible, we inform students what problem you will face, and how to handle it without facing further problems.

In brief, this is how today Landmark Immigration Service provider is one of the best trusted and renowned visa service providers in India.

What makes Landmark Immigration most trusted name in Immigration Services provider?

  1. Transparency:

      Where there is transparency, the bond is made automatic. We keep updating each and every step to our students. They know what step we are taking regarding their visa program.
  2. Money investment:

    Today there is a lot of immigration service provider who tries to cheat the students. But here, at Landmark Immigration service provider we try to give them a round figure according to their visa plan. We also inform them which stage of the visa process will cost how much.
  3. Expert Consultant:

    We have the teams of the Expert consultant. Our expert consultant evaluates your eligibility and informs you about the visa program you are eligible for.
  4. Documentation and Processing:

    We at Landmark Immigration go through all your required documents, which will be required or asked for your visa process. We also provide the estimated time taken for the processing

Although, Moving to a new country is all new experience, full of excitement and joy. Still, there are things which you are totally unknown. We guide you and try to inform you about DO’s and Don’ts regarding your destination.

By the way, these are the moral rules, Landmark Immigration work on and with. Moving with these rules, Landmark Immigration has made its name in the most trusted visa service provider in India.

In short, we are still working hard to maintain its dignity with full hard work and enthusiasm. Feel free to call or visit our offices near your residence. To know more about us, read our service page.

Canada Study Visa

Can I Apply for Canada Study Visa? If I have IELTS 5.5 Bands in each?

There is a whole lot of confusion regarding the IELTS band requirement for Canada Study Visa . some say it requires 6 bands, not less than 5.5 bands each. Some say you can get study visa without IELTS. How does this work? Let me clear it for you. Canadian Government has three categories for students who want to complete their study in Canada. 1st category:

Student Partners Program (SPP):-

If you want to apply for Canada study visa under SPP category. You have the option to choose from 47 colleges which will confirm your seat to study in their college.

A requirement for applying under SPP category?

  •  You need to have 6 bands not less than 5.5 in each. Means if you have 6 bands not less than 5.5 in each you can apply right now.

Course you can apply for under SPP category?

  •      Diploma
  •      Advance Diploma
  •      Postgraduate Diploma
  •      Graduate Diploma
  •       You can also apply for bachelors degree as well
These are the courses available for you

When to apply under SPP category?

  •  September is the month when you can apply for any of the above course in any of the 47  colleges which come under SPP category.
2nd category:

Non-Student Partners Program (Non-SPP) category.

There are many more colleges in Canada which are legal and have their individual license number. But they do not participate in any of the rule regulation set by SPP category colleges  (47 Colleges). They work Individually and they work under their own protocols.

How and who can apply for Canada student visa under the non-SPP category?

There are two types of student who can apply for a student visa under non-SPP category. a) A student with average academic marks and they scored IELTS 5.5 band to 6.0 band and they just want to give it try, whether he can or cannot get a Canada Study visa.

Chances of getting a student visa?

If you are applying for Canada study visa under this category then chances of success are totally dependent on the visa officer. or you can say it, it’s 50-50. b) A student with good academic marks and have IELTS 6 band not less than 5.5 each. He chooses his course but still, he/she failed to get Canada study visa under SPP category. Then, he realizes his mistake. He overcomes from that mistake, then that students can apply under Non-SPP category for any of the college. (SPP Colleges + Non-SPP Colleges) 3rd category:

University category

What do you need to apply for Canada study visa under University Category? a) The University of Canada says, If the student is applying for the bachelor’s degree they won’t charge any fee, until he/she gets the Canada study permit. The application fee is chargeable only by the selected colleges and the rest are free. b) Once you apply, they directly provide you  Letter Of Acceptance (LOA). So, once you get your LOA, the summit that LOA to the High Commission for your visa. Once you get your study visa, then you suppose to pay the university fee and after that, you can start your studies over there. Canada Study Visa What about the English or IELTS score? Universities say; If you manage to score 90% marks then we don’t need the IELTS score. Just come to us and start your studies. few University says, You have low marks in academic but still you have IELTS 6 bands, 5.5 in each then you can come to us, after getting your Canada study visa.  We will take the test and if you manage to get equivalent marks as per our requirement then we will provide you a seat in our college.

How to improve your English after getting a Canada student visa?

Canadian University gives an option for English for Academic Purposes ( EAP ) course. If you have 5.5 bands, you can apply for the EAP course. EAP is a 3-month course, then afterward you can start your study. Like if you join the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course in September then your main study will start from January, if you join it in January then your main course will start in May. This is all three categories you can apply for a Canada Study visa. You can consult Landmark Immigration for more valuable information.


Canada is the second largest country in the world at 10 million square kilometers. Though it’s large in-country space there are only about 34 million people living in the country. Due to the shortage of population, Canada is a country which is accepting about a quarter of a million new Permanent residents each year. People having skill sets and work experience and good English to qualify for PR. Other than PR majority of the people move to Canada through studies as it helps in getting a secured job and PR at a faster pace.

Why Study in Canada?

Canadian Colleges and universities have recognized the world over and it’s the most sought after country when it comes to international students. There are a lot of reasons why study in Canada is a favored destination

  • Quality of education in colleges and universities are globally recognized.
  • Student-friendly atmosphere
  • Higher education in Canada costs just half as much as it would be in other top study destinations like the US.
  • Safe country to study and settle
  • Bilingual country
  • Students have the option to work while they are studying
  • After finishing studies students are automatically eligible for a post-graduate work permit
  • After gaining valuable work experience international students can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency
Important Facts about living and Studying in Canada

The country has been a welcoming destination for international students for the last few years due to its better quality of education. In comparison to other nations, the permanent residence immigration policy is very welcoming for international students coming to Canada for studies. Students not only earn an academic degree but their overall development is the key focus of the universities and colleges. Being one of the safest countries Canada boasts an enviable quality of life for students. Fields like telecommunications, digital media, biotech, and aeronautical engineering are very strong.

The Canadian govt offers a work-study program for students so that after completing their graduation they can stay back to gain work experience in the highly competitive market.

What is the Minimum Wage rate in each province in Canada

The Canadian Constitution has given the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labor laws, including the minimum wage, rests with the ten provinces as well as the three territories.

Population and demographics of Canada

Population in Canada is not uniformly distributed throughout. A major number of people live in the southern part of the country leaving northern areas largely uninhabited. In 2018, Canada has an estimated population of 36.95 million, which ranks 38th in the world. Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area and the largest North American country. Canada extends from the Pacific to the Atlantic and north to the Arctic Ocean. The United States-Canadian border is the longest land border in the world.

The largest city in Canada is Toronto followed by Montreal in Quebec and third place by Calgary in Alberta. The most hospitable part of Canadian territory is in the south. Summers are warm and winters are not too harsh, making the area suitable for agriculture. Canada as a whole has a population density of just 4 people per square kilometers, which makes it the 228th most densely populated country. The population density is among the lowest in the world, mostly because a great deal of the countries to the north is virtually uninhabited. Toronto, meanwhile, is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world with a density of 2,930 people per square kilometer.

How to apply for Study Visa?

Canada is also home to one of the largest Indian Diaspora living in foreign countries. The Canadian student visa program is divided into three different categories SDS, University and general category the rules and requirements vary for each category varies

SDS (Student Direct Stream) Category

The SDS category has replaced the SPP category. In this, the student can study in all designating learning institutes of Canada whereas under SPP you had the options of 47 colleges. The academic requirements for a student are more than 55% in last qualifications and in IELTS you should have more than 6 bands overall in each module and need to pay full one year fee. Maximum of 5 to 6 backlogs are acceptable. The processing time is fast in comparison of SPP and options are wide.

General Category

Options in the general category are similar to SDS, but if you do not completely fulfill the SDS requirement or in other words, if you get a little fewer points than requirements, then you have the option of general category after fulfilling the other requirements. In order to submit your file, you need to show funds also need a semester fee. So in General Category the minimum required percentages are 50%. In IELTS you should have more than 5.5/5 Band

University Category

Apart from SDS or General, the third Category of Canada student visa is University Category. Under this category, students can apply for the student visa on the basis of study in the Universities in Canada. The requirements for University category is 6.5/6 or 7/6.5 Band in IELTS. Also, under this Category, the students should have more than 60% in their last qualification. The requirements may differ as per the requirements of the University.

Why Landmark Immigration

Landmark, one of the best immigration consultants for Canada ensures that each of the requirements is met completely. Also, we will listen and will discuss, then provide the best solution after taking into consideration your individual needs and personal goals. Our counselors are familiar with the current visa rules, university admission processes, etc. and have also undergone specialized training in a range of universities all over the world. In addition to that, they are highly qualified and also understand the challenges faced by, international students aspiring to study overseas. To say the least keeping in mind the requirements of such students regarding study visa in Canada, we have designed our processes. Each and every task in the process, beginning from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is systematic and trouble-free.

For Further assistance, visit